Wednesday, 20 May 2015

THANK YOU! and an update

Gosh it seems as though it has been ages since I blogged.  In fact, I looked back because I didn't know when I last posted in what is for me my "normal" way and it was the 30th of April.  Although I have posted a couple of times since then it has been sporadic and a bit hit and miss in fashion.  I think that is the longest "break" that I have had in my blogging since I started.

So I need to get back on the metaphorical wagon and give myself in kick in the rear to get moving again.  In life as well as blogging.  Although of course life has continued because it does that, but I need to get back to living it again instead of existing and lurching from one thing to the next!

To begin with I have a little update with things from my part of the world.  Lady is still with us and hopefully today she will get the all clear to go home.  A day that I have to say I didn't think I would see.  In theory after a "walking" and "getting in and out of bed" test yesterday she is considered "well" again and can go home, but she isn't really well, and of course there is a further increase in care needs and a further decrease in health and mobility, but we continue to see another day.

Thank you all so much for your good and kind thoughts and words.  They are so appreciated.  I feel as though there should be some bigger words than Thank You, but they are sincerely and well meant, even if they don't quite convey how my thankful my heart is for you all.  I am afraid that my brain doesn't have the capacity to find the words right now, but I hope that you know what I mean.

I don't know what the future holds for Lady, but it isn't going to be good.  However, we continue and so that means two things, it is good that she is still here, but means that I will continue to lurch in and out of my "normal" life and blogging, so please bear with me!  Right now lurching is better than the alternative!!

I am afraid that I rather gave up on replying to comments, for two reasons, so many of you are no reply, which I totally understand, and there were so many reply comments that I just could not get to you all.  So if I didn't reply, please know that I thank you for your comments and the thoughts they contained, even if I didn't tell you all individually.  Thank You!

The garden has continued to grow, hubby has been busy digging and working and we had another skip (dumpster).  We have lost count of how many skips we have had now!!  I will show you all of that very soon.  I still have travel posts to share so I plan to get those written up and scheduled for once or twice a week so even if all else fails in my blogging ambitions we can share those together!    We have booked a holiday for later in the year and I need to look forward to and plan for that as well.

I am gathering my thoughts for a proper Five On Friday this week as well, because those posts have been lacking and slacking recently as well.  Thank you all for your posts last Friday and for linking up.  I think that I got to visit you all, but apologies if I didn't.  I am sure that many others enjoyed your post!

Crafting has sort of continued because apart from anything else I need to keep my hands busy when I am sitting so I have been tapestrying at home and crocheting when out and about - I will share in due course!  Someone also suggested colouring books for grown ups to me and gosh, that has been a revelation.  When you are just sitting and cannot do anything, but need to be somewhere and sat it can absorb you mind and hands in quite an amazing way!  I had forgotten how much I love to colour in!!

To give you some idea, I had to go and look for my camera this morning as I didn't know where it was.  I haven't taken a photo for ages, normally my camera is beside me at all times.  Anyway, I found my camera and took a couple of quick snaps to give you some idea of what has been happening.

The state of my desk...  Need I say more.  What a mess!!!

The result of hubby's efforts, nothing to do with me at all.  The slabs are just holding the membrane down right now, the path will be filled with the gravel you can see in the picture below and then slabs nicely laid on top. 

The gravel - yet to be moved! - and the skip which is full of the soil hubby dug out and the remaining old and broken slabs from the old patio and path and some other rubbish - broken pots! - and things too.  I need to fill it with all the cutting back I want to do in the garden and the moss that I plan to remove from the grass.  Just a few more jobs then!

I decided to take my daffodil wreath down from the door and put this together.  It isn't right, but it will do for now until I give it some more attention.  Not too bad for the 30 to 45 seconds I (literally!) spent on this.

A bit of my colouring.  Staying mostly within the lines and using every colour in my box...

The tapestry.  So far one of nine squares completed.  Getting there though!

Some cherries.  These were from April actually, but I haven't had time to fettle my May mantel yet or to do a proper post, so this is just a sneak peek!

Finally, another sneaky peak of my piece of travelling crochet work.  Another - yes, another! - mandala.

So, that is about it from me.  I had planned to do a totally different post here today called The A to Z of me, having had this passed on by Lisa of Into The Glade, but this is already so long that I will continue writing and will schedule that for tomorrow instead as I doubt your eyes or brain cells can bear much more of my rambling!!

Thank you again for the kind words, good thoughts, bearing with me, still reading, being wonderful, beautiful, kind, caring and lovely people!!!  All of you!!!

