Friday, 12 December 2014

Five on Friday

Today is the second week that I am joining with fellow bloggers to share Five on Friday posts.  A different group of bloggers will be sharing posts each week and you can see at the bottom of this post who else is joining in this week.  Please do go and visit their first Five on Friday posts and leave them a comment.  There is a list of who else will be joining in over the coming weeks on the About Five on Friday page, you can find the link to at the top of my sidebar.

I am really excited about this venture, although I never expected that so many bloggers would want to join in.  As there are so many of us we are going to do posts each week in December and then we might change the format in January.  So if you would like to join in, please drop me an e-mail and I will get back to you.


Welcome also to new visitors and readers and commenters, you are all so very welcome and it is lovely to hear from you and to know that you are there.  Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments in the last week, especially those on my Christmas Tale.  It has been wonderful to hear from so many of you.  I am sorry that I am rather behind in replying to e-mails and comments and reading and commenting on your blogs.  I am, as we all are at this time of year, rather occupied with Christmas preparations and other things going on.  I am here though, I read and love and appreciate your comments and I am getting through the e-mails and am visiting your blogs as much as I can, so please bear with me.


I wanted to start off by saying that I have collected all of my Christmassy things, books, decorations, music, DVD's and so on over many years and actually decades.  I keep pretty much everything from one year to the next.  It has been said in the past by some people - in real life, never in blogland! - that I have too much Christmas "stuff" and I admit, I have a lot, but it has been acquired at the rate of just a few things a year.  This year I have added one CD, the Christmas decorations that I showed you last week and some new twigs to go by the front door.  Not a lot really!

Oh, and I did buy some chocolate - just for blogging research you understand...

So, on with the post!  Today is actually a few more than five things!  Ooops, cheating a bit there.  You will see why though as I go on. 

Christmas films are one of my favourite things.  I have been watching the Christmas films that I have recorded from afternoon TV and mostly enjoying them.  Some of them are so daft that I have skipped through them, but they are nice in the background when I am reading blogs or crafting.  For more serious Christmas film watching though I turn to my Christmas DVD collection.

Here are some favourites.

Christmas with the Kranks.  A classic in my opinion that is underestimated and not shown nearly enough on TV.  If you remember Tim Allen from years ago on Home Improvement you will love this film.  If you like a good, fun, pleasant Christmas film you will love this.  It has a lot of laughs and is great fun.

Otherwise, I turn to Home Alone, and the sequel.  I also absolutely adore Miracle on 34th Street, the original version and the updated one with Richard Attenborough.  I will definitely make time to watch all of these over Christmas.

I also love Christmas books.  I don't have many, although I tend to pick up a few Christmas novels and read those at this time of year too.  I have various books that I like to flick through each year.  'Twas the night before Christmas is a favourite, as is this anthology called Fill My Stocking by Alan Titchmarsh.  They are both good clean fun.

My favourite though is this little book called American Country Christmas with pictures and poems.  It was bought back from America for me I am guessing 25 years ago as a gift - I looked and it was published in 1989!  It is, to me, what the quintessential Christmas really is in decorating terms.  I have never decorated like this, but I would if I had the right house!

This page below is my favourite of all, I love these arrangements.  I don't know if anyone still does them, but I would if I knew how and had the space - and the fruit!!  Do you notice the pineapples?  Long time readers will know about me and pineapples!!

Christmas music - are you sensing a theme here! - is another seasonal favourite for me.  Mostly played in the car, at loud volume and sung along to very loudly.  I prefer carols really.  As you can see I have several CD's of carols!  My new favourite for this year is the Downton Abbey Christmas CD.  It has some wonderful pieces and a really lovely reading of 'Twas the night before Christmas by Carson the Butler.

So, what else do I need for a good Christmas.  Chocolate.  Yes, I am afraid that I must have chocolate.  These truffley balls and a chocolate orange do it for me!  Oh, and some chocolate coins and a few tree decorations too!  (I am of course pretending that these were bought solely so that I could photograph them to show you!  I mean, why on earth would I have two packets of chocolate balls otherwise!!)

Finally of course there must be decorations.  I am keeping these for another post next week, but I do have a sneaky peek for you now of the mantel.  It needs more work, I am not happy with it yet, but that will come!!

What things do you enjoy at Christmas?


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Yes, I do have a chronic need to explain myself and apologise for being on the planet.  I am working on it and believe it or not I am getting better!!  Sorry!


  1. That's a lot of christmas movies, Amy... :-)
    It is the one thing I don't have here - maybe because every year TV stations here give endless reruns of those movies (lucky me !)
    I do need to look for that Downton Abby CD ! I hope it is sold here - probably, since that series is also soooo popular in Belgium...

  2. Hey Amy what a lovely post! Some of my favourites there and some new ones to explore :) I think Home Alone is my favourite film, but I do love Elf as well! Also a BIG fan of Lindt Lindor ;) Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all your xmassy things xx

  3. Wow, impressive hoard of Christmas films, we used to have loads when the girls were around but they were on video and we don't have a video player anymore. I love a Christmas book they have become part of the Christmas display.

  4. The Lindor chocolate is one of my favourites! :)
    And I bought that CD too for this year. I didn't think I added to my Christmas collection much, but when I think about it, I do. Each year there's a few extra bits added. Have a fun weekend. x

  5. Is it five of you or five photos cos you cheeded if it is. Nice collection if noot to my taste

  6. Lovely, Christmas with you looks cosy and delicious. One of my favourite Christmas things is to go to the beach on Boxing Day and let all of the Christmas stuffiness blow away in the cold wind. All of that sky and space is wonderful. I watch the early winter sunset and then we go home to a deliciously warm house, quite refreshed. CJ xx

  7. Amy, I can't believe how much we like the seem things, Christmas with the Kranks is a firm favourite in our house followed by home alone, Me and pickle watched on the weekend. Thanks for sharing as everxx

  8. Hello Amy, what a lovely Christmassy post. Good old films and nice chocolate always works! Like you I am also miles behind on commenting.But it is this time of year! Hope you enjoy yourself! Anna x

  9. Those milk chocolate Lindt truffles are Eleanor's favourites, she may just find some of those amongst her presents this year. Your American book looks wonderful, I bet there's some fabulous tips for decorating in there.

