Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Good Read of the A to Z of ME!

The lovely Lisa from Into the Glade recently nominated me to write about the A to Z of myself.  You can read Lisa's great post here to learn more about her.

This seemed like a good way to  return to blogging again (if I can think of 26 things to say of course!), so here we go, with 26 archive flower photos included to add some joy...

A is for Amy - me!  As I get older I find out more about myself and often surprise myself.  I think that is a good thing...

B is for Baking - something I wish that I did more of.  I must get better at baking for hubby instead of buying cakes.  I did make some delicious cornbread muffins recently with the addition of Dolcelatte Picante cheese and sage as well as some lemon pepper.  They were scrummy!!

C is for Colour - I am developing a greater love for colour and enjoying it a lot.  We have done beige - probably overdone in fact.  I do like neutrals as a background though, because then I can add any colour I like as an accent.  Of course green is the best backdrop in the garden.  Of course C is also for Crochet!  Just in case you were worrying that I had forgotten it!

D is for Dreaming - dreaming of how the garden might someday look.  Hubby has been doing more work.  One day it will be perfect.  Then we will probably move house!

E is for Embroidery - this was the first craft that I really did in an "adult" way.  I have been making tapestries for decades now and I still enjoy it.  Just as well as I have six different embroideries of different sorts in waiting!  Plus the one that I am working on right now.  This could be the year of embroidery.

F is for Fun, Family, Flowers and Friends - need I say more!

G is for Growing and Gratitude - growing the garden and myself, just growing and being so grateful and growing in gratitude every day as well.

H is for Home - my very best place of all.  But you knew that already didn't you.  The name of the blog told you that!!

I is for individual - I am learning that I am myself and I am an individual.  I can do and think as I wish, I don't have to be told what to do and I don't have to do things - or not do them - just because someone else tells me that I do - or don't!

J is for Journey - life is a journey that we are all on and it is good to take stock and look back.  Can you tell that as I write this I am in a reflective mood...

K is for Kitchen - my dream kitchen with a great big island in the middle, a table to sit and eat at and a sofa to curl up on.  With an AGA keeping everything warm and a cup of tea and a slice of cake!  One day perhaps.  In my dreams!!

L is for Love - the greatest thing of all.  There is nothing else you can say is there.

M is for Mantel - I am behind with my mantel decorating, post to come soon!  There are cherries hanging up.  I love having a mantel to decorate, never having had one in a previous house.  It was one of the things that I most wanted and the item that I first chose for this house when we renovated.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one I wanted.  I must tell you more in a proper post someday!

N is for notes and notebooks - I think that my planning posts mean that you know already that I love a notebook with a list or a plan.  Of course I love notebooks because they are so pretty too.  I never could resist nice stationery.

O is for Opal - an unusual choice perhaps for the A to Z of me, but one of my most favourite gemstones.  Not my birthstone which I am not that keen on.  Opals though are so beautiful, especially the wonderful blue ones that you sometimes see from amazing mines such as Coober Pedy in Australia.

P is for Politics - not something that I mention here really, and I don't intend to start now.  It is however a huge fascination for me and is a big part of my life.

Q is for Questions - I always say that the only stupid question you can ask is the one that you don't ask.  I truly believe that and live by it myself.  Always questions, learning, finding things out, questioning others, questioning myself.  Without questions you lose a big opportunity to learn.

R is for Reading - my massive pile of books.  It currently stands at a vast number and I am getting behind on my first six choices for this year.  Must read more!!  I love to read though and learned to read as a very young child and was always found with my nose in a book.  To the disgust of some.  To the delight of me!

S is for Strength - the strength to keep on keeping on.  I am not a quitter.  Sometimes to my detriment.  I don't always recognise when to give up.  However, I see that as a strength and as my strength.  My greatest.  Keep on.

