Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wordy Wednesday - Right Now

When I started blogging I did a few posts that I called Wordy Wednesday.  I haven't done one for ages though.  Now when I have something to write I just write it and don't save it for a Wednesday.  It is just the way that things have rolled.

Today though I thought I would revive Wordy Wednesday with a Right Now post.  You know that I love a good list!!

So, right now I am

Enjoying : the sun coming through the windows - at last!

Thinking : about whether or not it will be busy at work today as it is half term.  It can go either way.

Watching : The Good Wife, being glad that Nashville is back and looking forward to catching up on a new series about Australian Food that I recorded.

Eating : more salad.  Love salads of all kinds.

Looking : at the new path in the garden and just loving it.

Feeling : stressed.  Still.  But knowing that it will pass.

Glad : that the skip is being collected.  Hopefully we will not need any more in this house.  There isn't anything else to be done.

Reading : not enough, still trying to read my book for this month.  The schedule is slipping.

Planning : next months meals.

Doing : laundry.  I always seem to be doing laundry.

Making : I have finished two of nine squares in my tapestry and am just doing the background on a third.  It is going a lot quicker than I thought it would.

Happy : to be married to an amazing and wonderful man who I love an awful lot and who loves me the same!

Crocheting : nothing!  Shocker.  I have a blanket in progress, but otherwise, nothing!  Trying to get some other things done instead.

Drinking : too much diet lemonade and making an effort to have more water instead.

Hoping : that life will turn out alright in the end.

Wondering : if it really will turn out alright in the end.

Gathering : things together for my June mantel.  Even though I only just sorted out my May mantel.

Wearing : dresses.  Very unusual for me.  I am not a dress wearer, but I seem to have got into them more.

Question : this one is for all of you!  What size do you make your baby blankets?  Inches or centimetres, I don't mind, I can convert.  Just want to get an idea of the most suitable sizes.  Thank you!

How are things going with you right now?



  1. Love this post, it's nice to hear your thoughts. I've been watching an early series of The Good Wife as well. Salads are wonderful at this time of year aren't they. How nice that your skip is going and that the house is done, it must be very satisfying. Have a good day Amy, I hope it's not too manic. CJ xx

  2. what a lovely list x try swapping your diet lemonade for sparkling water with a slice of lemon. much better for you x drowning under laundry here too...........
    hope you have a lovely day x

  3. A great, inspiring list, Amy!
    Thank you for sharing your day and thoughts with us. Have a lovely day! xx

  4. Laundry here all the time at the moment too. No idea why! Lists are great, I couldn't survive without them :o) xx

  5. Lovely list. I'm always doing laundry too. Off to London today but have just done a load to hang out before I go. Hate not to make the most of the sunshine. Your "happy" made me smile

  6. What a great post. I think it's something we should all do now and then, just stop and reflect the moment. Like you, laundry seems to play a big part in my life. Where does all the dirty washing come from?

  7. Dear Amy

    I like a good list too - in fact, I rely on them to get anything done! Sorry to hear you are still stressed but it is good that you can see that it won't last for ever and will pass. Your garden is looking great too - I do sympathise, having waited a year for a new shed, but it is so worth it when it is done!
    Best wishes

  8. I don't wear dresses very often either and every time I do, I wonder why I don't do it more often! Re baby blankets, it would depend on whether it was to be used in a cot (large blanket) or in a pram/pushchair (smaller). xx

  9. I crochet baby blankets 30" square or 26" x 30" for an oblong. A fine shawl I would do 36" square. Hope that helps. Great list by the way, I am a great fan of a list, there is nothing more satisfying than ticking a to do list off. Off to do the ironing...

  10. Great idea for a post Amy....hope the stress melts away soon. And no crochet?! You must get that sorted out!
    Marianne x

  11. That's a great thought, no more skips because all the work is done. Now it's time to sit and enjoy your lovely home and garden. Sorry, I can't help with the baby blanket as I've never made one, there's no little ones or babies in our family.

  12. Life will turn out alright Amy, I am sure it will! Love your happy! x

  13. Like this post Amy, really 'in the moment' and good to hear your thoughts X

  14. Your "hoping" and "wondering" made me smile,Amy. And I was amazed at your planning for next month's meals, as I never plan that far in advance. Maybe I'll think about a list post sometime. And laundry....had so many loads when I returned from our recent 10 day trip! Ugh!

