Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Wonder of Christmas - A Christmas Tale

"Snow is falling all around me, people playing having fun"...  the radio played happily to itself while I went about my business and I was glad to hear the seasonal tunes playing away.  Somehow it just made everything seem right.

This year would be different, certainly for me.  So many visitors coming to celebrate the day.  I spent a few moments thinking about the guests.

Doreen, a wonderful lady.  She sews and knits for others all day long, making things for charity.  Although she can't get out and about much she does lots from her own home and loves it when people come to collect her crafty charitable donations.

William and James.  Brothers who have lived together all their lives.  Neither married and I don't think that they have ever done anything without the other.  They worked together all their lives and still do.

Emily, so very kind.  No one ever wants for a friend or helping hand if they know Emily.  She will be there for you no matter what time of day or year it is.  You need your pet feeding because you are away from home, Emily will be there, need a parcel taking in, Emily, need help with more than that, Emily.  A true friend to all.

Frank.  Not someone who is so easy to know.  He is incredibly shy and doesn't get to know new people very easily.  Building a relationship with Frank is hard, but well worth it in the end.  He is a fascinating man with so many interesting stories to share.

Katie.  So young and bright and breezy.  Nothing seems to get her down and she breezes through life.  It isn't really like that though as she has a lot of challenges to face.  You would never know though from the way that she is and the way that she cares more about others than herself.

Me.  Mary Anne.   Just little me.  I don't consider myself to be anything special at all really.

As the newsreader on the radio started read the 9 o'clock news I realised that I should get on and run through my list of things to do for tomorrow one last time.  Gosh yes, tomorrow, so nearly here.

Of course though, it is too late to do anything if I have missed something now!

Turkey.  Yes.  Bought, prepared and in the fridge waiting to be cooked.

Veggies.  Yes, Bought, prepared and yes, in the fridge waiting to be cooked.

Ditto pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, cranberry sauce, bread sauce and gravy.

Christmas pudding and cake, I better put the cake on the stand and get the pudding out ready to be steamed tomorrow.  Oh and the mince pies need to be taken out of the freezer ready to be warmed up tomorrow.

Table is all laid, I just need to add the flowers tomorrow and the crackers.  I better get those out tonight so I don't forget them.

William is bringing the wine so no need to worry about that.

As I ticked off my mental list it was satisfying to know that all was ready and in order.

Time to go and sit with a biscuit and a cup of tea and then later on it would be time for church.

The service was beautiful, so many people singing, and sharing the first communion of Christmas together.  I really do enjoy Midnight Mass so much.  Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.

As I left the church I said Merry Christmas to many friends and breathed in the cold night air.  There seemed to be a frost in the air, but still no snow.  I noticed the two flower ladies Cathy and Angela talking and I called out Merry Christmas to them and gave them a wave.

There was nothing more to do, other than make my way home, I am really looking forward to the celebrations of Christmas this year!


As she drove home, Mary Anne didn't hear the conversation between Cathy and Angela.

"Did you see Mary Anne just then?" Cathy asked her friend Angela.

"No.  Why?"  Angela replied.

"She is grinning like a Cheshire cat, waving, wishing us Merry Christmas.  I thought that she would be sad this Christmas.  The first year on her own.  No husband, the children overseas.  She hasn't been invited anywhere for Christmas you know.  I suppose she is spending the day home alone.  It would seem only decent after all.  Simon only died 6 weeks ago." 

"Decent!  You are crazy.  She hasn't been invited anywhere because she is celebrating at home.  She has invited all the people from the village who don't have family to go to and they are having a celebration all together.  It will be wonderful.  Instead of sitting home, alone and sad she is opening up her home to others to share with and to bring joy and love to their lives."  Angela admonished Cathy with annoyance in her voice and yet admiration for Mary Anne at the same time.


"Yes, Oh.  Instead of being down and gloomy she is taking the opportunity to share some joy with others who may not be so fortunate and for your information she is off on Boxing Day to see her children, she decided not to go before Christmas because she wanted to entertain her friends."  Angela was very cross with Cathy now for making assumptions that she had no business to be making.