T is for Tour - we have started working on some new tours for the winter at Basildon Park, I have a lot to learn about art and paintings and architecture!  So far I am pretty much terrified.  I seem to know the least of anyone, they all "claim" to know an awful lot.  I suspect that they really do know a lot, a lot more than me at any rate.  I have trouble remembering the names of the different artists.  Definitely a big learning and questioning opportunity!

U is for Upside - always trying to find the upside of any situation.  There have been negatives, but I still keep looking for and finding the positives.  Stronger family ties, finding care of others in unexpected places.  I keep looking for the upside and just keep on finding it.

V is for Vacation - I still have tales and pictures to share from our last one and plans to enjoy making for the next.  I love travel!

W is for WIP - my Work In Progress list just gets longer all the time.  I love it though!!

X is for Xclamation - cheating I know on the spelling, but you know that I am a great exclaimer in my writing!!!!!  The case of the runaway punctuation.  Or the excitement and exuberance of positivity and joy.  Depending on your point of view...

Y is for Yay!! - One of my favourite celebratory words.  It goes so well with an exclamation too!!

Z is for Zips - a fear that I am determined to overcome one day.  I am not scared of using zips, just the sewing of them into things!  I must learn to conquer this!!!

There you have it, from Amy to Zips, that is me!!!  Who knew!!

Now, I am supposed to nominate others, but you know that I don't do that because I am so rubbish at it and it sets me all on edge.  So instead, I invite you to share your own A to Z of yourself!  You might surprise yourself when you start writing and I would love to know what you come up with for X and Z!!

I was also very kindly nominated by the lovely Sara of Sara's Crafts as one of her "good read" blogs.  Thank you so much Sara.  Then, catching up on my blog reading I discovered that the equally lovely Irene from Life By The Sea had also nominated me for the same "good read"  It is good to know that you both enjoy reading my blog!  Thank you both for nominating me.  Very much appreciated! 

Although I don't normally nominate people, I have two suggestions of "reading" blogs for you to visit, Mike from A Bit About Britain and Linda from Senior Adventures.  Both are good reads and are places that you might not have visited before!  I also have two suggestions for "watching" blogs for you to visit - I was nominated twice, so I am forwarding this twice!  The first is Sandra's Cherry Heart Podcast, you can find the latest edition here.  I love watching and listening to these.  The second is Jane's Plain Jane Allotment Vlog's, you can find the latest edition here.  I love seeing what is happening in Jane's allotment.

Thank you Lisa and Sara and Irene for the nominations and for giving me something to talk about again in blogland!  Greatly appreciated, all three of you lovely ladies!!



  1. lovely post :-) lovely photos :-)

  2. :) Brilliant A-Z. Thanks for sharing a bit more about you. x

  3. A great list, Amy. It's always interesting to learn more about our blogging friends! :o)

  4. Stunning photos and lovely to get to know more about you.

  5. Lovely post... Might store that idea away for when I've a bit more time!

  6. A wonderful list Amy! Have a lovely rest of a week!

    Vanessa x

  7. A brilliant A-Z. My other half has been to Coober Pedy, and opal is my birth stone, so I've always had a soft spot for them too. And notebooks, ah, notebooks, how I love them. I'm always happy when I find someone else who understands their allure. Gorgeous photos, I really enjoyed this post Amy. CJ xx

  8. A really lovely post Amy:)))
    Have a nice day!

  9. Super A-Z and your photographs are lovely Amy, I particularly like the one of the honeysuckle growing up the wall X

  10. Thank you for sharing with us your a-z Amy. They're all interesting and the photos are just stunning! X

  11. Very interesting to read your A to Z, Amy.

  12. That was a big challenge!
    love all the pics with flowers!! love the idea of the light in pots!!
    A well-written biography about you, it is nice !
    Have a good day,
    Miss xx

  13. A great read! Entertaining, inspirational and personal! Thanks for sharing and caring!
    Have a beautiful day

  14. Well done!! A great list of all about you, and the photos of the flowers were terrific :)

  15. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better through this post and enjoyed all the lovely accompanying photos too.

