Thursday, 16 October 2014

You will never believe this one.....

This is a true story that happened to me today.  For real.

Third Person from my story on Monday was going on holiday today hence my visit to Lady on Monday to take over care duties from Third Person.  Third Person came to my house to be picked up and taken to the airport.  Third Person lives about 2 hours drive from me.

For some unknown reason Third Person decided to check her passport to make sure it was hers.  No idea why.  Turns out that it wasn't her passport.............  Oh no.  It was her Husbands!!!!!!!!!!  Husband is currently driving the 2 hours drive home.

What to do???

Third Persons neighbour goes to Third Person's house, collects correct passport, meets up with husband halfway between where Husband is and where passport is.

Husband then drives back towards my house.  In the meantime I have put Third Person and their luggage into my car, and am driving towards Husband to meet.  A meeting place is finally agreed upon about an hour from my house.

We meet at the agreed point, and amazingly arrive within just a few minutes of each other.  Passports are exchanged and double checked and then checked again, oh and possibly again.  Husband and Third Person hug and get back into the relevant cars.

I then drive back home to my house arriving about 2 minutes before car is due to collect Third Person to take her to the airport.  Third Person runs in to go to the loo while I take luggage from my car to the car going to the airport.

Third Person thanks me and my Hubby who has just arrived home from work and departs.

The day is saved. 

Hubby asks me while I am smiling.  I tell him that I am actually probably slightly hysterical especially given Monday and then this............

While this has been going on Hubby has also been making rearrangements himself.  Tonight is Hubby's 25th anniversary at his job and he is having a dinner with colleagues to celebrate.  I am supposed to be acting as chauffer and also going too.  Of course the fact that I am currently driving across the countryside and not knowing if I will then have to drive on to the airport or not is causing a wrinkle in the plans for tonight.

So Hubby rearranges travel plans just in case.  Then when I got home Hubby cancelled the emergency rearranging plans.  We are just sitting and having a cuppa before we get ready to go out.

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day, and do I get bored in what I do - because I don't go out to work in an office of people all day they seem to think that I don't do anything and would therefore be bored.

Take today, out tonight, this afternoons little shenanigans, this morning I washed and changed the bed linen, did a grocery shop, tidied up the house, emptied the dinner things from the dishwasher and put in the breakfast things and then the lunch things, sent some e-mails, went to check on my geraniums in the garden, fiddled with Halloween decorations and probably a load of other things I have forgotten about.  You know the kind of things.

So no, I am never bored, and I don't sit doing nothing all day!  I can make my own schedule, and just as well that I can when days like today happen.  Today was supposed to be a "free" day for me to do not a lot.  Well, that didn't happen did it!!

You know that they say that the truth is stranger than fiction, well it really is.  I could never think to make up something like this - can you imagine!!



  1. Dear Amy, what a story! I am glad your friend managed to catch her plain.

    I have been working for more than 16 years now, but before that I was at home for ten years too, taking care of my daughters. I never regretted it. There was never a dull moment. I understand exactly what you mean!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog too!

    Madelief x

  2. I'm just worn out reading this! Have a rest my lovely x

  3. These things do happen and make one wonder don't they? A funny story you shared and I believe it! It's amazing how things all work out isn't it. Staying at home can be really busy some days, I know. I hope the evening celebration is lovely without any 'surprises'! xx Pam

  4. A day and a week squeezed into one-I would say have a glass of wine and put your feet up---but your day hasn't ended yet!. I feel exhausted on your behalf lovely.

  5. The days are packed aren't they, I find exactly the same thing. I'm glad the passport situation worked out in the end. And I do hope you and your husband have a really lovely evening. CJ xx

  6. Oh what a traumatic time you are having. I can't understand people who say we must be bored if we don't work. I've just posted and have realised that we don't have to work to lead hectic lives do we. Hope you have a slightly easier weekend. Take care.

  7. Goodness me, Amy, that story is almost unbelievable! (But I do believe you!)

    I too "don't work outside of the house" but there's never a moment when I'm doing nothing! It does make for an interesting life! :o)

  8. oh dear, what an exhausting "free day" xxxx glad all was well in the end, hope the dinner was wonderful x

  9. Oh my word, I am so glad she was able to make her flight, what a story :)

    You know how I feel about being a homemaker, there is nothing I would rather do, and I completely agree, I wish I had a chance to get bored but there is always so much to do.


  10. Amy, I have had days like that, and you look back and say, "Wow how did I do it all?"

  11. I've been a stay-at-home-mom-then-wife for over years. I have NEVER been bored and often felt very grateful when those emergencies cropped up (and they always do) and DH did not have to take time off from work and very often never realized there WAS an emergency.

    It just a shame that there is very little respect from others for what we handle daily.

    Glad person #3 could get her passport issue straightened out relatively easily.

    Have fun at the party tonight. Happy work-aversary to your DH.

  12. Hi Amy! Oh, I'm just trying to catch my breath after reading this! I think we that don't go daily to a job can be so very busy - just as you've proven! You're a great gal to go the extra mile for Third Person! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Oh, Amy - you saved the day! It must have been very stressful, too! I know exactly what you mean when people think you sit at home and do nothing all day. I am currently 'retired', but my husband still works long hours and travels a lot, so it is I who holds down the 'fort'. If only I could sit around all day, but I do love a clean house, clean laundry, and a good meal on the table. Because I am the 'stay at home' one, I do most, if not all, the household chores, shopping, bill paying, etc. - happily and gladly, but it is still 'work' and very physical, too. Keep up the good work and hope your husband's celebration was relaxing and wonderful.
    Hugs xo Karen

  14. What a trauma! What a relief! I've missed flights, got the day wrong, turned up without passport, you name it. Not for a while though. I may have finally learnt my lesson ....