"Oh.  I am so sorry that I judged her.  Mary Anne really is an amazing person isn't she."  Cathy said apologetically to Angela.  She felt rather ashamed with herself.

"Yes, amazing and wonderful and I am glad to call her my friend, someone who will open their heart and their home at this time of year to those who are sad and alone deserves to be called a great friend indeed."  Angela was so proud of Mary Anne and the way she had opened her home and her heart as she wished to bring goodness to all at Christmas Time.

Merry Christmas.


Last year I shared a fictional Christmas Tale called Just Imagine with you, so I thought you might like another one this year!  Remember they are just fiction!!


This is a work of fiction of my own writing, copyright is mine December 2014


  1. Very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your story. Do you ever get your work published?

  2. Beautiful writing - you are very talented. :) x

  3. That's a really lovely tale, Amy. Thoughtful, sensitive, poignant and seasonal - and perhaps also a reminder of how people should be all year round, not just at Christmas and the turning of the year. Thank you.

  4. A lovely story Amy, with a beautiful message. Thank you for sharing it. CJ xx

  5. Well done, I thought it was a bit early for Christmas Dinner. Nice story

  6. Wonderful story, Amy. Heart-warming. :o)

  7. Hi Amy, What a great Christmas Tale, really gets you thinking, thanks for sharing as alwaysxx

  8. Beautiful little tale! It gave me chills and made me smile.

  9. A work of fiction, but it's good to remember that there are those amongst us who don't have family or friends to share Christmas with, and those who go out of their way to make other people's Christmas special.

  10. I feel a short story competition coming on.... :o) xx

  11. Absolutely love it!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jane x

  12. You build a lovely picture of the people in your tale, very impressive!

  13. Dear Amy, this is such a beautiful short story. I really enjoyed reading it and learning of all the special dinner guests to Mary Ann's table at Christmas. You have quite a gift of writing. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. Blessings. Pamela

  14. Hi, Amy, enjoyed your story. We are all so guilty of making assumptions about folks without knowing the true story. This is a perfect example, and good for Mary Jane!

  15. This is awesome Amy!!! You had me with each and every word! I really think you ought to write a novel! You pull me in with your characters right away! A great lesson to be learned here as well! Sorry I have been behind in reading...the Christmas season is catching up to me and I have more shopping to do!! Have a lovely week friend! Nicole xo

  16. This is a heartwarming Christmas tale, Amy... And a good lesson in what Christmas really is about...

  17. A heart warming story, which no doubt is a true tale - somewhere! Very enjoyable. X

  18. I love it! How nice, and warm, and sweet, and GOOD!

  19. Lovely story Amy! You're a very talented writer and I love the heartwarming feel of the message in the story.
    Thanks so much for sharing!! xo

  20. A lovely heartwarming, seasonal story, Amy with a good moral lesson in not making assumptions about people too:)

  21. What a beautiful story, I really enjoyed it :) xxx

  22. What a nice story. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Lovely Amy and I admire you, to share your story online with us. I must show this one to my daughter as she also writes and has had a few short stories published in a fiction magazine. Have you ever had any published, although I suppose this is what you call "published" as it there for us all to see. Well done and take care.

  24. Thank you Amy I enjoyed that very much. :) xx

  25. Thanks for sharing your story, Amy xx

  26. A lovely Christmas tale, with very natural flowing dialogue and a wonderful message.


  27. This is a lovely story and actually my friend Lynda who just lost her husband this year did this very thing for Thanksgiving.

  28. I enjoyed this Amy - it put me in the Christmas spirit - well written.

  29. Beautiful story, Thank you for sharing.

  30. Lovely Christmas tale thank you for writing them! Sarah x

  31. Hi Amy! Just wanted to say, I enjoyed reading your story! :)
    Ingrid xx

  32. I enjoyed your story. Visited here from Lorna's blog. :-)

  33. What a lovely story thank you....

  34. I love the story Amy and I love the idea of writing a short Christmas tale every year...beautiful x


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