Thursday, 3 October 2013

Italy part 5 - Herculaneum

I have decided to make this post about Herculaneum pretty wordless. If you want to find out more info, there is lots out there online. So, sit back, hope that you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed wandering around, not on a tour, at our own pace! It was a much nicer visit that to Pompeii and we really enjoyed it.



  1. Love the fancy tilework...and the marble!!
    Is that an old jail at the beginning???
    You must have had a very enjoyable time, Amy...
    Enjoy your weekend...

    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda, no, sadly those arched areas with the gates at the beginning are what were the docks and the little arches have only recently been excavated and they found hundreds of people had sheltered there when the volcano went off and they died there. It was very moving to see it.

      We did really enjoy seeing it. Have a good weekend too!

  2. The beautiful details in the stone work and the art left me speechless! My mind is just racing! I can only imagine what the people that filled those spaces and the events that took place there! So amazing!

    1. It really was so beautiful Nicole, the buildings were stunning. Perhaps you will visit one day!

  3. Hi Amy, After reading the comments you left on my blog, I headed over here, to discover another place we have in common! It is about thirty years since I visited Herculaneum, but looking at your pictures makes it seem like only a few months have passed! I too preferred it to Pompei. Off to read more.

    1. I hope that it brings back some good memories for you Tracey. Thanks for visiting me! Hope to see you again. xx


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