Monday, 30 September 2013

Italy part 1

After looking through just under 2200 photos today, I am no nearer deciding how to show them to you, other than picking a subject or two to cover in each post.  I thought about doing it day by day, but that was a bit back and forth, so I hope this will work better!

We flew to Milan and then on to Naples.

We are pretty sure that we went over the Alps, that is what we decided in any case.


The views were spectacular.

On the second leg of the flight we had the front row of the little puddlejumper plane that we flew on, so lots of leg room!

The journey from the airport to the hotel went at pretty high speed, but with a lovely lady driver who was very chatty.


I saw this shop window as we slowed down briefly on the way.


The hotel was lovely.

It was situated by a square with seats, some sort of monument.


The hallways were lit with these amazing lights, which I think must be Murano Glass.


There were two wonderful chandeliers in the hotel lobby.

There were wonderful views from the hotel.


We saw Mount Vesuvius in all sorts of guises, daytime in bright sun, in cloud, in the mist and of course at night.


Almost every day different cruise ships came and went from the bay.  We saw a lot of tour guides with a trail of people following them coming off the ships every day.  Some of them looked pretty miserable, it was not a good advert for the tours they were on!  There were happier people though on the little train that went round Sorrento.

We saw all sorts of boats from outside the hotel from cruise ships to sailing boats to rowing boats.


Some views from outside the hotel at night.


There were some beautiful sunsets.


All of the surrounding streets were charming too.


You could just about make out our hotel from down in the port.

There isn't really a beach in Sorrento, but there are "beaches" that you can rent a sunbed on for the day.


The water was a wonderful colour.


The view from our room was not so spectacular, but we didn't spend much time in the room, so it didn't bother us.


A few more views!


More to come tomorrow!