Friday, 8 August 2014

Five on Friday

I won't - trust me, I'm really not! - labour the point that I am feeling contemplative this week, but I am!  I have struggled to think of what I wanted to share with you today for Five on Friday, and then all of a sudden I had an idea when I was reading a post on Patricia's wonderful blog, Red Cardinal.

Patricia was sharing about the Poppies that are being placed in the moat of The Tower of London, one to commemorate each person who lost their life in The Great War, and in particular the Poppy that had been placed by The Duchess of Cambridge.

This reminded me of one of my bloggy pals, Jane, who blogs over at The Maple Syrup Mob.  Jane's Great Uncle Edward lost his life in WW1.  Every evening the names of various servicemen are read out and Jane had arranged that her Uncle Edward's name would be one of those read out this week.  Earlier in the week Jane posted about it and asked anyone who had any information to share it with her.  Jane could not be there herself as she lives in Canada.

Since then I have been on the lookout for posts and information that Jane might not have come across, and I have been sharing things with her as and when.

So in the mode of contemplation and sharing, I am dedicating this post to Jane's Great Uncle Edward.  If you would like to take five to contemplate about this, here are a few blogs and websites that you might like to visit while you think.

1. Starting of course with Jane's blog post which you can find here.

2. The information available here on the Historic Royal Palaces website about the Poppies.

3. Patricia's blog post over at Red Cardinal can be found here.

4. Another bloggy pal of mine, Tammy, has actually come all the way over from Texas to be one of the volunteers placing the poppies in the moat of The Tower of London.  You can find Tammy's post here.

5. Here is where you can find a post from the Curator of The Tower of London on his blog - who knew there was such a thing!

6. I also happened upon this post.  Not a blog that I normally read, but it is a great tribute and has lots of pictures that you might find interesting.

I know that makes six, but heck, rules are made to be broken sometimes!

I hope that you all have a good weekend and that the weather is kind to you.  We are expecting some wild weather here this weekend apparently, so stay safe.



  1. Amy, great information, and a nice remembrance of WW1 soldiers. Thanks for sharing all the websites.

  2. I'm not sure, if the forecast is right, that I am going to get much gardening done this weekend!
    A very thoughtful - contemplative - post! :)
    I've just bought one of the poppies - link here just in case anyone else wants to buy a piece of history. - which is the site I think you have linked to. x

  3. Wow few blogs to see there. Never knew Kate & William had a stalker like that, quite good blog though

  4. You are the sweetest! I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks.
    Thank you to all who are remembering.
    Jane xxxx

  5. It's a wonderful way to remember all the soldiers who lost their lives. I shall now follow your links.

  6. Great links Amy, thank you. I find that sea of poppies so moving. It is a matter of great pride here in Stoke that the poppies are being hand made at Johnson's Tile Factory in Tunstall where 30 workers have been employed to make them - here is a link for anyone interested to read all about it:)

  7. Thanks for all the links Amy. The installation at The Tower is so beautiful. It's been wild here today with torrential rain. Have a good weekend.

  8. What a lovely and thought-provoking post. CJ xx

  9. What a wonderful tribute. Well done Amy!

  10. How outstanding that they are doing this to honor all of these people. I will be popping around to read more Amy! Thank you for sharing and wishing you a lovely weekend! Nicole xo

  11. Dear Amy, thank you for writing about the Poppy tribute, and another great-uncle lost in that tragic Great War. So many lives lost. You are very kind for providing a link to my blog- thank you! And thank you for all the other interesting links - great work!

  12. Great tribute, I will catch up with all the links when I have a little more time, I have family visiting at the moment.

  13. The wild weather is here! It's hard to believe there is so much rain to fall. Thanks for sharing about the poppies. It is so important to remember. We have lots of poppies (the simple, wild type) in our garden. Earlier this year I scattered poppy seeds along the sides of the roads near where we live. And some of them have now flowered! I know it's them because there never were poppies there before.

  14. What a beautiful tradition the red poppy is. Thank you so much for sharing it, Amy. A wonderful tribute!

  15. Hello. Just catching up here. Those Tower of London poppies are wonderful aren't they. I need to find half an hour now to follow all your links.

    I'm hoping this week finds you in lighter mood Amy x

  16. Such a great tribute, Amy. Thanks for sharing. x


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