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The American Museum - the final installment!

This is the last of my posts about the American Museum in Bath, and (finally!) we get to go round the actual museum!  Yay!!

First of all I do have a confession to make!  I did buy a guide book which I thought would help me to identify everything in my photos so that I could tell you.  I didn't do as I normally might therefore and take note of what was what.  All well and good.  Except for one thing.  I have misplaced the darned guide book!  This post has been so long waiting though, I thought that you would rather have my hit and miss commentary than miss out altogether, and if I find the guidebook, I can always come back and make corrections can't I!

There was a whole wall of quotes by famous Americans.  I took pictures of these two because they particularly appealed to me.  Above is Eleanor Roosevelt and below is Mark Twain.

There was a lot of information about the history of America.  I know that some of you will be very familiar with this, some less so.  I though that you might like to read it if you are not familiar, and if you are, you can skip on past!

The idea of taking so many pairs of boots and shoes on the Mayflower really made me chuckle.  I know that some men think that women are shoe addicts now, can you imagine how much money you would have had to have to own that many pairs of shoes then!

Native American artefacts are always so interesting I think.  They are also very beautiful.  The beadwork is so intricate and detailed.  I cannot imagine how many hours these pieces must have taken to make.

One of my loves in Southwestern Style Jewellery, so I found that I spent rather a long time looking at these cabinets, and to be honest, lusting after most of the items!!

Then we started to move onto the different rooms.  These are taken from real rooms in real houses and buildings and reconstructed in the museum.

The first is the Tavern.

Although these slipware pieces are not to my taste, they are pretty amazing to see, especially the colours that were used.  English views of the Antiques Roadshow may remember Ozzy the Owl.  He was decorated using slipware.

These punched tin lanterns are just beautiful I think.  I love them as they are, but I love the patterns that the light casts and the pattern on the light itself when the light is lit.  Of course when it was a candle, it wouldn't have been as bright as this!

We got a bit lost then, and I think that we were supposed to come back to this, but then we saw these beautiful embroidered dresses.  They were just stunning!

Back on to the room sets again.  This reminded me of what I think of when I imagine houses in the New England area to have been when settlers first arrived in America all those years ago.  This room gives off a real warmth, but I doubt that it was.  Hard work and lots of draughts I'm sure.

Now, I did capture the sign for this room, but it was too blurry to read.  I could make out though that it is the Lee Room.

In the corridors between rooms, there were often displays in cabinets on the walls.  Here is a selection of pewter items.

I thought that this little candle sconce was just beautiful.

I can't tell you much about this room other than that it was very nice indeed!  It had some amazing pieces of furniture.

In this corridor area there were samples of wallpaper framed and displayed.

Along with copies of these engravings of and from the Declaration of Independence. 

This room used the wallpaper from the sample in the previous hallway.

Do you see how this little bed has a miniature copy?  It is just too cute for words and would have been amazing to own at the time I am sure.

Above is a Shaker Style room.

Sorry that I could not give you more information on these rooms and displays.  I hope that you enjoyed them and if and when I get more details I will come back and update this post and let you all know in case you want to revisit it.  Of course, you could always pay a visit yourself too!



  1. Looks like a great place, must try and visit sometime :) Thanks for sharing x

  2. Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed the tour xx

  3. Bath is on my list for My Wife & I to visit sometime and that looks liek one place to visit. Not sure I agree with Mark Twains statement

  4. What a beautiful museum... Another one on my list of places I'd like to visit. I love that first Eleanor Roosevelt quote... Something I need to take on board right now!

  5. Hi Amy, I like looking at all that, we visited Jamestown a few years ago and its just crazy how small the ships were that they would of lived on for months crossing from England. And to be in the humidity in those clothes...they must of been miserable. Our living room ceiling is low and beamed like the one you show and I often wonder how it all must of looked in its time. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. It looks so interesting, somewhere I'd definitely visit myself if I were in the area.

  7. This has long been on the list of Places That Must Be Visited. I must say you've published a dazzling array of photographs - quite a tour! Which has just whetted the appetite, of course. The story of native Americans is a fascinating, and tragic one. We have all come a long way in more recent times. PS I'm not sure I agree with that quote of Mark Twain's!

  8. Wow, what a museum! I loved the dresses and rooms best, and the sampler, although the Indian head dresses are intriguing, too. Thanks for sharing so many photos.

  9. Being a pioneer/settler was miserable...they were not prepared for the harsh winters. Here,some pioneers built houses made from sod /turf because that was all that was available. Food didn't last all winter,and they ate bark from trees. I'm surprised any of them survived.
    Jane x

  10. Looks absolutely amazing. Must try and go sometime x

  11. Once again an amazing tour, such a delightful museum the Native American headdress and shoes were of particular interest. Its on my list of places to visit when we are not so busy.

  12. This museum is definitely on my list of things to visit if I ever make it to Bath. Cx

  13. Your pictures were great. Loved the canopies and quilts on the 2 beds. I had no idea the museum was so big. We be back in England next year and I'll have to add this to our list of places to visit.

  14. I can't get over how much you can see at this museum. So many beautiful things!
    I like to buy guides when I visit these kinds of places too. I can never remember just from the pictures.

  15. What a fabulous looking museum. It looks so interesting!

  16. oh the quilt and the tiny quilt. gorgeous x

  17. True treasures!
    What a wonderful place to visit.
    I think I was truly born in the wrong era.
    Woolie Blessings :)

  18. Amy, you are a marvel! I just love touring through beautiful gardens and homes and museums on your blog. I must admit, this post is a favorite! I have such a deep love for early American history, that seeing these pictures of clothing and decor and Native American artifacts makes me all warm and happy inside. Thank you for sharing them! Love and hugs to you! :)

  19. I'm guessing that the first picture is a bronze by Fredrick Remington.

    I grew up in an area where the more primitive pieces in your photos were quite common. As a matter of fact, one of the photos has dining chairs very similar to the ones I currently have. They are Thomas Bent chairs. Mine have a solid wood seat while the ones in the photo are rush.

    It was fun seeing the different rooms. Where I live now, the antiques are either Victorian Era or Spanish (1500s era - St. Augustine)

  20. What an interesting museum. I've never been to Bath but it's on my list of places to visit. I do like seeing where you visit, you do get about a bit, Amy! :-) xx

  21. What a fantastic tour you've given us Amy, I would love to go and visit and Mr. T and I could do with a weekend away! Love the Native American artifacts, the beading is exquisite and the feathered headdress is magnificent. I love the 'rooms' too, I would really like to get a closer look at the keyboard instrument, I suspect it's an early piano? (don't think it's a harpsichord.) Happy Friday and have a good weekend.
    Jane xx

  22. Love the rooms, especially the bedroom (with the miniature) wallpaper, it's fantastic.

  23. This is a really interesting museum and I thank you for sharing all your photos with us.

  24. Again, another wonderful post, thanks for sharing, Amy! It feels like travelling back in time, imagining what life must have been like.
    So many wonderful pieces - imagine the efforts that went into making them.
    Ingrid xx


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