Friday, 24 July 2015

Five On Friday

Welcome to Five On Friday!

Just a quick reminder in case you haven't taken part in the last few weeks, there will be no Five On Friday during August.  There will be one more this month and then we will start again on September 5th after we have all taken a little summer break.  Of course you can still share five things on a Friday, but there will be no link up.

Thank you to all of you who have commented and offered support this week.  As always, you are so appreciated.  I am still going and am most certainly not going to let anyone get me down, especially with such lovely supporters as you all are.  Thank you especially to new commenters, and to new followers for following along.  I hope that I will hear from you again and I will, as soon as I can pop by and visit you too!  If I don't appear in the comments soon, please let me know as I might have missed you and I would hate to miss you!

I love a good "saying" or quote, sometimes they are funny, or insightful, or just comforting in some way.  As I say in the spiel about Five On Friday, you could share five quotes.  So this week, I have five quotes for you!

They are all from Laura Ingalls Wilder.

“The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.”  

This is so very very true isn't it.  I have taken comfort from these words this week.  A difficult situation in which I hope very much that I have always been honest and truthful, I have tried very hard to do both of those things.  Yet the other parties, well, not so much.  So I have to take courage and enjoy the simple pleasures - such as my new yucca shoots that I shared yesterday!

Actually there have been two situations of dishonesty and lack of truthfulness in the last week.  It makes me very sad indeed.

“Home is the nicest word there is.”   “There is no comfort anywhere for anyone who dreads to go home.”  

Many of us will be familiar with the first of these sayings.  I of course totally agree with this as you will know from the name of this blog.  It must be so very sad for home not to be the nicest word there is for someone who dreads going home.  I hope that no one I ever meet is in that difficult situation.  It must be so very hard to deal with.

“There's no great loss without some small gain.”  

Again, this has been relevant for me this week and I refer you back to my yucca moment.  A great loss happened in some ways, but there was still that small gain.

“Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all.”  

I am not planning on going anywhere, but these words, they are so very true aren't they.  Perhaps Laura is telling me that I need to just remember some smiles and laughter and forget the rest.

“Oh no, I never do much ironing, except the outside clothes. We must not iron out the fresh air and sunshine, you know. It is much more healthful not to, the doctors say.” Seriously, there is something very refreshing about sheets and pillow slips just fresh from the line, after being washed and dried in the sun and air. Just try them that way and see if your sleep is not sweeter. ”  

I thought that this was a good quote, and not one that I had heard before I went looking for some.  I don't iron bedding at all.  I only iron things that really have to be ironed.  I don't iron tshirts, jeans, teatowels, towels, socks, bedding, any of those sorts of things!  If I can get away without ironing it I will.  In future, I will say that it is because Laura said to do it and that I am leaving the sunshine and air in the clothes and so on!  You cannot get a better excuse reason for not ironing than that can you!

If you want to read more from Laura Ingalls Wilder, you can find more sayings here which is where all of the ones I shared today were taken from.

I hope that you have a great weekend whatever you are doing!



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  1. Mantras are helpful things for life. xx

  2. Five lovely quotes Amy and all so thoughtful and down to earth. I love the ironing one - I love to be able to dry bedding outside and then put it straight back on the bed - did that in the warm weather a couple of weeks ago and it did feel fresh and lovely to sleep in and I didn't worry about not having ironed the pillowcases:)

  3. These days we are fortunate to have fabrics that just need a little smoothing or hanging up to let the creases slide out, so much better. Hopefully you are enjoying making your next mantle for your lovely home. x

  4. "Every day may not be good..But there's something good in every day".

    "It takes a lot of trouble to be nasty, but it's always easier to be nice".

    "Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them..But you always
    know there, there".

    "A son is a son, till he takes a wife..A daughter is a daughter, all of your life".

    And this is mine....
    "People laugh at me because l'm different...I laugh at them, because there 'ALL' the
    same". =(^..^)=

  5. Oh Amy I love a good quote too, I have one in my header after all. I had not heard the one about the iron but I think it might be one that I fiercely adhere to in the future. I am sorry I'm out of the loop but I hope things are getting better. Take care lovely lady x x x

  6. Lovely Amy and thanks for sharing. I do like reading quotes and take something from them. Take care.

  7. A lovely way to start your Five on Friday break! I don't iron more than I have to either, and I'm so very relieved that neither my husband nor big daughter wear a shirt every day that needs any more! I won't be taking part in Five this week but hope you won't mind if I share a quote which might be useful: "Don't be a football for other people's emotions". When I first heard it, I wondered what it was all about, but have since realised that we are often upset by other people's attitudes when we don't need to be. Let them be rude, hurtful, ignorant - that's their problem, not yours! xx

  8. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on each quote! Laura Ingalls was very inspirational!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I enjoyed reading the quotes today and thanks for hosting the party Amy! Wishing you a nice weekend.