  15. What a crazy day! No sitting for you!

  16. This sounds like a classic example of the saying that "all's well that ends well." :-)

  17. Really crazy day Amy !
    Tomorrow a break snd hope now you are sleeping sweet dreams!!

  18. "We are women...hear us roar"......
    Awesome day me.....NEVER EVER boring.....
    Hope you have a good time at the affair tonight..
    Congrats to hubby!
    Linda :o)

  19. What a day! Since my husband and I took early retirement we often wonder how we had time to go to work.

  20. Well done for saving the day! Hope you had a lovely evening with your husband X

  21. Well you're certainly not sitting twiddling your thumbs. Glad the passport situation turned out ok in the end and hope you enjoyed your night out.

  22. 'The best laid plans' etc - what a day but how well you all worked out what to do and how to get to the airport in time. Hope you had a wonderful, celebratory evening after such a challenging day:)

  23. I am at home too. I get so tired and angry at people that give me that "look" when they ask what I do. Right now being at home is where I belong and what works for us so that is where I am, and I like it. Awesome timing with getting back just in time for your friends ride! Hope you had a great evening. :)

  24. What a suspense filled story this was, Amy! Such a good read! I am glad all was sorted out successfully in the end. As you say, being at home and not 'at work' certainly doesn't mean it is boring! Hope you and your hb enjoyed the special night out and congratulations on his 25 years!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  25. Amy,
    There are never enough hours in the day, as far as I'm concerned. I am slowly starting to get to grips with the fact that what I do all day is no concern of anyone else. What is it with the implicit judgement? The passport mix up is exactly the sort of thing I'd do. In fact I'm off the check mine now before I drive to the airport!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Leanne xx

  26. So.... what DO you do all day?
    Just deck the next person who asks!!!

  27. I know exactly what you're talking about, I do so much since I retired that I can't believe I ever had time to work.

  28. Love this post. Fireman says he could write a book, but no one would believe his stories. So true.
    I love being home....I'm taking it ridiculously slow this morning. No rush...:)

  29. I really enjoyed this saga ,I hope you enjoyed your night out because you certainly deserved it I also hope you had a glass of fizz .Congrats to the Mr

  30. Your story made me laugh, so glad it all turned out okay fro everyone. I tell you I would like to be bored for a day or two wouldn't you? There is always things to clean up, shopping to do, errands to run and appointments to keep. That is why I feel I need to stay home on the weekends, I am running every which way with my head cut off all week long.

  31. I hate it when people are so disorganised, didn't think about the passport...oooh that's annoying! Sorry I know it was a genuine mistake, but all that fuss and other peoples time!

  32. This is very funny and very trains, plane and automobiles or maybe just wacky races. Bet your head was whirling.

  33. You made me giggle with this one! Never a dull moment! Big hugs to you, Amy! :)

  34. I have days like those too and it's very true, it is easy to fill non-working days up with the everyday things of life that consume time and activity. Glad it all worked out OK in the end and hope the dinner was a success xx

  35. Oh yes, that classic What Do You Do All Day question...the answer is quite a lot! Free days are never free days, are they. x

  36. Oh, I totally believe this one. My husband went canoing in Canada with friends. Before the trip, he opens the storage box, grabs a passport, and doesn't check at any point to make sure he's got the right passport. Which left ME, who would have checked multiple times DURING the two day's drive, scrambling to figure out how to convince Homeland Security to let him back into the country. Luckily, Homeland Security employs a lot of women, because EVERY woman I talked to sympathized with me, said it was SUCH a man thing, and we were able to get him home safely. There are people who check, and people who do not. Crazy!

  37. What a day, Amy, and wonderful you were able to help out. Like you, I don't go to a regular office job, but am never bored, always busy, and have lots of variety. My HB has expressed surprise since he began working from home a couple of years ago after a lifetime of long hours in a city office. He had no idea how much I was out and about on chores and activities. In fact, he quickly learnt to fetch for his lunch in the kitchen and not wait about for me to come home and make it for him. :) xxx

  38. Wow it sounds manic! Hope you had a lovely evening with hubbie :) I guess at least she realised she didn't have the right passport before she got to the airport :S xx

  39. Absolutely, just because you 'don't work outside the home" doesn't mean that you're sitting around all day!! Good job that you were able to save the day, Amy! I hope you and hubby had a lovely evening out. xx

  40. I'm sure you were all relieved it worked out in the end. I really, really wish I didn't have to work for I could certainly find plenty of other things to do to keep me busy. I would NEVER be bored!

  41. No, I am never bored either, even though I 'stay at home' three children keep me busy enough! When they are out of my hair there is always some pile of household admin to manage or maintenance to do. How fortunate that you had the flexibilty in your schedule to help everyone so well in this instance.

  42. What a day! Thank heavens its not like that every day for you, although there is usually something unexpected isnt there?!
    It's not until you are at home that you realise just how your life changes to adapt to that, and your days are just jam packed with different things. I find that by the time I've done everything for everybody else, the taxi services, shopping for everybody, on top of the usual chores, cooking, baking, dog walks, appointments, emails, phone calls etc, there is very little time left for me to do anything for me or to relax at all!
    Whereas when I worked full time as an Accountant, running a home, hubby, child and pets it was busy in a different way and things got left undone - you could only do so much! Have done both the work thing with family, and being at home, I too used to wonder what I would do all day once at home and now I know, like you Amy, that it is never boring or empty!
    Great post, take care
    Gill xx

  43. Wow... I know hoe you does not matter if you work outside the home or not life has a way to fill our days does isn't ? Thanks god it all worked out. :) thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind comment .


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