Oh, one more thing, I have somewhat dipped in and out of your posts even if I haven't commented.  Sorry about the no comments.  I hope to improve on that in the coming days!  Congratulations on all of your good things, commiserations and condolences on all of your sad things, I wish I could say it all individually, but there just isn't time.  Only (literally!) about 200 more blog posts to still read!

On that note I really am going now and will get on with a few things.  I hope that all is well with all of you and I look forward to us chatting soon!!

Thank you!


p.s. yes, I said Thank You! a lot, but it is heartfelt and surely better than continually apologising right!!!


  1. Aw nice to see you around again :)

  2. I'm a big fan of grown up colouring, I've just got a book of pretty postcards to colour and send the cherries look very pretty, hope thing are on the up for you soon.
    Clare xx

  3. Amy, 200 blog posts to read?? That is like a full time job in itself! Your garden and new path are beautiful X

  4. Welcome back Amy! Have a wonderful day!

  5. lovely to see you Amy, your garden is looking lovely, is that a giant concrete fossil I spy on the new path? and love your colouring, a friend bought me a colouring book to help with the exam stress, I'm loving it xxx

  6. Good morning Amy! I'm glad to see you here for a little bit :) So glad to hear that her health has improved enough to allow her to return home. You know I understand fully what all that entails. Your husband has done a great job on the garden path. I really like that look of gravel and pavers ... very neat. Well, enjoy your day, and take care,

  7. Thank YOU, for so many things! :)

  8. What Sara says. And how wonderful to have you back. Xxx

  9. Welcome back Amy, I am in much the same position as you with my Dad, I am the only one of 6 siblings who live near enough to support Mum and Dad with everyday living. There are days when I feel overwhelmed by it all but something happens to make me smile and I am grateful that they are both still around. My advice would be just take one day at a time and plan something to look forward to. Don't forget to look after yourself.

  10. Hi Amy. Good to see you back. I hope life starts to be a little more settled now. I would skip the 200 queued up blog posts and start anew, you have enough on your plate as it is and everybody will be understanding! Look after yourself, you need a bit of pampering I think. Your garden looks lovely and once your hubby is finished, could you please send him our way? Christina xx

  11. Sounds like you've been super busy. Glad you are back & blogging & that your lady seems to be doing ok x

  12. Glad to hear that Lady has rallied once again and that she'll be home again soon. It's nice to hear what you've been up to and your garden is going to be wonderful with the path laid, do you rent your hubby out?

  13. Nice to see you back, Amy and thank you too, mostly for just being you. I'm glad to hear that lady is well enough to go home again:)

  14. It's good to hear from you again Amy and to hear the good news about your relative. Take your time, lurch in and out of blogging as much and as often as you need. We'll always be here.
    I have seen those colouring books for grown ups. I think they're really good. Might get one for myself too. Your cherry garland is gorgeous!!! Love it! Can't wait to see more soon!! X

  15. Oooh grown up colouring! I had no idea! How therapeutic! Glad things are a wee bit better for you at the moment, if only a wee bit. Xx

  16. Glad to see that things are on the up for you. I am very impressed by all of the creative pots you have your fingers in - love the idea of colouring books for grown-ups - what a great idea. Love Judy..

  17. Glad you're back to regular blogging, miss you when you're gone too long. Don't worry about responding, I know you read our comments.
    So hard when our families grow older, we just received word of the death of a special cousin.
    Your pathway is going to look great!

  18. Nice to see you back in whatever guise that may be. Hopefully things will settle before too long. At least you now have your holiday to focus on and that will be here before you know it.

  19. I hope things will settle down for you. A holiday is lovely to look forward to. The garden is looking fantastic.

  20. Do you think you really said Thank you enough or loud enough? Perhaps a few more for good measure???

    Don't worry, I think we got the message. It was lovely to read your usual voice again. And the garden.... well, let's just say I'm well jel.

  21. Welcome back, Amy. I'm glad things are sort-of settling for Lady and you. Your garden is looking great. When I first looked at the photo, I thought it was a long pool filled with water (dark) and stepping stones.

  22. Hey Amy,
    So good to hear from you again. Don't give yourself a hard time for being 'absent' Life just gets in first sometimes. It's how it should be. Your garden is looking very lovely I must say. I envy you the desk, however cluttered. Looking forward to your Five On Friday.
    Leanne xx

  23. So nice to have you back here, Amy !!
    But I do think you should write "Thank you" at least one more time ;-))))...
    And PS - why worry so much about being absent here ? It hasn't even been that long... and still, real life should always come first ! We all care about each other, but let's be honest, the people that are in your real life are more important. The problems in real life are things that should be handled first. And real holidays are definitely something to look forward to :-) !
    PS - that tapestry is already looking beautiful !!!

