Monday, 16 February 2015

A bit of this - and that?

Jo from Through The Keyhole recently awarded me a Liebster Award and I accepted, because I liked her questions for me to answer.  Plus Jo is such a lovely person!  Also, it is very nice to be awarded something and to accept with good grace isn't it.

Thank you Jo for the nomination, so very kind of you! 

As you know, I am not the greatest at accepting awards.  Not because I don't appreciate the fact that the award has been given, but because I am rubbish at the whole passing them on bit.  I am a rubbish decision maker.

So as I always do, I am not passing this on to anyone specifically, but I invite you all to either answer Jo's questions yourself - because they are such good questions! - or to tell us 11 random things about yourself.  Let me know in the comments if you have taken part and I will make sure to stop by and read what you have to share.

Here are my answers to Jo's questions.

1) If your house was on fire, what one thing, other than family members and pets, would you save?

Photographs, my laptop and camera are pretty much a given for most of us I think, so other than that I would probably be very keen to save all of my crochet blankets.  It is the kind of thing that I try not to think about though!

2) What, other than your children, is your greatest achievement?

As I shared recently, we don't have any children, and I think therefore for me that my greatest achievement is building our life, getting on and moving on from not being able to have any.

3) What would be your dream job and is it a job you do or have done?

I don't know what my dream job is, never have known.  However, working as a Tour Guide at Basildon Park is certainly a most excellent thing to do and I really do enjoy it. Whether or not it is my dream job I cannot say, but it is pretty darn good!

4) What is your dream holiday destination?

Simples.  Did you see my post last week about Lake Tahoe...  Need I say more!

5) If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you bought?

Last year there was the most gorgeous blanket in Simply Crochet, I think designed by Nicki Trench, it uses Rooster Almerino yarn.  I priced it up, it would be about £300 pounds I think for the yarn.  Now, it is a beautiful blanket, and no doubt the yarn is beautiful too.  Way way way beyond my price range though, so if I won a lot on the lottery buying that yarn would certainly be on my list for consideration!

6) Name your top three films of all time.

I used to answer what is your favourite film without thinking as Muriels Wedding, but seeing as how I just struggled to remember what that was called, it obviously isn't really my favourite otherwise I would have remembered it!  It is a good film though!  Last month we saw Paddington and that was excellent.  I also love Out of Africa.  I cannot really say what my favourite is though.  I would recommend seeing Paddington, it is so good and if you have never seen it and get the chance Out of Africa is very well worth watching.  Especially if you find Robert Redford - younger and better looking then! - attractive!

7) If you could have a conversation with a famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Recently I played the "who would you invite for your dream dinner party" game.  I had a whole list of people - and was I think accused of wanting to invite more people than the rules of game allowed - so to narrow down to just one person would be beyond me!  As I think I have said before though, what I really need is a really good gardener to come round and give me some gardening advice!

8) What is your earliest childhood memory?

Too many to say!  I actually remember quite a lot of my childhood for some reason.  No idea why though.  If I ever do write a book perhaps I will detail my memories then!

9) What is your favourite season and why?

Autumn.  Cooler weather than summer, we tend to take our holiday then and there is still the joy of summertime to enjoy and fun of Christmas yet to come.  Plus there are pumpkins!

10) What made you decide to start a blog?

I started my blog because I was told not to.  I am rubbish at doing what I am told and tend to do the exact opposite!  I had been reading blogs for a while and wanted to join in - and look where it has lead me - all that crocheting!!

11) What would you like the future to hold for you?

More of the same really.  Overall I haven't had a bad life.  Ups and downs, but don't we all.  If the rest yet to come followed the same pattern as has already gone it wouldn't be so terrible!

I hope that you will join in.  I look forward to reading your answers to Jo's questions!  Thank you again Jo for the prompts and the award.