  15. since we aren't supposed to have anything too big for babies anymore. what with all the SIDS revisions, I make blankets about the size of a cookie sheet. Just something light to throw over them in the stroller or car seat. That's just me though

  16. Yay for more dresses (I hardly EVER wear them either, but I like looking at them and thinking about them!)
    No crochet? I can't believe it!
    Take care, good Amy!

  17. What a lovely idea for a post Amy. I can certainly agree with you on the laundry. It's never ending here. Little L's favourite blanket is 100x75cm. It can be used full size in a cot or folded in half for a pram. That's what we used it for. X

  18. Lovely list, makes you stop and think for a bit, not dress weather to cold , and forgot to post before your path looks wonderful.. Happy sunny week, to get all that washing dried :))
    Amanda xx

  19. Hi Amy, I love lists as well. I enjoyed reading your list - it's great to kind of take a mental stock of what your life is doing...and where it is going. I am going to work on my list for the garden beds that are due to be put in this coming weekend as well as workout some of the remaining spaces in the garden that need work. It's already too hot to work outside and the black flies, a.k.a. May flies are beginning to diminish which makes me very happy.
    I have several crochet projects on the go but admittedly have not touched them since gardening season began. I also have a weaving project on the rectangle loom as well as 4 knitting projects on the needles. I am like a jack rabbit, hopping from one thing to another.... I do get bored so easily. Clearly need more discipline, LOL!!!
    Hugs for now my sweet blogging sister,

  20. Oh I love a list too, yes totally agreeing about the flipping laundry! I too am wearing dresses again now I am back in the swing of work, my mum uniform shelved once more for weekends. I am sure that life will turn out ok in the end, I try to concentrate on 'now', sometimes it's the only way to get through. Take care lovely and try to trust in what will be xxxx

  21. Lovely post! I'm wearing dresses too at the moment :) Sounds like you have a wonderful husband :) xx

  22. I love The Good Wife - I'm only on series 2 though.

    Last year I was part of a group of people who knitted baby blankets for the local NICU ward that my son was in, as they were desperately short in supply. If I remember rightly there were two different size blankets they needed - 20" X 20" and 30" X 30".

    I do hope your stresses start to ease over the coming days. Xxx

  23. I love posts like this. It's always interesting to know what other people are doing/thinking/making/etc.

    I'm in the beginning stages of making a baby quilt which will end up at just over 50" square. I know that sounds big but I hope it'll be used for tents in the livingroom or picnics in the park when the new baby is a wee bitty older. :o)

  24. I am knitting a baby blanket for my sister-in-law's twin sister's baby – it's made up of different-coloured squares which I will sew together. It will be as big as the number of squares I manage to knit in time. It may be an odd shape! Hope your week is going well. Sam x PS Things generally do turn out alright in the end. x

  25. I'm not a dress wearer either, but it seems more people are wearing them lately.
    I love what you wrote about your hubby! :)

  26. This was fun to read Amy :) I wonder if things will all work out too, but let's both hope for the best, eh? I'm reading back, back, back on your blog posts this evening for a little bit ... I think I'll go fix a tea for the next hour or so ;)
    Wendy x

  27. I have made doll quilts and blankets, but no baby items. I'll be reading the responses. I am intrigued about your wondering if life will turn out well in the end...such deep thinks! I am very happy that you are married to wonderful, loving man. A good marriage is a great blessing.

  28. Love this Amy! I relate to a lot of your answers too like being married to a wonderful hubby, but especially with not reading enough and feeling like the laundry is endless! Lol

    It's such a fun peek into your world and thoughts. Thanks for sharing. xo

  29. It will all be alright my friend! I have no doubt about that! It is so refreshing to me to hear people say that they love their spouse......a special and awesome thing indeed! And I think I missed your May mantle so I will have to back track a bit. Like you I am always doing laundry...I figure if I do it everyday then we won't have it overflowing by the weekend. Lovely list my friend....Looking forward to seeing your path! Nicole xo

  30. Lovely post Amy, the baby blankets I make are usually around the 3 foot square size. :) xx

  31. I think my life might be a bit like yours right now. Knowing things will be okay, but wondering. Will everything REALLY be okay???

    I have some challenges to face, but I know I have the "kick-butt" attitude to make it work. But.....will it really???? LOL


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