Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Questions and Answers

Today I thought that I would answer some of your questions, and ask you a few too!  It isn't a quiz, so don't worry, you don't have to get your thinking caps on.

Some of the questions and answers are just for fun so I hope you will take them that way, but some will give you real answers to real questions and some might give you a bit more insight about my home.

I was asked about a random single daffodil that we have coming up amid the snowdrops on our lawn "Was it a small bulb that hid amongst the galanthus, or one that fell into the wrong place when they were carried out?"

The area where the snowdrops grow - and the single daffodil - used to be a sort of border in the garden.  It went all the way across the middle of the garden and comprised a low brick wall that had soil and lumps of concrete piled up against it.  There was nothing growing there apart from the snowdrops.  So we cleared the lot and laid it to lawn.  The snowdrops are what were left underground and I assume that the random daffodil was also buried there too.

How do you come up with your ideas, how do you do so much?

I am lucky that I do have a fair amount of time and can also do things like crocheting at work when I am sitting waiting for visitors to arrive.  As for my ideas, I mostly make things up as I go along.  Being rubbish at following rules - and therefore patterns.  If I have followed a pattern I give the information and/or inspiration, otherwise I made it up for the most part.  I am starting to add in links to my tutorials and patterns in the sidebar - over there on the right.  Click on the picture and it will take you to the relevant blog post.

"Aren't the golden bunnies lovely?"

Yes, golden bunnies are one of the best things about Easter!

Are you on Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter?

Yes to some, no to others.  See the About Love Made My Home page to see where else you can find me.  For the things that I am not on it is probably because I don't know how/don't want to use them and in the case of Instagram, I don't have the right sort of phone!

Will Five On Friday be back?

Yes, it will return in two days time!  I hope that you are busy thinking of your posts and that you will join in again.  I decided that for Good Friday I would not do any sort of post and will also not do a Five On Friday should Christmas, Boxing Day or New Years Day fall on a Friday either.  Feel free to do your own post though and to then link it in the next week if you wish - you can do two links in one week as long as they are both for Five On Friday posts.

There were lots of questions about Maple Syrup, the rising of sap and the availability of Sugar Maple trees in England and the possibility of getting them to produce sap and then syrup in England.

You all mostly answered each others questions in the comments.  I can tell you that the sap rises when the weather is the right temperature during the day and night and it depends on the difference between the two - I think that is right.  Yes, you can buy Sugar Maples in England, Dawn bought some, has planted them and has named them after me!  Whether or not they will make any sap to be boiled into syrup remains to be seen, but if anyone can do it Dawn can!!

If you have any more questions go and read the comments on the post as I expect that someone else has already given the answer to another reader!  You are a very clever group of people.

The calendar which featured in the Maple Sugaring post is The Lang Folk Art Calendar, purchased in America last year.  They are produced annually I believe.  I don't want to show too many pictures, but if it fits with a future post I might share some more as and when.

"Your bleeding heart is a nice dark red variety, mine are more pink.  Did you know they also come in pure white?"

I did know that they came in pink, white and red.  I have a pink one, and had admired the red ones and am pleased to now own one.  A white one is something I would like one day!

"Breakfast for dinner ? How should we interpret that ? Sleeping late ;-) ??"

Alas no sleeping in late, just having what you might normally have for a cooked breakfast for dinner.  In America they call it Breakfast for Dinner, here in England it would be an All Day Breakfast.  Delicious at any time of day!!

I was asked about my Easter Tree "Did you grow the forsythia?"

No, the Forsythia in my Easter Tree is artificial.  We do grow Forsythia in the garden, but cannot rely on it being in flower at Easter - being the moveable feast that it is! - so I use these artificial stems.  They are several years old now, but hold up well and make a good base for hanging the eggs from.  I have seen some wonderful interpretations this year with real twigs and crocheted flowers they are great too!

In answer to several of you, yes, Springy, Springish, Eastery and Easterish are all words as far as I am concerned!  Use them at will!!  You can also add Autumny, Wintery, Winterish and Summery to your vocabulary too!

Do you have patterns for the mandalas that you have made?

No, I have made them all up out of my own head.  Someday if/when I get the time and/or inclination I will write some patterns and will be sure to let you know.  In the meantime I am afraid that I cannot help!

"Did you make the bunny twins?"

Yes, I did make the Bunny Twins.  I made them last year using kits from Hobbycraft.  They have spent the time since last year in storage waiting to come out again.

