Friday, 2 May 2014

I love Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is one of my favourite places in the world.  We started going here about 10 years go and have visited at least once a year since, often several more times than that!  I love the way that you can walk along by the sea, or sit on the pebble beach and just watch the sea or the world go by.  There is also a sandy beach area where families love to set up camp and spend the day playing and relaxing.  Because there is a harbour and a lifeboat there is lots to see and do.

One of the most famous parts of the harbour area is The Cobb, which is the harbour wall.  Sadly the storms that battered the coast earlier in the year have taken their toll on the walking surface of The Cobb and it now needs lots of repairs.

My camera battery ran out, so I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked to be able to share this beautiful place with you, so a return trip later in the year will be needed!

Lyme is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance, great views, lovely places to stop and have a drink or something to eat and great little shops to potter around.  What more could you ask!

I hope that you enjoy these views.



  1. Looks perfect! I would love to be sitting there right now!

  2. Hi Amy, I have never been to Lyme Regis but it is somewhere I would love to visit. Your photos show that it is a lovely place, it looks very relaxing. I like going to the seaside, finding a cafe close to the beach and watching the world go by. It is the best! I have had many occasions where my camera battery has died on me, it's so frustrating! I think I will invest in a back up soon as it has happened too many times! Have a lovely weekend, Amy, and thanks for sharing your photos with us. :)

  3. This is one of those places that I have been saying I would like to visit for years, but have still to get round to it. Your photographs have made me even more determined.

  4. I love it at Lyme too. Looks like you had the weather to enjoy yourselves.
    Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend. x

  5. Hey Amy,
    I love Lyme Regis too. I am hoping to take the boys camping in that area this summer. I remember playing on the beach in the rain there when I was little. Happy days!
    Leanne xx

  6. Wonderful to see your pictures of Dorset. It looks as if you were lucky with the weather too. We haven't been to Lyme Regis since the storms. Sarah x

  7. I've read a lot about this place and I would love to go someday. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a gorgeous place to visit, I can understand why you want to go back again and again.

  9. Look beautiful Amy and I love the pics!
    Thanks by sharing a lovely place!

  10. I've never been to Lyme,but seeing your pics ,I wish I had!
    Jane x

  11. Love that pic of the seagull against the blue sky.
    Have a great weekend Amy!

  12. Hi Amy,

    Looks like you had a lovely trip to the beach and I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos.
    Love how blue the sky is

    happy weekend

  13. It looks like a beautiful place to go. I can see why it's a favorite. It must be a great place to spend the day.
    xx Beca

  14. It looks a lovely place Amy - so now you'll be looking forward to another trip soon to catch a few pics that you missed this time, haha! So nice that you managed to get away and relax! xo Joy

  15. Beautiful spot, I am always in awe of English pebble beaches, it's such an unusual sight to see for someone used to black sand beaches and rugged coastlines. Thanks for showing us some of the sights.

  16. Beautiful images, Amy, of what I think of as classic English seaside. I've never been to Lyme Regis, (in fact, not sure where it is), but the beautiful white cliffs remind me of Dover, and I love the beachside houses.

  17. Lyme Regis is on my list of places to see as I've seen so many lovely photos of it, yours included. All those glimpses of the sea are making me long to see the sea - that's a definite target for this summer. x

  18. Snap! Lyme Regis is one of my very favourite places too! Your photos are wonderful! I love the old town and museum as much as the sea front and the history and geology of it especially Mary Anning who fascinates me. I've read lots of books about her and the other early fossil hunters. I bet you can't wait to visit again:)

  19. Hi Amy, Lyme Regis looks lovely. I love the whole coast line down there, especially the south west coast path. I really hope to be able to go there later this year. I just need to make it happen! enjoy the sunshine today, if you have it, Heather x

  20. We have visited here several times over the years and it's always a pleasure. Even the walk from the car park through quiet little lanes with the river running alongside, and sweet little houses, is a pleasure. Last time (la couple of years ago) we enjoyed eating yummy pasties from the little artisan bakers near the Cobb whilst sitting looking out to sea - simple bliss!
    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them Amy, it looks like you had a great time!
    Gill xx

  21. It is years since I have been to Lyme Regis - it looks as if you enjoyed some beautiful weather there too.

  22. Lovely photos. I've never been to Dorset, I'd love to go, in fact, we were thinking of booking to go this year, but we've ended up booking to go back to Cornwall again.

  23. Love Dorset. Used to pop down to Lulworth when I lived in London. I'm hoping to work extra so perhaps I have enough for a short break there this summer. Fingers crossed as it's a lovely part of England. X

  24. I could do with a bit of seaside about now,have to wait until the first week of October then Cornwall here we come!
    FAB photo's as ever Thank You for sharing
    Best Wishes
    Sue xxx

    1. Thanks Sue! I hope that you enjoy Cornwall when you get there! It is great that you have it in the diary so you can look forward to it! xx

  25. It's a busy Monday here for me at the moment but your post just provided me the calm I need to carry on! Seriously! Thank you for the view! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed such a spectactular holiday!


  26. it looks completely blissful! we visited a few years ago, and we spent this weekend just down the coast a bit in Dorset x


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