  10. A lovely post, Amy! Full to the brim with Christmas delights. I've never seen 'Christmas with the Kranks' so I'll be looking out for that one this year. Enjoy your films and books and music over the next few weeks. I will be doing the same as I absolutely love this time of year too xxx

  11. Hello Amy

    A brilliant Christmas post, my favourite is the Lindor Chocolate.
    Watching films or listenting to Christmas music , whilst eating chocolate is just utter bliss.


  12. Hi Amy, I love your Christmassy post! We have a bunch of old Christmas movies in our house but not nearly as extensive as yours. Our old standby is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We even watch it in the summer! I loved the pictures from your decorating book. I've tried to use fruits in my outdoor decorating but the squirrels steel them or eat them! Thankfully we have all that faux fruit available now. Thank you for setting up the Five on Friday groups. I'm enjoying visiting everyone's blogs.

  13. Oh, lots of lovely festive things in your post, Amy. I have a couple of the same films which I like to watch around Christmas 'Love Actually' and 'The Holiday' - also have to watch 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' evey year. I like the look of the Downton Abbey CD:)

  14. We watched 'The Christmas Candle' and enjoyed it MUCH more than we thought we would.
    The Santa Clause was made very close by to where we used to live. The scene where Santa falls off the roof was filmed in May..we visited the street when the filming was taking place.Snow scenes in May looked really weird...,we were heading to the beach with an ice cream! if you look closely at the movie you'll see the fake snow fabric on the roof ruffle up when Santa take a tumble.
    Jane x

  15. WOW! You really DO celebrate Christmas!!!! LOL

    Enjoy your films. AND .........Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Love all your collections, Amy. And why not keep them, if you like them. Some good reminders of books and videos for Christmas. I just have to find a little extra time somewhere.

  17. Lovely post, goodness that is a large selection of Christmas DVDs.

  18. That last sentiment describes me perfectly too :)
    I really must work on building up my Christmas DVD collection. My mum loved Miracle on 34th Street - I've never actually seen it.
    Glad you're enjoying the build-up to Christmas. I love it too.
    S x

  19. Oh, lots of happy Christmas treats here! I'm going to check out that Downton Abbey Christmas right now!
    I do so like Love Actually and The Holiday!
    Happy pre-Christmas to you, Amy! (Oh! And Little Women, too!)

  20. You must look forward every year to bringing out your Christmas collection! I've never watched Christmas With the Kranks, so I'll have to give that a try. I am, however, well acquainted with the chocolates in your picture. :-)

  21. Ours boy would watch all the Home Alones with you :o) Chocolate, definitely xx

  22. I thought I was bad collecting Christmas things but you beat me! I don't throw out Christmas magazines and have some going back years. Pleased that I've added to your collection this year!

  23. I definitely approve of your chocolate research!! Good selection of Christmas movies. I always play a Celtic Christmas CD as I decorate the tree. Yesterday a new book of Christmas Carols for the piano came in and I can't wait to play them.

  24. Love your five Amy and thanks for the recommendations, I now need to watch Christmas with the Kranks and I must check out the Downton Abbey cd. have a great weekend. :) xxxx

  25. That's Christmas all done in one blog post : )) Chocolate, a syrupy film and some classy decorations-perfect x

  26. Lovely Amy and although I've not any Xmas DVD's, I do have CD's and old vynils which I play. My favourite book about Xmas is of course Twas the Night Before Christmas and I'll show my copy which I got as a child on a post today. It is just a "bit" tatty, but I still love the copy which I got in the early 50's. Chocolate, yummy, but I shouldn't eat it, but I do have little bits of dark occasionally. Hope you have a lovely weekend and take care.

  27. You really do love Christmas don't you. My favourite film to watch at this time of year is It's a Wonderful Life - I never tire of it. And the CD is Tijuana Christmas - we used to play it all the time when I lived at home - it really puts me in the mood for Christmas.

  28. I was thinking the other day that we have an awful lot of Christmas "stuff" but that's the way we like it - or at least the way *I* like it and hubby goes along with it because it's easier that way! LOL

    I have to agree with you about both Miracle films. I need to dig them out and watch them. Oh, and White Christmas. Oh, and ... I could go on and on ... but I won't! :oD

  29. I like your Christmassy five (or six) on Friday. I am taking time to enjoy the little things about Christmas this year like baking and making cards with my girls....Wishing you a lovely weekend! x

  30. i love this movie too. people that don't want to be like all the world, just wanna be different!!!
    Love actually is one of my favourite. It was on TV last week!
    and chocolate Orange hmmmmm love it.
    Well a good friday for me!!

  31. Is that your box of Christmas DVDs??!?!?!? Oh my gosh, you are super Christmas fan aren't you and here's me thinking that my one Elf DVD made me a Christmas fan :) I just watched the last Downton Abbey today, can't wait for the Christmas Day episode and am thinking of getting that CD too!! I love this time of year xxx

  32. I did visit on Friday and left a message, but it didn't go through. It seems we enjoy some of the same movies, and I too like looking at Christmas decorating in those magazines and books. My family has banned me from buying any more decorations a few years ago, and I try to get rid of some each year (it's a storage space issue!). Wendy x


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