Friday, 26 September 2014

Five on Friday

Five good things

1.  Chickpea received her giveaway box and has done a lovely post here to show you all what was inside.  Pop by and have a look, I know that some of you were very curious to know what was in the box, so you can find out!

2.  The sun is out, the sky is blue, there is not a cloud to spoil to view - well, nearly!  It is so great to see at this time of year as it can sometimes be a bit gloomy can't it.  This is lovely though.

3.  The bunch of chrysanthemums I bought a week ago is still looking really great.  The roses haven't faired quite as well, but they never last as long but a week later they are still with us too which is nice.

4.  Autumn really is here now, so I can start to decorate.  I don't do lots of decorating, but I have a few things and it is a nice opportunity to burn spicy autumny candles and then come the middle of October it is easy to add a few Halloween things just to spruce it up a bit.

5.  I have been bulb shopping.  Too many?  Never.  You can never have too many spring bulbs.  I haven't grow Irises like this before so I will be looking forward to seeing how they do.  This year I will label them though so I don't end up as I did this spring of accusing my daffodils of not flowering.  Of course they wouldn't have been flowering, turns out they were alliums - age is a dreadful thing!!

Thank you all as always for your lovely comments and e-mails and for stopping by and visiting.  You are all appreciated an huge amount!

I wanted especially to thank you for your kind comments and thoughts about the incident that I shared with you last Friday.  Having looked around a bit online as well, I read other stories of people suffering similar things, complaining, and getting nowhere.  The fighter part of me is very cross about that and wants to complain and take it to the highest level for them as much as for myself.  However, if I am not going to get anywhere what is the point.

I have thought long and hard and talked about it with others and finally come to a decision.  FOR ME I have decided that I am not going to take it further.  You know by now if you are a regular reader that I am a worrier, more than the average person.  I also get very stressed (properly stressed, not just a bit anxious).  So, FOR ME, I know that if I complain and don't hear or get a good reply I will be upset and worry more.  I will also be even more upset if I get a bad reply.  The decision therefore FOR ME is to move on and try and put it behind me. 

Your kind thoughts, and indignation on my behalf as well as the sharing of your own bad experiences actually helped me more than I think that complaining would.  To know that there are others who are in agreement, and are behind me has been wonderful and I have felt so supported.  I can never thank you enough for that.  I would still encourage anyone else who ever has any similar problems to complain if it is right for them, it just isn't the right thing FOR ME right now.

Thank you all, you are all diamonds and stars!



  1. No blue sky here today - grey cloud and it's a bit damp. I'm hoping the sun returns for the weekend. Have a great one. x

  2. That's a lovely cheerful five on Friday. And well done for moving on with the other thing. That can take just as much courage as confronting. Have a good weekend Amy.

  3. Hi Amy, Lucky you! We got rain here just now! You picked some nice things.
    Sometimes it definitely helps to talk things through in order to come to the right decision.
    I find it's lovely how people support one another on the blogs, what a great community! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  4. The weather has been lovely today hasn't it. Lovely selection of bulbs, I've not bought any this year as the bed I wanted to put them in is still badly infested with bindweed. Another year off me thinks! With reference to your complaint - you can only do what's right for you. xx

  5. Lovely happies and I agree you can never have too many bulbs, popping over to see what was in the giveaway now
    Clare x

  6. I have just popped over to see what the giveaway was and I was so impressed a very generous parcel. You must do what is right for you Amy and don't feel you have to justify yourself. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Blue skies here too...lovely after the rain we had!
    I'm really happy that you made the right decision for can now put the incident to rest .
    Jane x

  8. What an amazing giveaway you had! And what a lucky recipient!

    I'm glad you have made a decision about what is best for you. Hopefully having all of us being so upset on your behalf helped.