OK.  I think that is all of your questions - serious or fun! - to me for now.  If I have forgotten some vital answer that you are awaiting remind me in the comments!

Now, my questions for you.  Again, some serious, some not so, but I would like to know what you think.

If you eat takeaway fish and chips at home, do you use a fish knife and fish fork, do you use your normal knives and forks, or just your fingers...

Do you mind that I don't answer your comments unless it is a specific question - which I do try and get to, although I am rather slow sometimes - sorry!

Are my posts too frequent for you?  I do post most every day, but I don't assume that you will read them all.  In fact I am always amazed and honoured at the number of people who do read and comment.  Thank you so very much.

Did you know that you can spell the following words from the letters that make up Easter - Steer, Rest, Star, Rat, Rats, Tree, Art, Arts, Rate, Rates, East, Eat, Eats.  I am sure there are loads more.  That is what happens to you when you stare too long at the blocks that spell Easter on your windowsill...

Final question.

Is it bad that I am so far behind on my WIP list that it isn't even funny, and I keep starting new things...

There you go, what lot of questions, and what a lot of answers and answers yet to come!!  I really need to know about the eating of fish and chips by the way!


  1. We eat fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar, some bread and butter and use our fingers. Hope that helps.

  2. Since fish & chips is not sold here in Belgium, I'll compare it to french fries (which are not french, but a belgian invention!!) : when we buy takeaway french fries, I eat them with my fingers... Don't know why, it is a tradition here to eat them with your fingers... Not if you eat them in a combined meal, for instance steak & french fries ! Then you use cutlery... Difficult, isn't it ;-))

    And no, you don't post too much - I always enjoy reading your posts !!

  3. Hello - first time I've read your blog - I'ver dropped out of the blogging loop for a bit but hope that spring inspires me to get going again.

    Fish and chips: once, when having fish and chips at my in-laws, my mother in law got out the fish knives and forks and I have never felt so pretentious in my life! If we ever have fish and chips and bring them home, we do warm some plates, get out the knives and forks, salt, vinegar and ketchup (and son no. 4 has mango chutney on everything including chips!) and tuck in.

    WIP list - your blog and hobbies should not be another 'chore', another thing that you must do each day - that way leads to stress and worry. I've just finished a blanket that I began in 2012 and in my WIP basket I have a jumper - 2 sleeves and the front completed - that's been sitting there since 2004! I think I will try to get it finished this year. Making knitted and crocheted items takes a long time; sometimes you get bored and just want to try something different or walk into a yarn shop or pick up a magazine and get inspired to do something and you just want to do it there and then! So no, you shouldn't worry.

    All the best, Judy.

    (If you want to have a look at a post I wrote on WIPs have a look at:

    1. Hello Judy! We have obviously had the same fish and chip experience!! Apart from the mango chutney, I never thought of that! xx

  4. What a great post Amy, you put a smile on my face this morning :-) And my answer to the big question: a fork & fingers, that's the yummiest way to enjoy fish & chips!
    And don't worry about that ever-growing WIP list.... you're not alone :-)
    Hugs xx

  5. Do carry on blogging every day, I do enjoy finding a new post - it's a bit like opening an Advent calendar, so exciting! Karen x

  6. Hey Amy,
    I always eat fish and chips out of the paper with my fingers, and sometimes a fork. Lashings of salt and vinegar, but never ketchup. And I have a question: what does wip mean?!
    Leanne xx

    1. Work In Progress! WIP - a crafting term! Also you might like to know that FO is a Finished Object and a UFO is an Un Finished Object! Hee hee!! xx

    2. Thank you! I should have been able to work that one out for myself!
      Leanne xx

  7. I am years behind in my WIP list so it's good to see that I am not the only one. As for the fish and chips question, I don't eat fish so it is usually chips with curry sauce or mushy peas (or sometimes both when I'm feeling particularly indulgent) so I have to use a fork, have you ever tried eating mushy peas and curry sauce with your fingers?!

