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First review

Before I start, I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your kind and lovely comments on my ripple blanket yesterday, and all of your other kind and lovely comments too.  Since just before Christmas, I have once again been trying to reply to those comments that are "replayable" but I am just running out of time - again - plus I still can't reply to the no reply bloggers.

So I wanted to say a really big, collective, THANK YOU all again for your loveliness, I really do appreciate your comments and am so thankful, I just don't have enough hours in the day to reply to you all individually.  I hope that I stop by most all, if not all, of your blogs to visit though!  If I'm not stopping by, leave a comment to remind me!

On with the post...


After writing about reading my books, I am pleased to report that I have finished the first one.  I am not that fast a reader really though because I was already half way through it last week.

The first completed book is Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella.  It is the seventh book in the Shopaholic Series.  The series follows the life and adventures of Becky Brandon.  She is, of course, a shopaholic and a fashonista, wife and mother.  Becky is also very hapless and if an accident or incident can befall her, you can be guaranteed that it will.  She is a very honest and loving person, who trusts far too easily and that is often the cause of her problems.  Overall, she is a likeable character, but very ditsy!  Becky is at heart a kind person though.  I like kind people!

This story really was very far fetched.  The first four books were of course fantasy, but they had a basis of reality.  The last few have been getting more and more fantastical and unrealistic in my view.  In fact, this book was nothing like the last six have been.  I found the storyline to be silly and impossible, with no real thread and did not, for me, bear any resemblance to any of the previous books.  If this has been written by a different person, I would not be surprised at all.

The ending is not satisfactory.  Usually these stories finish up with everything being neatly tied up and all the problems resolved.  I don't always expect books to have a happy ending, but I do expect them to have an ending.  I felt as though the last chapter was somehow missing from this one.  It just stopped.

Overall, I would say that I am glad this book is finished.  It is the first one off the pile of books to be read.  I am really sad though that I didn't enjoy it more and that I think I have read the last of these books, despite the promise at the end that Becky will be back.  For me, I think that Becky needs to settle down and get some reality in her life!

If you like these books, you will no doubt enjoy this one, but I would not recommend this as the first one for you to pick up and read.  Probably because I am older and wiser my views on these stories have changed!  I would imagine they would be great for an older teen/young adult who is looking to move on from childrens stories and younger fiction.  There is nothing nasty in these books, just a bit of daftness.

So that is my review.  Not bad, but not good either.  One down, a whole load still to go!  I keep picking up The Diary of a Provincial Lady, but I am holding off, although the glimpses that I have read have delighted me!  I have moved on to an Agatha Christie.  It is a series of short stories, so I think I will save that one for bedtime and read something more long winded during the day time.

What are you reading right now?



  1. I just finished reading Daughter by Jane Shemilt.Jenny is a GP, her husband Ted is a neurologist. They have 3 adolescent children, two sons and one daughter. One night, daughter Naomi does not return home and the novel follows what how this fractures the rest of the family and the secrets they hold. The story is told from Jenny's point of view, and as she is plunged into every mother's worst nightmare, we see her trying to piece together the clues she missed in the lead up to Naomi's disappearance. It is soon revealed that she did not know her daughter at all, and their family is far from perfect.
    Its a good read. I am a very fast reader last year I read 340 books ,I'm rather pleased with that. After tripping over my books hubbie finally suggested a kindle .I was so upset. I am a lover of the feel and smell of a book in my hand I hated the idea of a digital book but my goodness I cant live without it. Do you have a kindle?

  2. I'm not into any particular book at the moment....too busy to take the time to read. But I'll for sure not put this one on my list! Thanks for the tips.

  3. I am having a good sort out at the moment, so am browsing magazines. Reading will resume shortly.

  4. I've got a couple of books ready to start (xmas presents from hubby) by Damien Lewis, War Dog and Judy, which are both real stories of dogs in wartime and the people who looked after/owned them. I'm also reading Emma by Charlotte Bronte.

  5. I'm re-reading the Lindsey Davis Roman whodunnit series with her wonderful hero, Marcus Didius Falco. These books are real comfort-reading for me and just the thing to curl up with when I don't have another book on the go. My husband has just finished Ben Elton's latest - Time and Time Again - which he absolutely loved, so that's probably going to be my next read xx

  6. I stopped reading the Shopaholics one or two books ago, I definitely think they've run their course now. Have you read The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, I really enjoyed that. I've just read the latest in the Nightingale series by Donna Douglas, I really enjoy these books set in a hospital in the 1930's.

  7. I read the first few of these books, but I think I got a bit bored with the characters. An easy read, but not much more than that to me in the end. I'm enjoying reading Jo Jo Moyes books at the moment. x

  8. I think you are good to have read it to the end. If a book doesn't grab me completely I'm afraid I abandon it even if I'm half way through. I wonder what that say's of me?
    On the other hand, Tom will stick at it like you have done and finish the book not matter what.
    What's the next book in line?

  9. Always good to know ahead of time when picking out and deciding what to read! And I am currently reading Cheryl strays memoir called Wild.....very intense and intriguing and moving. I would recommend it for sure! Happy day sweet buddy! The new screen for my computer is 321 dollars.... Just waiting for it to come in now so they can fix it! Nicole xo

  10. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for sharing the book review and well done for reading it to the end.
    At the moment I am reading Paris Letters which I am enjoying and will review that.
    Love the ripple blanket too and so much work and you must be glad to have finished it.
    Happy weekend

  11. I read the first book, but didn't really enjoy it .At the moment I am reading Extraordinary People by Peter May, which I am enjoying.

  12. I have never read any of the Classics! So am rectifying this. It was A Christmas Carol over the festive season, and now am thoroughly enjoying The Secret Garden!! All on my Kindle because I can read in bed then, without the light on, which Hubby moans at, but I do prefer a 'proper' book!!

  13. You have more patience than me Amy if I don't like a book I stop reading it, so thank you for your review I will give this book a wide berth. :) xx

  14. Well done on persisting! Have you found that quite a few authors are really good at the beginning then they get samey and the plot is weak or repeating? I have it is really disappointing is it them or the publishers wantin g to have more of the same formula for sales?
    I am reading a lot of the classics on my kindle, downloading them free from Feedbooks, even the one you pay for as cheap as. I am reading The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle.

  15. I remember reading the first Shopaholic book when it came out years ago. I thought it was cute. I had no idea there were so many sequels written. I'm glad you've enjoyed it, there's nothing like having a good book to read.

  16. Sorry, I was distracted writing the previous comment (imagine me, distracted!), and what I meant to say was that I was glad you found something to enjoy in the book, even though it wasn't great. Duh. :)

  17. Well done for making it to the end, I've still not finished my first book from my list of 40 reads, really need to get on wth it. Have a good weekend
    Clare x

  18. I am reading a delicious book titled, Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me by Karen Swallow Prior. Are you on Goodreads?

  19. Hello Amy!
    It was interesting to hear that you found this book very different from the others. Hmm. I don't think I will read it.
    I loved the first ones. Even my husband found funny Becky's excuses for shopping, when I was reading some passages to him. :) When reading the first book, I was impressed to see a letter written in Finnish (do you remember it?), without a single (printing) mistake.
    Kinsella's writing is very enjoyable. It's a pity that the stories became ever more unrealistic. And it's a pity that the film adaptation was appalling.
    Thank you for the interesting review!


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