Sunday, 16 November 2014


Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post.  I will do a post, probably either on Monday or Tuesday about the Christmas card swap.  I will also contact those of you who expressed an interest in the Five on Friday posts.  Thank you so much for your interest in these things and for wanting to join in.  For me, these are the sorts of things that blogging is all about.

I did mention in my last post that I had received a comment that I found to be vile and therefore I did not publish it.

I wish to clarify that this was a very rare exception.  I always publish comments, whether I agree with them or not.  There is an exception to this however, in that I never publish comments that are abusive to me or anyone else or if it contains vile language.  That is one of the reasons that I moderate comments.  I also do not publish comments that are either purely promotional - I get a lot from fence companies for some reason! - and those that are incomprehensible.

Just because I don't agree with a comment does not mean that I will not post it.  If however the comment is abusive or contains vile language I will not publish it.

The comment that I mentioned receiving was about the abuse of women from one particular section of society.  I think that others also received this comment and if you did, you will know what I mean and the reasons why I did not publish it.

Also, remember that sometimes blogger does just eat comments and they disappear - it happens to us all sometimes.

Last night someone left me a comment on another post saying that they think that I did not publish their comment in essence because I did not agree with it and they thought that this was the comment that I found to be vile.  This is not the case, I genuinely do not believe that I can have received this persons original comment as if it had been in the same vein as their comment last night, I would most certainly have published it and responded to it as well.

I have published this persons anonymous comment from last night and I have replied to it as well.  I will however not be writing any further responses to this.

I also wish to clarify that I do not in any way glorify war.  I do think with all my heart that it is imperative to remember the service of others that have gone in the past, in my family and in others families.  Also to remember service men and womens families.  I will continue to do this each year for the rest of my life.  Apart from my post last week about my grandfather in law, I have not and do not post about my families military service, but please believe me that it has been extensive and that I understand far more than you may think or know.  I don't understand everyones own individual situation and would never claim to, but I do know more than I will share here.

Hopefully this has clarified my posts about Remembrance Day and Armistice Day.

I also hope that it has clarified that the vile comment was not published because it was so offensive and so abusive that you would not want to read it and trust me, if it had appeared on your own blog, you would not have published it or would have deleted it too.

Thank you everyone.



  1. Hi Amy,

    The way I see it, it's your blog, and you can do whatever pleases you. Although I, myself, have never experienced such a situation on my own blog, I have chanced upon various blogs, where there were fiery exchanges going on in the comments section and it did feel rather uncomfortable, so I can certainly understand your decision. Thanks for being so honest and upfront about this matter. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hello Amy!
    I very much agree with the comment above. It is your blog and I say delete anything that you that you like! I have only deleted a few comments from my blog but trust me, they needed deleting and I hope my readers know that too!
    And goodness, to think that someone would say anything nasty about your remembrance of those who have served in wars! What is wrong with people?! Have they never met anyone who have served in the military? Sometimes I despair of people, but then, I read blogs like yours and it gives me hope for mankind. xx

  3. Never feel as though you must explain that you love and respect the sacrifices that others have made on our behalf. None of us enjoy war (you know I'm a veteran myself),but we do need to honour the bravery and sacrifice that enables us to live how we do.
    Jane x

  4. I saw the comment you're talking about on someone else's blog. You're right - if it had been posted on my blog, I'd have deleted it too. It never ceases to amaze me that people think they have the right to make derogatory remarks on other people's blogs about what they write. I'm definitely of the opinion that, if someone doesn't like what I write, they don't need to read it. Life's too short to put up with nonsense like that ... in my humble opinion ... for what it's worth! :o)

  5. You don't have to explain why you post something, this is your Blog.

  6. I'm with Anne; what you write only has to express one person's opinion; yours. And really vile comments need to be deleted. And I've been blogging long enough to know that Blogger (and every other platform) is emotional enough not to show every comment.
    Just get on with enjoying your writing and (in the words of The Duke of Wellington) publish and be damned!

  7. Hi Amy....
    I never understand why people take the time to leave negative comments....
    I don't allow anonymous can do that in your settings.....try that!
    You do whatever your little heart fancies...your blog....your choice....period!
    Looking forward to your Friday posts....
    Have a great day....
    Linda :o)

  8. I agree with Mac n' Janets' comment : your blog, your property, you don't have to justify yourself ! Plus, people who have been following your blog for some time, will know that you are a nice and correct person, open minded, and with respect for others !
    As for you, occassional readers who feel the sudden urge to express nasty critic, and then move on to another blog to "attack", well, it's only normal that your reactions will be subject to moderation before being published !
    Just keep on bloggin' , Amy !!!

  9. I had the same comment and didn't publish it either. I've seen it published on unmoderated blogs and then deleted when the blog owner has realised that a comment such as this has slipped through.

  10. Dear Amy count me in swap card:)
    Oh Amy Im sorry you had stupid comments.
    I had someones times ago.
    You do your things and post and delete these trolls!
    A big hug dear!