    1. Sounds very messy and sticky Chickpea! I definitely think that a fork would be required for the peas and sauce!! xx

  8. Fun post, Amy. Here are my answers:
    1. Fish and chips brought in might get put on plates and might be eaten with fingers or forks. I do have fish forks and knives which my MIL gave me years ago - they're still in their box in the drawer!!
    2. It doesn't bother me if you don't comment on my comment.
    3. Post when you want. It's your blog and, if you want to post, post.
    4. I do that kind of thing too. I think it stems from paying games with the numberplates of cars when we were on car journeys in my (long-ago) childhood.
    5. WIPs are a good thing. It means you always have something on the go. Starting a new one just means more good things on the go! :oD

  9. Some fun questions and answers here! I eat my fish and chips with regular cutlery, although I use my fingers for the chips and dip them in ketchup! I love tartar sauce for the fish. I don't eat them often, though - too fattening! All that grease.....I can't keep up with daily blogging so I can't answer that question - I say if people are reading it every day, post away! My WIP list is never ending.....I get bored easily and put things away, then when I find them again they are interesting once more! Lol! xo Karen

  10. Regular knife and fork for fish and chips, and although it is lovely to get a reply to a comment I certainly don't expect it. I know how long it can take trying to keep up with replying to comments... Especially if you post every day!

  11. A lovely post Amy, and I'm always happy to see a post from you. Normal knife and fork, although I'm a vegetarian, so no fish. I'm happy you have lots of WIPs, it makes me feel better. And creative people like to be starting something new, it's just the way we are. If they are getting you down though, maybe you could undo the ones you don't think you'll ever finish. Otherwise, just keep on going! CJ xx

  12. Funny post, love the idea of eating battered fish with a fish fork & knife, how decadent! Anyway, if we have fish & chips at home bought from a fish & chip shop the we have them on warmed plates with knives & forks. If at the seaside however it is customary to have them straight out of the box eaten with fingers & those little wooden forks. Tut tut tu Amy, you can never have too many projects on the go, it's always nice to go back to an older one. You can find some nice surprises in a WIPS basket! It doesn't bother me you not replying directly to a comment, I stopped doing the same on mine due to time restrictions but I do read & treasure everyone. xx

  13. H Amy, its fingers for the fish and chips, but I have been known to use knife and fork usually if I am at someone else's place if they give them to me. If it is not a chore to post everyday, keep posting. You always seem to have plenty of comments and people like me often read several at once. As for WIP's I am always starting something new. Things get forgotten and when I have a tidy-up its like finding a long lost friend and you get stuck in with renewed vigour! Things do eventually get finished (I hope, lol)

  14. That was a very fun, informative post! I use a regular fork and knife for fish and chips. I use them for everything because I hate eating with my fingers! Have a fun week Sweetie! xo

  15. Fish and chips with fingers..
    Post comment whenever is busy..
    Woolie hugs

  16. What a lot of questions you answered there. Here are the answers to your questions.
    1. I use a normal knife and fork.
    2. I don't mind that you don't answer comments. I usually answer all the comments I get but many of the answers are repeated to everyone as the comments can sometimes be samey. I'm not meaning to be rude, it's just that for example, you might show something you've made and the majority of the comments will be that it's lovely, well there's only so many ways to say thank you. I hope you know what I mean.
    3. The posts aren't too frequent and I do read nearly every one.
    4. I like word games, I sometimes play Scrabble online.
    5. I've banned myself from starting anything new until I get something finished, I don't like having too many things on the go.

  17. Fish and chips must only ever be eaten at home from proper china plates, never from the paper it came in. It should be eaten using best silver service cutlery and a fine crystal water glass to accompany it. Fine red wine such as Rioja or Chianti may be drunk with the food, but a properly brewed and stored can of Carlsberg is better, served in a chilled and salt-rimmed glass. Jus de Tomate should be served in small bowls next to each plate, with white linen napkins folded to resemble the Sydney Opera House. Before eating we always stand on one leg and chant "I'm a fish-killing, potato-eating, time wasting donkey".....
    or perhaps we just stick it on a plate and eat with a knife and fork. Yes, I think we do the latter. But I hope you enjoyed reading the comment?

    1. Angel Jem - next time we pop to the Chippy - I'm actually going to set the table!!! Or keep sitting on the floor.......