  16. A very interesting post, Amy! And lovely photos to enjoy too! So nice to read more about you :)
    Helen xox

  17. What a cool idea and so lovely to learn more about you with each letter! My eyes were delighted to see all of that garden up there with those amazing blooms!!! Wishing you a great day and thanks for passing it on!!! Nicole xoxo

  18. I enjoyed that..and the fabulous flowers!
    Jane x

  19. Hey Amy,
    Fabulous! A lovely upbeat a-z of you. I may well join in. I love a list, and I love a bandwagon ;))
    Leanne xx

  20. A great list and gorgeous photos!! xx

  21. Amy that was fun! I enjoyed it.
    And I love new bloggers links!

  22. Love this Amy!! And I don't even think I'd need to do one because so many of your answers are similar to what mine would be!! We are definitely kindred spirits Lady. Loved all the beautiful photos with it too. You're just the real deal. xoxo
    P.S. My birthstone is Opal (my fave too). Lol

  23. What beautiful plant photos - loving everything to do with flowers at the moment and glued to the Chelsea Flower Show on TV - moving to our own home soon so getting excited about planting things so lots of inspiration in this post. Yay! is one of my favourites too - I inherited it from my eldest son and it's surprisingly expressive! I worry about excessive exclamation exploitation too so glad it's not just me! Judy

  24. So much fun to read this post !! I was wondering the whole time, what you would have written with the x and z - not the easiest letters for english words :-) !

  25. Glad to see you back - and with such a super post! I kept getting diverted from reading, to look at all those beautiful photos!!

  26. OOh! that was marvellous and Q was my favourite because I love that too. Jo X

  27. Yay! That is a great A-Z Amy, it's lovely to learn a little bit more about the blogger but it just confirms what we all already knew, you are a truly warm, sensitive and caring soul with great determination and courage xxx

  28. Beautiful photographs too, I've snuck a look three times today and one was to look at your pictures again ha! xx

  29. Amy, thanks so much for your nomination for the good reads. I really appreciate it. Your blog today was so beautiful and you did a really good job with the A to Z! Have a wonderful Thursday and a great weekend.

  30. Hi lovely, what a fab post and well done for alphabetising yourself so beautifully 😊 Trying to catch up a bit - I'm way behind! Happy BH weekend, hugs xx

  31. Hi Amy, I've just found your wonderful blog♥ Awww I so loved your list, absolutely marvellous photos and words. I wouldn't know where to start but you've given me the inspiration to at least "give it a go":) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Linda from Oz. PS I also love Opals, a few years ago I wanted a ring and ended up finding the perfect one on a trip back to the UK in Castleton, Derbyshire, mind you it probably came from Australia!

  32. That was just great! I nodded with a number of your observations...let's see if I can remember without looking back...oh, yes, the one about having your nose continually in a book and the one about politics. I, on the other hand, do comment on politics from time to time. When I do, I give a warning and close comments. I am not wishing an argument so much as the chance to vent. And having a nose in a book really does cause some consternation in families. Absolutely delightful photos, Amy!

  33. I loved learning a little more about you Amy! I love the photos of the pretty flowers too! Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

  34. I really enjoyed reading this post...creative, pretty photos, and getting to know you better! I love opals, of my faves. You don't see them often around here. I had a pair of beautiful opal earrings as an older teen (gift from my grandma) and I lost one in my friend's car. We looked and looked with a flashlight and never found it. I was absolutely heartbroken. I kept the one earring for a long time, but I don't know whatever happened to it.

  35. What a great and post and lovely things!
    Wish, I could better (faster) read in English!
    Mayby, one day I will make this alphabet too?

  36. Great post Amy...the A to Z theme is a great idea.
    Marianne x

  37. A lovely list, Amy, nice to learn a little more about you.

  38. Wow, what an epic post! Interesting reading, and beautiful flowers, too. I'm visiting via the Two Good Reads tag - have enjoyed looking through your blog :)


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