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Reading my books - Friends Forever

I have finished another of my books!  That is a whole four books so far this year which is a 100% increase on last years reading total.  I am getting quicker at reading them as well.  It shows that reading is a skill that needs practice like anything else, the more you do the better you are at it.

As I have now reached a whole four books rather than linking to the books I have read at the end of the post I have added links to the posts in my sidebar.

The reading part might be getting better, but I am still not so sure of the reviewing part.  This is now the fourth review that I have written and I feel a little easier with it so perhaps the reviews will get better as time goes on too!

On that note, on with the review!

My latest read was Danielle Steel's Friends Forever.

As I said in my post about my plan to read my books, I have quite a few Danielle Steel books in my bookcase waiting to be read.  They are passed on to me by someone else and are good light reads.  You might have noticed that I am not into heavy literary stuff!

Friends Forever tells the story of five children who meet on their first day at Kindergarten and are friends until the end of the story.  As you might assume from the title!  The story is set in San Francisco, I always enjoy reading the Danielle Steel stories set there as I know the city somewhat and can picture the areas of the city and places that are described.  That brings back good memories for me.

Life of course goes on for the characters in the story, Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Andy and Sean and also tells the stories of their families.  After their meeting on their first day of school the group call themselves The Big Five and remain close through all the trials and tribulations of life.  Parents have marriage breakdowns, siblings have problems with their lives, but the friendship and school is a constant in their lives.

Once they leave school though life gets harder and their friendships are tested and there are many challenges to be faced.  Izzie in particular finds it very hard to deal with.  She has had difficult relationships in the past with some of the people closest to her, but the relationships with those people are her saviour in the end.

This is not necessarily the most cheerful of reads given all that happens, and it might seem unrealistic, however, I suspect that sadly the things that happen are not so unusual in some peoples lives.

On balance I would say that this is, as you would probably expect from this author, a lighter read.  Probably good for a holiday as it is quite a quick read.  Not one for the younger people in your life because of the content.  I don't know what, if anything, it says about me, but I enjoyed this book overall and I certainly enjoyed it more than some of the other books that I have read this year.

From my initial six book choices from my bookcase I have two more to go.  I am going to read this one next.

Then I get to read this one!  I have been waiting for this and it is my treat at the end of five other books.  In the interests of honesty I have to declare that I have already been dipping into this and I know that I will love it!  Knowing that it is coming is spurring me on to keep reading the other books.

So, Friends Forever, if you happen upon a copy and want something on the lighter end of things to read then go for it!

How are these reviews doing by the way?  Am I getting any better?



  1. Your reviews are absolutely fine, Amy! You've given us an idea of what the book is about and whether you enjoyed or not. I've got a Miss Read Christmas book on my pile and I was wondering if I should read it or save it til the winter but if you're going to read a Christmas book in the spring, then so shall I!!
    Have you come across Mrs Ford's Diary, a blog in the style of Diary of a PL? xx

  2. I totally agree with you Amy that reading is a skill and also the more you read the more you want to! The more engaged you are reading the more you learn as reading is a receptive skill. On top of it all when it is a good book that you enjoy you learn more because it motivates you to continue. Enjoy your reading !!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  3. I keep my reading until bedtime now otherwise I would sit all day and read, I have just finished Shop Girls and just started Pie Mash and Prefabs, I love books that let you peep into others life's in a bygone era's both of these are based around the end of the war.
    Your review is great :-)

  4. I think your review is great, though I know what you mean about writing them, I find it hard too. I'm reading much more than I did a few years ago, I just didn't find time for reading when the kids were young but I'm loving it again now.

  5. Always good to know what someone else thinks of a book. Anything that sounds good I add to my Amazon kindle list. Although there are more books on it than I could hope to read in a lifetime! :) x

  6. Bloggers' book reviews are the best because we are an honest bunch! I am sure you will adore 'Diary of a Provincial Lady', it is a really enjoyable, funny book, I have the Persephone edition too, and a very pretty hardback edition also. You are right about reading being a skill, the more you do it, the more enjoyable it becomes, and just slots into your life very naturally. X

  7. Diary of a P L is brilliant, I hope you love it. I'm up to about 30 books read so far this years. I even started a separate page on my blog to list them all. Your reviews are better than mine. I just cheat and link into Fantastic Fiction or Amazon!

  8. Nothing wrong at all with your reviews Amy. I loved Diary of a Provincial Lady!

  9. look at you reading your books :) I am making an effort to read more as well. I think it takes a few days to make sure that happens because other stuff gets in the way.

  10. I love reading Christmas books between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'll have to look for that one. :-)

  11. The book looks like a fun and quick read, Amy. Danielle Steel usually writes that type of story.

  12. you had me at book. i will check these out ... i have read a few Danielle Steel books. so fun i bet. one thing lately - my Mom has been sharing books with me from her library. mostly Debbie Macomber but a few other authors as well. I love when they are set in Montana because I am such a fan of the west. history too. always a fan of seeing what every one is reading. thanks for sharing. ( :

  13. You're doing a lovely job on your reviews adorable Gal!!

    I like Danielle Steel books too - and I used to have a collection of t.v. movies based on several of her books too. Lol

    I'm intrigued by the book you can't wait to read - will need to look into that one. Thx for sharing!! xo

  14. I like reading bloggers reviews, as they aren't tryimg to sell you the book! It sounds like a good holiday read, when you don't want a really complicated plot to follow. Like you, I enjoy books that are set somewhere that I have been, then I can picture where the events are happening.

  15. Diary of a Provincial Lady is one of my favourite books! Your reviews are good, Amy, and it is always nice to find out what other bloggers are reading, I have found some great books that way!
    Helen xox

  16. They look like great choices. I just finished Sarah's Key and it is still with me if you know what I mean. I am not ready to start another book yet because I feel like the book is still in my life.

  17. I don't do book reviews. I hated writing them at school and vowed I'd never write one again so well done you for doing them!

    Mind you, I have written comments on Amazon about books I've read - it really annoys me when people don't do their research properly. Whip-poor-wills in Regency England? Really? Wolves in Regency England? Honestly? Give me a break!

    Woops, went off on a bit of a tangent there! Sorry about that. Amy! *blush*

  18. Wish I could read more....I used to read a lot.....not so much anymore....
    Perhaps I will force myself to read at the cottage....
    And....make a few entries in my journal.....hahaha!
    Such a dreamer I am!
    Enjoy your weekend Amy....
    Linda :o)

  19. Your book reviews are wonderful. I can't wait to hear of your review of the next one. It will be fun to read a winter book in summer!

  20. Great review, Amy. I think I'll try one as well, I love reading. And I like how you peek ahead to the end of the list :-)

  21. I know what you mean about reviewing books - I find it awkward too. I'm never sure how much of the content of the book I should give away and I think mine waver between being painfully short and rambling. However, I really enjoy reading your review, so you must be doing something right!

    I'm looking forward to reading your review of Diary of a Provincial Lady.


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