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Mollie Makes Pretty Rose Cross Stitch

Because I am on my break right now I am revisiting some old posts - less typing!

Thank you all for your good wishes, my shoulder really is a lot better now, taking immediate action to rest it and not type was definitely the best decision.  Typing with one hand is tricky though!!  Thank you again, you are the best!

On with the old posts revisited...

My most viewed post is always this one.  I have no idea why it gets so many views, but it does.  Day after day, week after week.  The pictures have been pinned - you can find the pin here - and it comes up on search engines quite a bit.  I don't understand why!  I must be the only person who ever blogged about it.

This is the original post from September 2013.

Issue thirty of Mollie Makes included a Pretty Rose Cross Stitch kit.

Very enjoyable to sew and good instructions in the magazine, including a tutorial on cross stitch and very easy to follow diagram for the pattern.  I have not cross stitched in years (decades), but I really enjoyed this, and perhaps I will feel more inclined towards cross stitch in the future.

The idea was that you framed it in a small embroidery hoop to make a little picture.  I don't have one of those and not really anywhere to hang it up once it was done.  So, I decided to make it into something else.

There was lots of embroidery floss left over.

There was a small piece of lace included and a small piece of red and white spotted ribbon to add down the side of the cross stitch.  I liked the lace, but not the ribbon, so I added a small band of "half cross stitch" to hold on the lace.

Then I started to turn the piece into something else - can you guess what it will be?

First I added a border of red stitching to hold on the felt backing to give the impression of blanket stitch.

Followed by a row of green running stitch to add a little more colour and to reinforce the edge stitching.


Then came the stuffing - bet you know what it is now!

Then finally all sewed up.

Edges of the felt neatly cut with pinking shears.

Voila, one pin cushion.

To add to my mouse pin cushion.

And my flower basket pin cushion.

Not sure if I need three pin cushions, so I will keep the new one as a gift for someone.

Lots of fun to make though and much easier than my sardine fish which I made last month.  The fish are going strong still and look great hanging from my keys though!

Looking forward to the make from issue 31 of Mollie Makes - a little sausage dog!


Mollie Makes don't know I exist by the way, this is just a report of my crafting which I wanted to share.


  1. Three lovely pin cushions. These beat anything you can buy in a shop.

  2. Very beautiful indeed! My favourite is the mouse, never seen a pin cushion like this, so cute and original!
    Happy day dear Amy!

  3. Far too nice to stick pins in :)

  4. You are so skillful, Amy! The embroidered pin cushion is simply adorable!
    Have a good day! xx

  5. Love those pin cushions! Good to hear you're on the mend.

  6. Lovely, those three pin cushions, in the same colour tones !!
    I'm always envious of the UK Mollie Makes issues - you get far prettier gifts with the magazine than we do over here in Belgium !

  7. That really is a very pretty cross stitch pattern, Amy, and look what you did with it! No wonder it is so popular. Your pin cushions are lovely; I'd hate to show you mine, which are all tired and falling to pieces! xx

  8. Beautiful stitching patterns and pinkeeps!
    Hope you feel better very soon!

  9. What pretty pin cushions! I have a bit of a thing for pin cushions and have far too many.

  10. love. love. love. this Amy. I think my favorite part is the way you did that blanket stitch around the edge and then another row of stitching to frame it. Well done. And, nope, you cannot have to many of those cute pin cushions! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Lovely. I'm enjoying dabbling with cross stitch at the moment.

  12. Very cute! I love Mollie Makes. Now, rest.

  13. Beautiful little stitches there! :) xxx

  14. You are so talented, Amy....I love the colors in your new items.

  15. You did make a wonderful job of it, its a delight.

  16. Glad your shoulder is feeling better. Love your work, such pretty colors.

  17. Oh, I've been out of the loop for a few days..sorry to hear about your Booboo. Chocolate helps ,apparently.
    Jane x

  18. Keep resting up dear Gal! I love the roses on this (of course you know how I love roses anyway) wink wink Lol

    Love the other pin cushions too. xoxo

  19. Oh you clever clogs thinking of the cute, cute pincushion. Well done!!! Have you noticed how colour co-ordinated those three are? I must admit to having quite a few pincushions, but my favourite is still my hat I made and put on my blog way back in 2013. Not much of a break my dear, but do take care.

  20. I'm really sorry you're in such pain with your shoulder - I hope the rest does the trick and it heals soon. What a good idea, revisiting old posts! And isn't it fascinating, seeing what posts are most popular and trying to work out why. x

  21. I love your beautiful pin cushions! Your cross stitching is lovely! Take care!

  22. Amy, these are all adorable! You have such a steady hand! Please take care of your shoulder. I've been suffering from head/neck pain, most probably from poor posture while at the laptop!


  23. Well, I've not seen this post before Amy. You are so clever and can make almost anything. I love this pin cushion as well as the others you've made. They are all really sweet. I'm glad your shoulder is coming along. Continue to rest it. xx Pam

  24. Brilliant make with your cross stitch, a woman cant have too many pincushions. Much better a pin is in one that some skin finding it! I have loads of little kits from magazines and often think of starting them but then cant think what to do with them so this is a lovely idea. Love the sardines too...brilliant to stop you having to fish for your keys...sorry, couldn't resist!

    Hope your shoulder improves and you are getting some more comfortable movement back in it.
    Sending healing thoughts,
    RedSetter x

  25. Love that mouse buddy! All of your creations are so pretty! You are so creative miss Amy! So glad to hear that your shoulder is healing up! Wishing you a lovely Wednesday! Nicole xoxo

  26. Very pretty Amy, what a great idea. I'm sorry about your shoulder, I'm glad it is on the mend though, well done for getting a blog post out. Take care x

  27. You are so creative! I love it.
    Keep resting that shoulder!

  28. I can see why this is a popular post, it's adorable and it looks like you had lots of fun making it.

  29. I'm sorry to hear you've hurt your shoulder. Hope it's on the mend and you're feeling much better now. I have this same kit from Mollie Makes. I've opened it but haven't made it yet. I think it's a great idea to make something different from it, like your pin cushion. I might so the same. X

  30. So sorry to hear you are suffering with your shoulder, Hope it heals well. I love the little cross stitch pin cushion. It will make a lovely gift for someone. Bee xx


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