  1. Lovely photos Amy and great to find out more about you! I love Autumn too and being a tour guide at Basildon Park must be a fabulous job!. Very well done for the Liebster award! Have a lovely week xx

  2. I love reading these sorts of posts, a lovely insight into some of the things you enjoy. Basildon Park always looks like such an amazing place to work, it must be wonderful to be familiar with somewhere so beautiful. I love the picture of your garden, you're doing pretty well without the help of a garden expert! CJ xx

  3. Like CJ I enjoy these sorts of posts too! It's a lovely way to find out more of each other. x

  4. Hard lot of questions, but I like your answers. I once did 10 random things about me and found it was a long and trying process. Jo has nominated me too, and did once before, but I was too new to blogging and couldn't work how it was done. This time I'm going to do it properly, I hope. Thanks for telling us a little more about yourself and take care.

  5. Great post my dear, I loved all your answers xx

  6. Lovely post - interesting questions ánd answers !!

  7. Thank you for joining in, and for the lovely things you said about me. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions and I'm so pleased that someone told you not to start a blog, just think, we may never have got to know you if they hadn't, I'm very glad that you don't do as you're told.

  8. Someone awarded me one the other day and I'm really not sure what to do about it. I feel if your going to award some one somthing you should not have to answer a load of questions to get it. the award should be given in it's own right for a blog people like & appreciate

  9. I ,for one, am very glad you decided to write a blog!
    Jane x

  10. Good questions and great to read your answers. Might store that one up for a future post!

  11. What lovely answers, certainly food for thought. I love Pumkins as well x

  12. Jo also gave me the award this time but I was unsure whether to accept or not as I've already done it twice. Nice to read your answers.

  13. Amy, this was a a great post, loved learning more about you.

  14. It's so lovely to read and learn more about you Amy. The questions are always difficult to answer aren't they xx

  15. Loved your answers, Amy....Out of Africa is also a favorite of mine. Beautiful picture of Tahoe, one of the places I have not visited. So happy you are content with life as is!

  16. Enjoyed reading your answers, thought it was funny you'd like gardening advice when I'm calling to hubby to show him your picture, saying wish our scruffy plot looked more like yours xx

  17. Great questions - and answers! And now we know a little more about you.

  18. I loved reading your answers Amy and seeing how similar we are in many of our "tastes" in things! Lol
    Hope you have a wonderful week. xoxo

  19. I always enjoy reading these posts - an easy way to be nosy! x

  20. Great answers Amy....aren't these things tough when you think about them! I always find it hard to commit to just one response and have a dozen answers in my head! I enjoyed learning more about you. Xx

  21. It's so much fun to get to know you a bit better....and love seeing how many of the same things we like/enjoy! (And if you find that gardener willing to tackle your yard.....would you please him/her over to my house, too!!!!)

  22. What a fun read, it's always nice to get to know someone better. I ***LOVE*** Muriel's Wedding! It's one of my favorite movies too!

  23. Fun reading. I don't know what my favourite movie would be - definitely a chick flick though.

  24. I love reading posts like this! My dream job would probably involve getting very close to George Clooney!!

  25. I like your answers, especially the "I did it because somebody told me not to" one!

    And is the blanket you priced up called Summer Blooms? I was looking at that one, and thinking of making the pattern but in Stylecraft Special DK not Rooster Almerino, because I don't know where I'd get Almerino and whether I'd like it......
    And at the price you say it would cost, I think that's a very wise decision. Ouch.

  26. I do like to know more about blogging friends and I enjoyed your honest answers - they do take some thinking about don't they.

  27. I love posts like this - it's a good way to learn more about you! :o)

  28. Questions ...... and answers ....... do take time, so well done.

    All the best Jan

  29. Lovely post with more about you and your likes. There were so many great movies, it's difficult to pick one. Dream vacation would be Italy and we hope yo visit there in the future.

  30. Lovely post, so nice to learn more about you!!

  31. Hi Amy....
    Great award....for a great gal....
    Linda :o)


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