  10. Lovely quotes. My mum ironed just about everything but she has to do without some things being ironed now that I'm doing it for her.

  11. Fantastic quotes, Amy. I love the one about ironing - I haven't heard it before but seem to have been living by it for many years! 😊

    I hope your week has improved, and that you have a lovely weekend. Xxx

  12. Great quotes, Amy....I'll try to link in on the last Friday of the month.

  13. Wonderful quotes, Amy :-) She was very wise. I hope things get better for you soon. Sending you lots of happy thoughts and hugs. Have a good weekend!

  14. Good quotes, particularly about home. My home is where my heart is, lovely to travel, but even better to come home.

  15. Words can be so poetic and touch the soul can't they? Sometimes you read or hear that perfect phrase that brings ups a memory or hits home so well you could cry. Love the power of words!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear Friend!! xo

  16. I am very sorry to hear that you have had some moments of dishonesty and unkindness touch your life recently. I've had a few of those myself that have hurt me deeply, but we always must move on and look only to the good. I hope you will continue to do so. I love your blog and meme, and I love the focus of your blog being about the Love in the Home. I don't often post about these things, but they always mean a great deal to me too. God bless you and yours! Loved the quotes! My cousin was always crazy about Laura Ingalls Wilder...she would have enjoyed them also.

  17. Oh Amy, this is a lovely post. I fell in love with Laura's books when I was nine years old and aim to read them again later this year (once I have finished with Louisa May Alcott and her associates). What about

    "If wisdom's ways you wisely seek, five things observe with care:
    To whom you speak, of whom you speak, and how, and when, and where."

    I think that's in one of her books, but I may be wrong. xx

  18. I enjoyed reading your quotes this morning...things to think about. Hope you are feeling better. I hope to participate in your Five on Friday when it returns.

  19. Hi Amy. The words you shared today were so uplifting and really warmed my heart. I agree about the home. I love to travel but I love more to return to my home and settle back into my routine. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and my best to you. Pat xx

  20. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. Thank you for sharing those quotes. I never iron anything anymore. Retirement rarely requires ironed clothes. I love the idea of not ironing out the sunshine and fresh air.

  21. I love all things Laura Ingalls Wilder! So much wisdom from such a tiny little book!

    Didn't make it to getting my post up again this week but I'm still popping round to everyone's blogs to say a quick hello and catch up on the comings and goings of everyone. Gosh, vacations, I don't honestly recall the last time we went on a proper, or not even completely proper vacation! Oh well, when you live in a great setting like I am blessed with everyday is like a little vacation.
    Hugs and enjoy the weekend my dear friend,
    Beth P

  22. Great quotes, Amy. I don't iron bedding - never have, never will! - but I do iron teatowels. I didn't used to but I discovered they fit in the drawer much better when they're ironed! LOL

  23. Love your quotes Amy. I have really been enjoying participating in the Five on Fridays and hope to continue doing so. Joan at

  24. Laura Ingalls Wilder - the best! I love her!!! Great quotes...the one abut being home is perfect...honest too. Thanks for the lovely post Amy. It's always nice to come visit here.

  25. Great quotes! I especially like the one about the comfort of home, so true.

  26. Very nice quotes, Amy - I've read all her books to my children growing up (and still have the books for my grandchildren). Laura had such sweet common sense, didn't she? Thank you for hosting. xo Karen

  27. Love the ironing quotation - a good policy to adopt I reckon. I have a friend who irons nothing after washing and drying and simply hangs clothes up, only ironing if required when she wants to wear the item. Am going to join in again this week. Thanks for the link up and hope you feel better about things soon.

  28. You have to love a good saying or phrase. I'm totally with the ironing idea... Never do it if I can help it!

  29. Amy, I love a good quote and you have found so many. I am wishing you a weekend of peace and relaxation. I am here for you if you need anything, well anything I can do from Florida that is.

  30. I'm late joining in this week, but better late than not at all. I love all the sayings you chose this week. I'm just doing the laundry this week and always hang it outside for that lovely fresh small.

  31. Thanks for sharing theses quotes, I especially like the one about home. And the ironing one is very sensible! My grandma used to iron and starch everything :-/ xx

  32. Five excellent quotes here - it seems she had something useful to say for almost every occasion! I especially like the one about ironing. I hope things become easier for you and that your week improved. x

  33. Gosh, I just joined by the skin of my teeth this week, now I am visiting a few blogs.

    I do iron, I'm afraid, and I have a large pile waiting at the moment. I find cotton sheets especially just smell so nice when they have been ironed. I hope things are improving for you now and that you are having a lovely weekend.

    Well done for organising your Five on Friday, it's such fun!

    Barbara xx

  34. I've been wanting to read the Little House books for a few years now... Must get hold of them.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend and week.
    S x

  35. some great quotes Amy, thank you very much for sharing those, I really enjoyed reading through them.


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