Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Crocheted Cherry Brooch Tutorial and Giveaway

Do you remember that I recently went to meet a group of great bloggers?  Some of us made little gifts to give each other and I decided to make some Cherry Brooches to share.

It started out as a great idea.  I had two days to make one for everyone.  Simple yes...

Well simple yes in terms of making one of these brooches - I am going to show you how in just a moment - but simple in terms of making lots of them in just two days...

No, not so simple!  I did it though and everyone really seemed to like them.  If you can do basic crochet you can make one of these brooches, just don't try to make loads all at once in a rush!!

Here is my pattern and tutorial for making these brooches.  Follow down to the end for a giveaway to one lucky reader!


This is my pattern, although I am sure that there are many other patterns out there, this is what I worked out.  Full pattern, chart and details at the end of the post.  All terms are UK.  Please credit me if you use this pattern.

Make sure that you have a long tail when you start your foundation chain.  To make the leaves chain 19 then DC into second chain from hook - where my needle is.

Continue crocheting the rest of the first side of the first leaf.

Continue along until you have two half leaves.  Then chain one before starting along the second side of the leaf.  Tie off and leave a long tail.  Your leaves should look like the picture below with a tail at either end.

Take one tail - it doesn't matter which one - and thread onto your darning needle.  You then need to do a "running stitch" down the middle of the leaves.  When you get to the other end turn your work and sew the remainder of the tail into the back of the leaves as you would normally finish off any crochet work.

Repeat with the other tail filling in the spaces between the running stitches and again sew off the rest of the tail.  Your leaves should now look like this.

You then need to move on to making the cherries.  After all you need cherries for a cherry brooch!  Again, leave long tails at the start and end of each cherry.  Chain four, slip into first stitch making a ring.  Chain two then TR into ring 18 times.  You should then have the chain 2 and 18 TR's.  Slip into second stitch of the chain 2.  Tie off and leave a long tail.  Repeat so that you have two circles.

Then you need to close the hole up.  Thread the tail from the middle ring onto your needle and then work into the back of the TR stitches and keep working round, pulling gently as you go.

This will close the hole up.  You can see below one that has been sewn up and one that hasn't.

This is what the front looks like after sewing up.  After you have done this for both cherries, sew in the outside tail on ONE of the cherries only.

Thread the other cherries tail in to your needle and use this to sew the two cherries together, you can see where I have done this.  Make sure that they are secure, although they don't need a lot of stitches.  Sew in the rest of the tail.

Voila, a pair of cherries!

Then you need to make the stems.  Using the green yarn of course and again with long tails at the start and end of the stem.  Join at the point shown with the needle in the picture below and chain 8.

To join the stem to the leaves you then need to do a stitch over the middle point of the leaves - where I have shown.  Then work another 8 chains.

Join the chain to the other cherry at the corresponding, but opposite point.

Then thread on one tail and work up the stitches of the chain - this makes the stem a little sturdier.

When you reach the leaves, do a stitch through the edge of the leaf.  This just holds everything nicely together.  Thread through to the back of the leaves and sew in the rest of the tail.  Repeat for the other tail/stem.  Sew on your brooch pin.

Voila!  One Crocheted Cherry Brooch!!!

To make a brooch you will need the following:-

Yarn in two colours for the leaves (Yarn A) and the cherries (Yarn B).  I used Wendy Supreme 100% Cotton DK in shades 1965 and 1949

A brooch pin

A darning needle - this is really important, you will see why!

Crochet hook - 4mm

All terms are UK

This is no doubt a variation of other patterns out there, but this is what I worked out for myself.  You are welcome to use my pattern - of course - but please credit me for this.  There is a chart for the leaves and a full pattern.

To make leaves.  Using Yarn A, leave long tail, CH 19
DC into 2nd CH from hook
*Into each of next CHs work one stitch into each chain in this order, HTR, TR, DTR
Into next CH work 2 x DTR
Continue one stitch into one CH, DTR, TR, HTR*
DC into each of the next two stitches
Repeat from * to *
DC into remaining CH stitch
CH 1
Work back along the other side of foundation CH
DC, repeat from * to * DC into each of the next two stitches, repeat from * to * SL into end of CH
Tie off work, leave long tail.
Using tail running stich down middle of leaves, sew in on back of leaves.
Repeat using other tail and work into gaps of first row of running stitch.