  18. Dear Amy
    Being a vegetarian, I eat chips either with my fingers or with an ordinary knife and fork (and tomato sauce), depending how I'm feeling at the time.
    I don't think there is a crafter out there without many, many WIPs - you are definitely not on your own! Just an example - I have a dress and skirt to finish, six bracelets which need completing, necklaces which are in various states of completion and, in the garden, two peonies and two roses which need planting, as well as a cherry and a magnolia which need potting on... and that's just the things on my mind at the moment!
    I started posting as often as I could, then went for twice a week, but am now on weekly and more if I can. Commenting/replying is such a personal thing, I think. As I don't get that many comments, I do reply to each one.
    Have a lovely rest of the week.
    Best wishes

  19. we only have fish and chips once a year, when we go to Whitby. They're always eaten on a bench, facing the sea, with the little wooden forks the chip shop provides x

  20. Hi Amy....
    I eat the chips with my fingers, but cut the fish with regular knife....
    I use my IPad for instagram...
    Lots of WIP here too....makes it more interesting! Except when you forget which hook you were using!
    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

  21. You are so polite and kind, Amy!

  22. Amy, if you are like me, I don't post comments on the comments on my blog, except to occasionally answer emails. If I get a question, I just send an email back in response. But good that you have shared these questions with us!

  23. You are so funny! Your mind works in mysterious ways. :) I could never come up with a post like this. As for fish and chips, I don't eat them so don't have a view on that, but have always loved the word game. Fun! I say it's your blog, and you can post when and how you want. Have a great rest of the week, Tammy

  24. I'm always impressed with how often you blog Amy! I check in when I can by which time you've normally done 2 or 3 posts. Fish and chips....fingers. I use a knife and fork for fish when I have it, but it goes against the grain to use a fork for the chips...they are just too delicious :-) Maybe I'm just a piglet and can scoff faster with my fingers! X

  25. I love this post! So fun :) I don't use Twitter because I just don't understand it. I just started to enjoy Instagram - sharing an image with just a sentence or two. I know a handful of bloggers who have dropped blogging and just connect with people through Instagram - it certainly takes less time than writing a post and can still connect with an audience who can comment. You may know this, but you can use Instagram on your computer if your phone doesn't support it. Wishing you a wonderful day! -Laura

  26. it is never ever bad to start another project, it is what makes life spicy and fun!!

  27. Great post ! WOW ! lots of Q&A for sure , We love our fish and chips , we eat the chips with our fingers with a bit of Ketchup and fish with regular knife and fork with a bit of tarter sauce on the fish sometimes from the package it is in depending and sometimes on a plate we like three kinds of fish that we get to choose from here Haddock , Cod and Perch , Cod and Perch are fresh from our lake Erie our fish and chip shop is down by this lake in cute small port town only a 6 min drive . I am just here on blogger for my blog and FB for my own page the other stuff like Instagram , Twitter and so on I am not interested in . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  28. Great, fun post Amy! As I have just had the mobile fish and chip van in the village (I do love Wednesday's) I can say that I am a complete animal when it comes to fish and chips and eat mine with my fingers, still in the wrapping. Hubby looks at me with total disgust with his knife, fork and plate. I do post on Instagram but the interaction is not as good as blogging. I do love Twitter though and following people and places that really interest me. Right, back to me fish, chips and curry sauce!! xx

  29. I love this post it made laugh out loud a few times, I did wonder about the calendar though, so thank you for that info. No I don't mind at all, especially given the number you receive, that you don't answer my comments. I read most days but don't always leave a comment, I don't think you post too often at all. We are mostly vegetarian and himself rarely eats a takeaway supper but if he does, it's a normal knife and fork for him, I don't actually think we have any fish knives, we did at home when I was little xx

  30. Fish and chips must be eaten out of the paper, with salt and ones fingers.

  31. What a ton of answers to questions Amy! It must have taken ages to choose all the questions (or are you keeping a list somewhere?!). Here we don't do a lot of take-out fish & chips, although there are places around. I would say eat it with fingers, salt & vinegar (Americans would say with ketchup!). My question to you would be do you eat pizza with knife & fork or with fingers. My kids and I scoff at my husband for eating with knife & fork, but lately I've been using utensils too. I don't think you post too often, but I can't always get around to your posts every single day. Of course I had to read back to this one when you mentioned it in today's post. Have a great day, or I guess evening now ;) Wendy

  32. Oh my what a post! So many questions for you Amy! Feel free to blog as much as you like! I love eating fish with a fork & knife and the chips with my fingers dipped in ketchup! I love looking at all of those pretty flowers growing in your garden. Hope you have a nice evening and weekend.
    Julie xo

  33. Did you know that if you turn Bleeding Heart upside down, it looks like a Victorian lady in her bath? (no idea why it should be a Victorian lady, it just is!).

  34. Wow, so many questions and wonderful answers. My blog is pretty boring as no one seems to ask me a thing! I just love visiting you my friend.


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