  24. Great to hear from you and to see what's been going on - love the look of the garden - so lovely!
    You take your time with life / blogging, etc. We'll all be here!

  25. So happy to have you back Amy! Continues prayers and good thoughts to the Lady that she have peace and safety at home.

    Your projects and gardens are looking lovely!! What a great hubby doing all that hard work. ;) I can't wait to see your May mantle!

    Blessings and happy days to you dear Gal!! xoxo

  26. Please don't worry about being absent and not leaving comments. I know how busy you must be. Hope Lady will be well again Amy.

    Take care.

    Madelief x

  27. Hi Amy! It's okay, don't worry at all about not blogging as frequently. We all will be here for you when you can. Your path and raised garden looks great! Prayers for Lady and you.
    Be a swetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Lovely to see a post from you Amy, I hope your Lady will do well at home. Don't feel you have to "catch up" with things, or post more than you want to or reply to comments or anything, just do want you feel like. It's just so nice to hear from you. Sending you a cyber hug. CJ xx

  29. Hi Amy.. nice to catch up with you... I have a question.. who is Lady? :-) You are getting quite a bit accomplished.. good for you! Your husband is really doing some nice work.. we need him around here. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  30. Good to have you back. :) x

  31. Hi Amy, missed you of course! I have been wearing my cherries this week on my denim jacket as part of me Made May! I know I didn't make them but they are handmade by my friend so that is allowed in my book. The garden is looking awesome and I spy a lovely large fossil slab there. Good to catch up. Don't go back looking and commenting on my blog, you naughty lady just stay chilled out and use your time more wisely. Jo x

  32. There are times that we just need to take time away from blogging or commenting or computing or whatever. Don't apologise - we've all done it at one point or another. Keep strong, Amy. :o)

  33. Love all your projects, Amy! Your crocheted cherries are just adorable! Life does get busy, doesn't it? I hope things go well with the homecoming for your dear Lady. They are so fragile and you don't know quite what to do, but I'm sure if there is love surrounding her, she will be happy. Take care, hugs xo K

  34. As long as you have a beautiful robin in your garden...all will be well.
    Jane x

  35. Hi Amy,

    Lovely to come and visit and see what you have been up to - love the tapestry and the crocheted cherries and your garden landscaping will be great.
    Hope Lady will be well again.
    Take care

  36. Good to see you back! Sorry to hear about Lady.
    Your flowers are lovely and the patio will be very nice!
    I love your tapestry!

  37. You hang in there Amy.....I know that you will find your way back to normal here but until then take your time and do what you have to do. WE WILL BE HERE! And can I just say that the garden looks AMAZING! That shot just knocked me over!!! I will be thinking of you all and of Lady during this time....Hugs to you my friend! Nicole xo

  38. Patricia's comment that I somehow deleted! Sorry Patricia!

    So nice to see you again Amy. I think I lost the comment I was typing - apologies if you get two! Life gets busy, and all the best with the Lady. Your are doing lots of interesting projects: the tapestry is very appealing, and I am very interesting in the colouring book. I have been looking for one too, unsuccessfully so far. The cherries are adorable - and so is that pretty blue flower heart. Very Amy pretty! xxx

  39. Good to see you back and whether that is sporadic or a regular thing it doesn't matter. Nor does replying to comments. With the best will in the world it is an impossible task to keep up with even when life is flowing smoothly. Your tapestry is looking lovely.

  40. Lovely to have you back and read your delightful post. You are very generous in the time you give to others and it's always lovely to receive a comment from you. Please, never feel guilty if you do not always have a chance to leave a comment, you have a busy life and your time is precious. Take good care of yourself, that's the important thing.

  41. Glad to see you back, Amy and I hope Lady is continuing to recover well at home. Your garden looks just great, hubby has been working hard! xx

  42. Hi Amy, glad to see you back here lovely! I love how your garden is looking, can't wait to see it finished! I also love those cherries, they are fab! The adult colouring books are brilliant aren't they?!? They made such a difference for me too! xx

  43. So glad to see you back my friend. We totally understand the need to duck in and out due to your responsibilities at home, work and with your family. Sending you a big, big hug.

  44. I'm so glad that life is allowing you just a little time to write a post again. Your husband is doing a great job with the hard landscaping and it looks like you have some great projects for those times when life becomes a little overwhelming. As for the blogging schedule- just fit it in when you have the inclination and the time.

  45. My back ached at the sight of those gravel filled sacks....been there...and then reached for the ibuprofen! However hubby is doing a great job. The cherries are very pretty Amy.


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