To make cherries.  Using Yarn B,  leaving a long tail, CH 4, SL into first CH to make loop.  CH2, TR 18 times into ring.  SL into second CH.  Tie off work, leave long tail.

Sew up centre hole in each cherry using tail.  Sew in other tail on one cherry.  Using other tail sew cherries together.

To make stems for cherries.  Using Yarn A leave long tail, join into top middle TR of one cherry.  CH 8, SL into centre of leaves, CH 8, SL into top middle TR of other cherry.  Tie off work leaving a long tail.

Using one tail at a time thread between CH's of stem of one cherry, sew into edge of leaf.  Sew remainder of tail into back of leaves.  Repeat for other leaf. 

Sew on brooch back.

You may make as many brooches as you like from my pattern and give them away or sell them, but please credit me with the pattern and design.  You may not sell or reproduce my pattern.

This is how I wrapped the brooches to share with my fellow bloggers.

You can see some of them holding them up!

I hope that you will have fun making your own brooches, but in case you are not a crocheter, I have one brooch to give away to a lucky reader!

To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this post.  Entry will close at 7 am UK time on Wednesday 6th May 2105.  The winner will be announced the following day - 7th May 2015 which is Election Day in the UK!

There are a couple of rules - just to be fair to all - only one entry per person, you can only enter by leaving a comment on this post, the winning name will be drawn by me from my giant teacup and I would love it if you were a follower of my blog too.  Winner will have 7 days after draw is announced to get in touch to claim their brooch.  My contact details will be in the announcement post.


Good luck and happy crocheting!!



  1. Such beautiful crocheted cherries!
    I'm not familiar with English-language terms of crochet, but your photos are so good that they help enormously. One could almost try making the brooches with the help of the photos only.
    Love the green you have chosen for the leaves! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your pattern, Amy. It's beautiful. I'm going to pin it right now.

    I can crochet so please don't put my name out of the proverbial hat, thanks! Good luck to everyone else! :o)

  3. Very pretty Amy, and thank you for sharing the pattern. I might have to try making one when I get a spare few minutes!

  4. Not a 'crocheter' myself Amy but admire your skill at not only doing it but also making up such a pretty pattern too.

  5. "Everyone seemed to like them" We loved LOVED them. The leaf part is really clever good idea for pressies Jo x

  6. Thanks Amy - my sister used to have jeans in the 70s covered in crocheted emblems - might have to start a style revival myself and make one of these. Judy. X

  7. Such a cute brooch, I bet everyone was thrilled with their gift. How generous to offer one of these as a giveaway prize but please don't enter me as I can crochet.

  8. This is a lovely brooch - thanks for sharing the pattern. And I'd love to win your giveaway even though I could make one myself!

  9. those are adorable and your tutorial is really well written x

  10. I'm going to give it a go so don't enter me in the draw as I can crochet a bit! Thanks for the pattern Amy I'm sure it will be a fun make, I shall let you know how I got on. I think it might be my Saturday night project x

  11. Excellent tutorial, Amy!! And, such a pretty brooch! Thank you so much for the great pattern. I will let someone else enter for the giveaway... you have already given to me with this post! Thank you. blessings ~ tanna

  12. Ooh lovely, Amy, please do throw my name into the teacup! Thank you xx

  13. Hi, I've just come back to crochet after several years concentrating on embroidery. It's made a lovely change, and I can do it while watching TV! Blessings

  14. you are quite talented ! Love that it heralds spring time :)

  15. That's a fantastic little pattern Amy, thanks for sharing it. It will be perfect for making while sitting out in the gazebo. I'd love to be entered into your give away and I'm already a follower of your blog. Have a great day.

  16. Very Clever Amy -- your little brooches are adorable!!!

  17. Thank you for the pattern. An excellent tutorial, very clearly explained.

  18. Thanks for the pattern as a cricheter I'll do it easily so don't put my name in your giant teacup .... please and good luck to the others. Have a lovely day !

  19. Hello Amy,
    You made the cutest crochet cherry brooch! Your blog friends all look so happy with what you made them. Thank you for sharing the tutorial and pattern to make one.
    Julie xo

  20. This is soooo beautiful and I love crochet!
    About Judith say make me smile I embrodery my jeans in 70's and I love it, flowers, butterflies or fruits.
    Yours cherries llom lovely!!

