Friday, 4 October 2013

Italy part 6 - Capri

We had a great visit to Capri, but boy was it crowded!  It was lovely to go though and we enjoyed our day very much.

We caught the hydrofoil to the island.

Enjoying seeing Sorrento from the water as we travelled.

Then we arrived in Capri and saw the port.

We had decided that the first thing we wanted to do was to visit the Grotta Azzurra, also know as the Blue Grotto, so we got a small motor boat round to the cave.

This is where the road goes along the island!


Although the day had started off a little misty, it cleared up and the sky was beautiful.

When we arrived at the cave, we had to transfer from the motor boat to a little rowing boat to go inside the cave.

Initially it was all very dark and not very interesting.

Then as we started to turn round we saw the wonderful blue of the water.

As you can see, it was full of little rowing boats, we were in the cave for about 2 minutes!
The water was a wonderful colour though.

This is where you can get a row boat if you have not arrived by motor boat.

Then we went back round to the main port.


On the way the boatman decided to do a little fishing for his lunch!


We then decided to catch the Funicolare (little train) up to the main town.

The views were stunning.

Later in the day it was back down to the port.

It was a great day in Capri!


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  1. Your pictures are great, Amy. I'm glad I got to view your pictures and that the grotto excusion was short so I didn't miss much. I will say Capri is pretty and I am glad I went but I would not pay to go back again.

    Now I want to view your other Italy pics.


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