Sunday, 12 April 2015


Yesterday I had a very exciting day, I was meeting some other bloggers - 9 other bloggers to be exact!!!

So I didn't blog.

I didn't read any blogs.

I took lots of pictures.

Did a lot of talking.

A little shopping.

A lot of looking.

Today I am so behind with everything.

I will post.

I promised to post today.

That might not happen.

So I am reading blogs as quickly as I can.

But I am not commenting.

Please forgive me this once!

You know that I love ya more 'n my luggage - quote from Steel Magnolias

In fact I might not around much over the next two weeks in terms of comments.

Having said that I bet that tomorrow I am back to it as normal!

Nothing bad.

Good in fact.

I will share in due course!

You know I will share right!!!

This is a funny post isn't it!

Off to do some more reading now.

And laundry

Lists to write

And cleaning

And tidying up

Pictures to take

And a report to write

Weeds to well, weed....

A few more Easter eggs left to eat - thank goodness!

Oh, and I need to learn to crochet.

You thought I knew right.

Explanation to come!

I hope you are all having a good weekend and that the sun is shining on you in just the right measure!

See ya soon!


p.s. photos are from my archives and are apropos nothing other than this list needed some cheering up!!

p.p.s  plus I got to use the word apropos.  Twice!


  1. See you soon !!! Have a lovely and wonderful sunday !!!

  2. Your yesterday's meeting sounds like fun!
    Beautiful photos, as always, and an intriguing to-do list... "need to learn to crochet". What on earth might that mean?
    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead! xx

  3. A bloggy meet up, how exciting. It sounds like you've got your hands full at the moment, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Well it all sounds very intriguing. Enjoy whatever you are doing.

  5. Great post, I love to use unusual words. I try my best to say balderdash frequently.

  6. Lovely post! You sound busy, busy, busy! Bee xx

  7. The flowers are pretty! Good job on fitting in apropos twice. Enjoy your day!

  8. Sounds a great weekend - and the sun is shining. I hope you can take a moment to enjoy it. x

  9. Apropos is such a GREAT word. I thought it was apropos to tell you so. Have a great Sunday!

  10. It was lovely to meet you yesterday and hopefully see you at the next one :)

  11. Your flowers are gorgeous. What fun meeting up with fellow bloggers.

  12. Now you got me intrigued - "explanation to come"... "Will share in due course"...
    Since you used à propos twice (don't want to be the nasty teacher with the red pen, but it is written in two words... ;-), does it have something to do with France ? Are you starting French classes ?? (Forgive me, I'm a nosey-parker :-))

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend !

  13. Wow, you are so busy. Learn to crochet you say?????? I cant wait for your explaination .Sounds fun meeting fellow bloggers.Can't wait for your next post I am intrigued

  14. sounds exciting and intriguing xxx

  15. Don't worry at all about not commenting. I'm glad something good is in the pipeline, I shall look forward to hearing about it. It sounds like you had a good day yesterday and that things are very positive for you, I'm glad. CJ xx

  16. We're waaaaaaaaaaaaaiting!
    Jane x

  17. I liked this post- short and sweet and funny :o)

    NINE bloggers eh? And learning to crochet??? Intrigued.... xx

  18. Thanks for sharing all of those lovely photos of flowers! Have a wonderful evening and week.
    Julie xo

  19. Sounds like lots of intresting stuff going on in your house...
    Amanda xx

  20. Intriguing! Can't wait to learn more!

  21. Sounds like you had an interesting day, I look forward to hearing all about it! xx

  22. Sounds like a great day and like there are good things afoot! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine xx

  23. Hi Amy, lovely flowers, one more beautiful than the other!!!

    Cheers, Sandra

  24. Beautiful photos, Amy . . . lovely flowers . . . :)
    Just out of hospital . . . x

  25. Good gravy Girl you make me giggle!! I love this and can't wait to see what your mystery post is eluding to and other good things to come!! Sometimes its fun to be a busy bee, isn't it. Lol

    And I'm so impressed how well you used apropos. ;)


  26. You CAN crochet my love, I saw it with my very own eyes!! Looking forward to your pictures. I just posted mine but rest your weary head my dear. Love Jo x

  27. Hope is all OK and your not away too long. Must have been great meeting those other bloggers and chatting in person. Thanks for the lovely flower pics. You take care.

  28. What a fun outing. Your flowers are looking lovely - isn't this a wonderful time of year?

  29. Glad good things are coming your way my friend and am so happy that you were able to meet up with other blogger for a day of fun!!! Happy week you!!! Nicole xo

  30. Ooh glad the blog meet up went well. Was this the Statford one? You really are reading us with this crochet business.... Minx.

  31. Hello Amy

    I'm so pleased the blog meet went well, and you had a lovely time.
    Your flower photos re stunning, and you have me guessing ?????

    The flower photo you liked are Bellis Daisy (Pompomnette)


  32. Don't keep us in suspense too long :-) xx

  33. Gorgeous flowers! I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :)

  34. yours flowers are absolutely beautiful!!

  35. Ha! Fab post - we will await your good news dear Amy xx p.s lovely pictures x

  36. Well all of this sounds super exciting. Meeting bloggers, and a big surprise.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.


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