  21. The cherry brooches are cute, but I REALLY love how you packaged them. That is adorable!

  22. Thanks for sharing Amy. What a pretty pattern, a lovely idea. It was nice to see the pictures of your meet-up too, it looked such fun! I am a follower via Blogger just quite new to commenting. I think I need to finish a few WIPs and get the crochet hook out! Barbara xx

  23. It's a sweet little brooch. Great tutorial. I'd love to have one of these cute things made by you and all the way from England!

  24. I love cherries and I have made cherry brooches before. Your tutorial is the clearest and most detailed I've seen so far so thanks so much for sharing it with us. Hope you're having a lovely week! X

  25. Thank you Amy for creating such a great tutorial and sharing your pattern. I can do some really basic crochet but it is all the details I am at a loss at. Thank you for the giveaway!

  26. Oooh Amy thanks for typing out that pattern, that cherry brooch is so cute ! I am definitely going to make one (or two, or three...) !!
    (so you don't have to include me in the giveaway, I'm a crocheter ;-))

  27. I think brooches, necklaces and bracelets are making a come back. I have been treating myself to some of these recently. Your cherries brooch is very eye-catching.

  28. Hey Amy,
    I've been wearing lots of different brooches on my cardis lately. I like to chop and change them. I would love to be included in your giveaway. As you know my crafting skills extend to admiring the skills of others....
    Leanne xx

  29. I love your brooch Amy, just perfect for the summer months. I'm going to give this a go. Have a lovely week my lovely xx

  30. Oh yay!! Me me me!!! Lol All of that crochet lingo may as well be a foreign language to me. However, someday I hope to learn what it's all about - I just need to make sure my scrapbooks are caught up first before I'll let myself take on a new craft. Ok, so maybe I'll never hold a crochet hook. :0)

    But I'll hope that I will learn one day! This brooch is so adorable! Wishing you sunshine dear Gal! xo

  31. That's a lovely brooch. I am just learning to crochet so I will give it a try. X

  32. So very precious. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  33. So cute! Your directions are very clear! I hope I win😊!

  34. What a cute gift to make as gifts!

  35. This little cherry brooch is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

  36. Count me in buddy! I love it and thank you for the wonderful tutorial.....I am a gal who needs photos!!! Thank you as well for the giveaway AMY!!! And now I am off to look at the gardens from yesterday......Take care friend and make it a great Thursday!! Nicole xoxoxo

  37. Ooh, thanks for the tutorial - I LOVE mine (thank you again) and am wearing it today as I'm teaching a crochet workshop at SMS this morning :-)
    I'll point my students in the direction of your blog if they'd like to make one too!
    Hugs xx

  38. Thank you so much for the detailed pattern, I'll try it out for sure and put it on my blog
    Thanks Jenny

  39. Hi Amy....
    Great pattern....I am no good at remembering what or how I make things!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Linda :o)

  40. You are so kind to share your cherry brooch pattern Amy :) Since I don't crochet, I'll happily place my name here to be entered in the give-away for a brooch made by you! This is a really cute idea. Wendy

  41. ! I would love to win this!! Put my name in your teacup and then...draw it! LOL. (Fingers crossed!)
    Thanks for the pattern, if my crazy work life gets any better maybe I can crochet again!

  42. Amy.. I am going to give this one a go.. I have a very special friend who's birthday is coming up soon and I know she would just love this! Thank you for sharing XXX Hazel x

  43. The pattern is a wonderful gift from you Amy. Count me in the giveaway.
    Thank you,

  44. I am absolutely not a crocheter, so that post seemed like some mystical language to me, but they are very cheerful creations!

  45. What a lovely brooch - it would look gorgeous on a summer jacket. I'd love to win yours even though I can crochet. x

  46. These are just darling, Amy! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  47. Amy darling thank you for posting and sharing your "recipe" I loved your brooch and wear it proudly....bestest Daisy aka Ashley to you! xxx

  48. Great tutorial, I thought I might give it a go to use as toppers for gifts a sort of gift within a gift.

  49. They are so sweet Amy I bet everyone loved getting a little handmade gift from you. You have made such a great pattern, your photos are very helpful thank you for sharing. :):)


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