  9. I think you can't have enough bulbs either. I'm planning to buy some more soon too, I want lots of tulips next year, and taller ones than I've been getting. No more "variety mixes" for me, the varieites are too weird. I want simple, basic tulips. :)

  10. I missed your post about the security search but have just read it and then looked up the latest advice for travellers. You are not alone in experiencing this kind of intrusive search and I'm so sorry you went through that, it must have been awful, but the advice seems to be to expect this kind of thing because of the raised security fears about bombs at airports, so I'm not sure complaining would make much difference. I hope you can put it all behind you now and try not to worry about it. I guess it wasn't personal, although I'm sure it felt that way. xx

  11. Hello lovely lady. I've just been catching up here ... until a few posts back I'd been reading but not commenting for a while - it was a time thing - but then I got even busier and completely missed some posts, so it's great to now be up to date again with all your news. Both the mister and I live lives that are ruled by deadlines, sometimes just before one I need to stop and just stare at a blue sky, although of course there isn't always one to stare at ... I'm thinking maybe I should print off that brilliant blue sky picture above and pin it to the studio wall!

    So glad you're found a way forwards re. your unpleasant airport incident. And I agree, you can never have too many bulbs. Happy planting!!

  12. Aren't we lucky to have blue skies and sunshine at this time of year? Definitely a very happy thing. I'm also loving your autumn decorations. Enjoy your weekend. x

  13. Glad you came to a conclusion on what's right for you - that's what you need to do.
    I love bulbs, but the moles eat too many around here!

  14. I've been bulb shopping too and I agree, you can never have too many. That's why I haven't finished yet. What a fab giveaway, Chickpea is so lucky to have won it, I'm sure she'll have lots of pleasure using all the goodies.

  15. I was looking at bulbs today in the garden centre. I'm going to go back for some when I have more time - ie when I can go by myself and make the choices myself. There are some things that my hubby does not get a say in! LOL

  16. on the post., love the bulbs I never do well with gardening but love the chs,mums post and Halloween already thinking of getting stuff out and saw pumpkin patch todayx
    wish it was blue sky todayx

  17. Your week looks beautiful and I am so glad Autumn is showing all around you. You definitely sound more at peace, so lets be thankful for that.
    Hugs to you and happy weekend,

  18. Beautiful flowers and flowers to be...

  19. You have reminded me that I need to buy my bulbs!!! Love your assortment friend! And just look at those blue blue skies! And your beautiful!!! As is your mantle! Your pieces for your mantle are gorgeous and say autumn in their colors!!! I hope that you have an outstanding weekend Amy! Nicole xo

  20. It is wonderful to see such a clear blue sky on an Autumn day. I love days like that. They make me love the Fall all the more. (We had one of those days today, too.)

    I bought a bunch of bulbs a few weeks ago. I'm anxiously awaiting them to be delivered and hoping to see lots of pretty flowers in the Spring. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

  21. You really went overboard with that giveaway :-)
    I'm jealous ;-))) ! Especially for the christmas embroidery patterns... The sheep with the scarf - soooo cute...

  22. I always seem to read your five on Friday on a Saturday morning but better late than never - five lovely things, Amy. We have been planting bulbs all over for the last few days now we've actually tidied up in the garden and created some space - we have also put some in pots - netted over though as the squirrels love to dig them up and they will actually eat the crocus and iris bulbs but not the daffodiils or tulips:)

  23. Love your five things Amy. I have just bought some tete a tete bulbs I love those cute little daffs and they flower for quite a while. I'm hoping to get out into the garden this afternoon and do some hedge clipping, I have a feeling this lovely weather we have been having of late will abruptly come to an end and winter will be here before we know it. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  24. I love your autumn mantelpiece, it's looking so pretty. Beautiful white irises as well, I shall look forward to seeing them when they're up. I'm glad you've come to a decision about that nasty incident. I quite often like to put things behind me and move on too. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

  25. I have just done a catch up read, gorgeous pics of all the pumpkins, when you were on holiday. Your crochet shawl is lovely! We a decorating for fall too, love it. :)


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