  11. Im agree with Ingrid and Janet's comments, is your blog, your property you dont to justify yourself OMY:)

  12. Oh my dear Amy, life is too short to lend it to some subjects. When the children were growing up I often used metaphors to help me with the live and learn situations. One of them I often used was, "Don't rent space in your head to people who don't pay you."

  13. Hi Amy! Ugh. I can't believe anyone thinks leaving vile comments is fun. The advertising ones are simply generated from key words, so nobody even really purposefully leaves them. If you go to comment moderation and distinguish that you want registered users only to comment, you'll get all your regular commenters but not the spammers.

  14. Some people are just sick in the head and have nothing better to do with there time then leave rotten comments on ones blog ! I am glad I monitor my comments cause I have had some nasty stuff on them in the past and crazy adds to , Thanks for sharing , hope the nutters get the hint . Have a good day !

  15. Sorry to hear you've had hassle - it's your blog, your thoughts, and you should be able to publish whatever you want without having to justify it! x

  16. I think we all have the right not to publish venomous comments, although I suppose some would say that if we are on a public platform we should accept that we might receive them. I have a blog on the past history of where I live, which got such an awful personal comment that I immediately stopped the blog being public. A bit wimpy of me, but I found it upsetting. You are right about disappearing comments though, I find the problem mainly occurs when I use my iPad.

  17. Hi Amy, as others have said, it is your blog, and you can choose to delete any comments you wish to. You would ask a foul mouthed guest to leave your home, and your blog is really an extension of your life, and your home, so you have every right to say 'No thanks'. I would delete any comments on my blog that were foul. It's my space, and I like it to be pretty, clean, and wholesome. Your blog is lovely; honest, sweet, and straightforward, and you have every right to delete comments that upset you. X

  18. I think I had the same horrible comment. I had to delete my craft blog as a hard core porn site had somehow got a link on there, you can imagine my horror when I clicked on it, it was a quite innocent link which gave no indication to what was at the other end......shock....horror! Despicable people! X

  19. Thanks Amy for this post to clarify to some, of your thoughts on "commenting" and what you want to "talk" about. As I have very few followers, I'll admit to not receiving vile comments or spam, but I can see where you are coming from and know I'd be extremely upset with them myself. I"ll still follow you and see my blogpals as my friends in cyberspace. Take care.

  20. On your blog you should be able to publish what you want, and that includes the comments form others. If something is offensive to you in any way you have the right to not hit publish, because it is your blog. If anyone leaves a negative comment they should not be promoted, at least that is how I feel.

  21. That comment's been doing the rounds. I don't moderate but deleted it within twenty minutes of it being posted. And I don't just delete offensive comments, although I would never delete something simply because the comment author disagreed with me. Anything that is purely promotional goes though, even the most benign spam of the 'Check out my crochet patterns' variety. As others have said ... your blog, your rules.

    I will never understand those who imagine that in remembering we glorify ... we do not glorify, nor do we condemn, we remember.

  22. Only just read this Amy, he has been doing the rounds! Delete away it's your blog xx

  23. I didn't get that vile comment but I've gotten some nasty ones in the past. I also have gotten the spam ones where they try to sell things. I think you've handled things just right, and besides - it's your blog.
    As far as posts on the military, I thinks it's the right thing to honor those who have fought for us.
    I appreciate your posts and your sweet heart that shows through what you write.

  24. Hi Amy and I'm truly sorry you received a vile comment. It has happened to me a couple of times and as hard as I tried to not be upset about it - I was! Some folks just seem to enjoy being hateful or ugly. I also have family members, my husband, included who have served in the military and I am very proud of their service to our country as most folks would be. God bless American and God bless you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. I don't moderate, and this vile comment slipped through onto my blog also, Amy. I was slightly shaken by it, but deleted immediately. Blogger screens out most of the computer generated spam ones, but this one got through I suspect because it was written by a real person - which makes it even more vile. I am sorry you had the experience of someone becoming upset with you, and understand that it is distressing. You are a sweet and sensitive soul, and we love you for it :) xxx

  26. From the sound of it I had the same comment but deleted it when I spotted it. It's your blog sweetie if some takes offence then tough to them. You sound like a too kind hearted lady! Take care xx

  27. Amy, you have the absolute right to not publish anything that does not sit right with you. Sadly, there are those out there that are not as kind-hearted as you, and don't care whom they offend. Edit away, my dear.

  28. I am really sorry to hear that something has upset you. Unfortunately, there are some odd people out there. I had a comment the other day from someone who is clearly a nutter, and I simply put it in the spam folder. I saw the same comment on other blogs too. And I get the occasional snide remark. I don't have a problem if people disagree with me, but I'm not going to get into huge debates with people and there are lines that should not be crossed. Most people are decent.

  29. You know, I had a problem with comments showing up on my blog but not getting through to my email, and it turned out that my Yahoo mail, for reasons of its own, had picked out people in my address book and stopped letting their emails through. I have no idea how it could even do that, but some days I believe there is no weirdness that Yahoo mail won't ultimately achieve.

    Personally, I say it's your blog--you can control comments in any way you want. :)


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