Tuesday, 12 May 2015


You might remember that I was asked by "Lady" to make some new "strings" for hanging her glass fishing floats.  The string that used to hang them up had - after quite a few decades of hanging in the sun - disintegrated and needed to be replaced.  I had bought the string once I found some that was good and "hairy" because that was the sort of string they used to be strung up with.

That was as far as I got.  I was rather scared of tackling this project as I have never done any macramé, failed at knots in the Guides - girl scouts - and while I can tie a lovely bow on a gift, knots are not my thing!

I told you last year that Lady was not well, and although she got home again and there have been a lot of shenanigans with that she was as well as could have been expected. 

Sad to say though we have stepped back onto the ill health rollercoaster again.  The combination of pneumonia, hospital and the sorts of meds that come with extreme pain after a fall is not renowned for being a good one for someone of Lady's age and that is the current situation.

So the repair of the fishing floats took on some urgency, and after a whole day to do the first one and about an hour and half to do the second one and string them together I have completed them.  In theory this is a ta dah moment, but it doesn't feel like it is.  It feels more like the last thing that I can do for her.

Having said that though, we have spent the last few years on this rollercoaster of ill health and seeming to be near death with several family members and some of them have turned out to be pretty tough, and although Lady is very ill, very old and very frail, she has returned from things before.

Anyway, this is fast getting very depressing.  So I will shut up.

I just wanted to show you the fishing floats while I still feel that I can and to explain that I might not be around much.  Again.  Sorry to keep doing this to you.  Thank you so much for bearing with me, I don't know how you do it, but I am glad that you do.

I will keep you updated and will do my very best to keep up with Five On Friday, but we might be in for another break of hearing from each other I am afraid.  Your recent messages have been so lovely, and I am very grateful for them, but I have turned off comments because I know that you care and don't want you to feel that you have to keep leaving me messages.

So thank you for your forbearance.  See you soon.  I wish you all well.

Amy xx