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Reading my books - Coming Home for Christmas

I finally finished my May read for my Reading My Books project.  In June!  Nearly at the end of June!!!  Oh well, there you go, that is just how life goes sometimes isn't it.

The book that I read for May was Coming Home for Christmas by Julia Williams.

Now, I should reassure you that this is not a Christmas book.  The story starts and ends at Christmas, and is told across the whole year.  The village where the characters live in the book is called Hope Christmas.  Hence the word Christmas in the title.

Although it took me a long time to read this book, it wasn't because it wasn't a good book, it was because I simply didn't have time to read.  When I did have time though I really enjoyed reading it.  In fact, I would say that this was the most enjoyable of the books that I have read so far this year.

There are three friends in the village of Hope Christmas who are having difficult times.  Cat is a cookery write and television presenter who fears that life is passing her by now that she has reached a certain age.  Marianne is having marital difficulties because her husbands ex wife is back on the scene and is having troubles with her own family too.  Pippa's life is really difficult.  Her marriage to Dan has ended and there are a lot of balls for her to juggle.

When property developers come calling the three ladies start to fight against the proposals, but it isn't easy.  Will they or won't they succeed in their efforts to save their village, their homes and their lives.

The characters were all realistic and very likeable.  The stories told were very real too I felt and I could imagine that the writer has experienced many of the things that she writes about herself.

So, to the crunch of the matter.  Did I enjoy it and would I recommend this book.  I think that you have already gathered that yes, I did enjoy it and yes, I would most definitely recommend it to you!

In fact I see from the back cover of the book that there are two other "Christmas" books by the same author Merry Little Christmas and Last Christmas, so if I spotted them I would certainly pick them up to read.

One thing that I have found really interesting about this review is that it was so much easier to write that the others that I have written this year.  I think that it was because I really enjoyed the book.  Of course as some of you said, the more I wrote them the easier it would become, but I could wax lyrical about this book quite easily and I really believe it was because I enjoyed it so much.  This has made me feel much better about my reviews!

Enjoying this book was good, being able to write a good review is good too, but the most exciting part is that I now, after months of waiting get to read the Diary of a Provincial Lady!!!  This has been waiting as my treat for when I had finished the first five books from my pile.  I am a few pages in already in fact and I love it!!

I think that this will be another easy to enjoy book and hopefully an easy review to write.  Although I am hoping to do it in the style of the book, so that might be harder!  We will see.

Once this is finished I will select another six books for the rest of the year, although who knows, perhaps I will even speed up and read more!  Last year I think that I read two books, and the year before only one, so I have already increased the percentage of books that I have read by a huge amount!

You can find my other book reviews in my sidebar either by clicking on the pictures, or when I have updated things there will be a book review page.

I hope that you are enjoying reading your books!



  1. :) Always good to have a list of recommended books. x

  2. I read one of the books in the Hope Christmas series but I can't remember which one it was now! I think it must have been on one of my bursts of borrowing books from the library some time ago. Glad you enjoyed it! I've not been reading much over the last couple of years which makes me sad; I've just lost interest in reading at the moment, although I know that one day I will get back into again xx

  3. Well, even if it's not a Christmas book, it does sound enjoyable! (I like books with realistic characters and stories.) Plus the cover looks very Christmassy, which is always a good thing. :) I might order this for my Christmas reading...
    Have a lovely Sunday! xx

  4. Its always so much easier to write about the books you really enjoyed rather than having to try and think of nice things to write about the ones you didn't. Reading time can certainly be hindered by life can't it. Enjoy The Diary of a Provincial Lady. I have heard many good things about this one so will be interested to see if it lives up to expectations.

  5. I think I would like this book!

  6. Oh it looks like my kind of book, I really like novels that you can pick up and keep reading easily when you have limited time. I have heard good things about diary of a provincial lady and its on my 'to read' list. I am looking forward to hearing about it.

  7. I have read this book and enjoyed it too Amy, I have neglected reading so much recently because there aren't enough hours! I'm looking forward to your next review I haven't read that one yet. :) x

  8. Hope you love The Diary Of a P L, I found it brilliant. I've read 2 Julia Williams - Pastures new and Last Christmas both a while ago so will now order another from the library

  9. I like reading on the train, it passes the time and I get more involved with the story. Glad you're enjoying your books x

  10. Thanks for your review Amy! I remember seeing this book in Chapters, and that was probably around Christmas time when they try to flog everything festive. I'll have to keep this in mind now to pick up and read it. I'm currently reading a book by Barbara Kingsolver "Flight Behaviour", but haven't got into it enough to get a good grasp of it yet. I love all her other books, so am hoping for an enjoyable read. Enjoy your "treat" reading now!

  11. I need to download both books, I have read about both of them and they look terrific.

  12. Thanks for the great book review! I'm going to put it into m Amazon wish list. If only there were more hours in the day, I would get through that wish list at a faster rate!

  13. Reminds me of a book series I read by Rebecca Shaw about a small village.

  14. I actually have that book in a pile ready to read, I was saving it for a nearer Christmas read.

  15. It sounds like a book I'd probably enjoy. I hope you enjoy reading your new one as much.

  16. I like Julia Williams's books. I think I've read all the Christmas books (I have a thing for Christmas, did you notice?) and loved them all, so I'd recommend them to any one who wants a happy read!

  17. I have such a list of reading material! Just keep moving forward even if it is only a paragraph at a time before bed!
    Hugs and enjoy the upcoming week my friend,
    Beth P

  18. Sounds a interesting book, work is a little quiet at the moment and I have been nipping of to my cupboard to read... psss don't tell :)
    Amanda xx

  19. It sounds like a good book, Amy. I love Christmas - at all times of the year! :oD

  20. I've read all the "Christmas" books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was first attracted to them by the location where the stories are set.
    Just lately, though after seeing part of a TV series about the Poldark family, I have been reading the Poldark novels by Winston Graham - there are 12 in total and I am halfway through the 10th one. I have also read another two books just for a change from the Poldark story. I am, of course, retired and love to sit in my garden, enjoying any sunshine and reading.

  21. My reading usually occurs during summer travel time after the day's activities are done or in between times when there is a quiet moment to sit outside and enjoy the weather. I have a whole pile of books in the corner of my room that were gifted by a friend before she left Kuwait. I've started some but never finished. Eventually I will get through them and pass them on to others. Not sure I could ever write a review on anything. You've done well here. Best wishes, Tammy

  22. Diary of a Provincial Lady is one of my all time favourite books, I do hope you enjoy it Amy! X

  23. Sure sounds like a book right up my alley! Is that even an expression you use there across the pond? Lol Do you even have "alleys" like we do?

    Anyway, I digress. Thanks for sharing your review. Always nice to get an opinion for a good book!


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