Saturday, 5 October 2013

Italy part 7 - Souvenirs and other things

OK peeps, this is the last "Italy" post!!  This post is really for Janet, my bloggy friend who loves a souvenir!

I do love a good souvenir or two as well, so, here is a little of my shopping from our holiday as well as a few views of the streets and our general wanderings.

There were lots of places selling Capodimonte china, some of which was lovely, some amazing, and some very expensive!


Lots of places in the little streets selling fruit and veggies, and of course, lemons a go go.  Not like the lemons that we get in the supermarket here though!

These peaches looked wonderful.

Of course, you need something to do with all those lemons, so Limoncello of course!

We also saw lots of strings of dried chillies, I didn't really think that it was practical to bring any of these back home though!

Or you could make your lemons into lemon soap.

Or just stop and have an ice cream!

This is the underneath of a giant ice cream cone advertising the ice cream shop.

At the really posh shop, you could get a china dog

or a gnome
or a beautiful inlaid table (if you had the budget!)

perhaps one of the many "objects"

or a place mat or two

perhaps some china?

If you don't fancy any of that go and sit down in a restaurant for a drink and look at the mural on the wall - just to remind you were you are!

Or stop and have another ice cream in a cone chair!

The shops had plenty of souvenirs

The shopping in Capri was amazing, this candle holder was about 2.5 feet high, and I cannot imagine what the price was.

The jewellers had some amazing things, I loved these pearls.

There were also lots of glass shops.

So, what did I actually come home with!

Tea towels...


A new coffee maker for hubby...

Two chicken jugs

To go with the two chickens that I already have!

Some small pieces of (cheap) china, the little thing on the bottom left is a grinder for herbs (it works really well!)

Magnets for my collection (sorry they are a bit fuzzy!)

And 4 kilos of pasta - for a gluten free person!!

The spaghetti (below) on the left is normal size, which gives you an idea of how long the candle pasta (long fat hollow tubes) on the right are.  Apparently this is the best pasta in the world, according to everyone who saw me carrying it, and kept telling me.  Hubby had some for dinner tonight, and he said he was the best he had ever had.  Good job, he has a lot to eat!!

And two small coasters from the expensive shop.  They are not fuzzy and are much brighter in real life, but for some reason they are camera shy!

I hope that my series on Italy which has turned out to be rather longer than I intended has been interesting.  It has been great to be able to record it here to share it with you, and to be able to look back on what will probably be a once in a lifetime trip for us.

Next week normally bloggy service will resume, with no more Italy posts!  We head back to Basildon Park for a bit, the pineapple question will be resolved (have you been looking out for pineapples?) and of course the garden needs attention and we will have to see what else comes along the way.


Thank you to all of my readers for following along with me and for your lovely comments, I know that I have said it before, but I am loving it.  You are so generous in what you say, and what you share on your own blogs and that is a wonderful thing to have joined and be part of.  The only regret is that I didn't join in sooner, but hey, to everything there is a season and this is turning out to be a great one!



  1. Ahhh, gelato, mio favorito! Mio cuore nel Italia, con gelati! Chrissie x

  2. Well, I think there's something for everyone there. I love those china pigs and dogs, but I'm a sucker for lemon soap so a few of those would have definitely found their way home with me.

    1. There were some very cute china Old English Sheepdogs too!

  3. I would love to do some shopping there! Your souvenirs are lovely.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I made a pasta sauce at the weekend so I used some of them which was a nice reminder!

  4. I'd love to spend a day shopping there...wonderful! And you're just killing me with that ice cream! ha.

    1. I am sure that you would love it Betsy, so much great stuff and great little places to poke around in. Sorry I can't pass the ice cream through the ether. It's a bit like your candy corn!!

  5. Some great souvenirs! I have a very similar limoncello tea towel which we brought back from Italy a couple of years ago too.
    Marianne x

    1. We can be tea towel buddies Marianne! Actually, I have a confession about the tea towels, I have another two that I didn't show! I am a sucker for a tea towel it seems. I never knew that about myself. Hope that you loved Italy and had as good a time as we did. xx

  6. I've visited Sorrento and Capri a few times myself. Sorrento is one of my most favourite places to holiday. Sadly I haven't been since my daughter was born, but I can't wait to take her when she's a little older. There were so many ice cream flavours to try, that I used to have 2 a day! Love your souvenirs.

    1. Thank you Jill. I hope that you get back there when Violet is older, I am sure that she would love the ice cream and wandering around the little streets. We tried to restrict to one ice cream a day, but we did do more than one flavour at a time!!


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