Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Basildon Park - a bit of upstairs

A couple of days ago I shared some of the little details from the first floor rooms of Basildon Park.  Today we have moved upstairs.  We start off in the Crimson Bedroom.  This rug was hand stitched by Lady Iliffe herself.  It is made in three long strips which were then sewn together.

These little fellows are called Dogs of Fo and are Chinese.  The female is above with a cub under her paw and the male is below with a ball under his foot.  Sometimes the males have a moneybag.

The bed is very impressive and dates from the early to mid 1800's.  It is very fragile and has recently undergone extensive restoration to the hangings.

The bamboo bedroom contains many lovely things including these two lamps.  The outfits for the figures were made by Lady Iliffe, and the figures themselves are Chinese Medicine Dolls.  You would have taken the doll to the doctor and pointed to the affected area of your body to allow the doctor to make a diagnosis.

We move on to Lady Iliffe's bedroom.  She liked pink bedrooms as she was a very ladylike lady.  Below is a dish to display your pineapples in.

Instead of having a four poster bed, in this room you put your bed into the alcove which as you can see has a lovely ceiling.

This is the Green Chintz Bedroom.  This bed and the paintings in the room are on loan from the Dillon family.  Lady Iliffe's sister married the 20th Viscount Dillon.

This is the man for whom the bed was made.  The 12th Viscount Dillon.

Just a few little things that I enjoy that I thought you might like to see!



  1. This is such a beautiful place! I like all the different looks, but I thought the idea of building in an alcove for the bed was great!

  2. Beautiful friend.
    I love the rug.
    Woolie Blessings

  3. He be alcove and pineapple dish are winners in my book! X

  4. I love the bed in the alcove, it makes it look so cosy. Love that rug in the first photo too, beautiful.

  5. So many lovely rooms! I just love all the pretty details.....I think we all need a lovely dish to display our pineapples, too! As a sewer, I can appreciate all the beautiful draperies and bed-linens. So interesting about the Chinese dolls and dogs. This home is like a fairy tale. xo Karen

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Amy. :o)

  7. It is such a gorgeous place.

  8. I enjoyed having a look around. Thanks fir sharing.

  9. Haven't looked in for a while and there is lovely Basildon Park. Not that I've visited it, but I know of it and there is a novel based on Basildon Park: Ashenden, by Elizabeth Wilhide which I have read and enjoyed.
    Margaret P


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