Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Italy part 2 - Dali exhibition

We had no idea that there was a Dali exhibition on in Sorrento when we arranged our holiday, but we saw the signs when we arrived.
 So we went to have a look, as we like to go to exhibitions, and this holiday was all about being spontaneous and just doing what we fancied.
This flying snail/fairy combo was in the pool outside the building where the exhibition was being held.

I really like the movement in this piece. 
Now, I worry about my tummy sticking out, but if it went this far and needed a stick to hold it up...
There were all sorts of sculptures, and some drawings, which I found less interesting than the sculptures.  I do prefer Dali sculptures to his paintings.
This fellow was another of the pieces being displayed outside.  We saw him from lots of different places.
What would a Dali exhibition be without a droopy clock!
Or two.
Or three.
Then some more clocks, but not droopy, wonderfully elaborate nonetheless.
These gold pieces did not photograph well, as they were in glass cabinets, but they were interesting to see even so.

My hubby took the above photo - to show the insects.  Hmmmmm.........
I found this piece very striking.
I liked the way it was placed looking through door after door, pity about the chair and fire extinguisher after taking such care of the placement.
The last supper.
I also did not know that Dali designed furniture, I was amazed though when I saw this, especially the sofa.  It shows that there is nothing new.  It is of course just like an 18th Century chair for two lovers to sit together, but apart, to maintain modesty.
I love the way the flex for this lamp comes out of one of the drawers!
Now, I have to explain the above.  A few years ago we went to The Louvre in Paris, and one of the things we really wanted to see was the Venus de Milo sculpture. 

We saw it, from far far away behind all the crowds, but could not get near the front at all.  Then, hubby realised that we could walk round the back.  So, we got a great view of Venus's behind, but not her front.  Of course, we photographed her behind as we were there!

On the way back through the room we realised that a line had formed to take photographs of Venus's bottom!!  So now, we always take photographs of bottoms to see if we can make it happen again.  No luck this time, but you never know!

We did also of course photograph Adam and Eve from the front.

I like to record the architectural details of buildings.
As well as the floors!
These views were from the back of the building.
These from the front.

This is where the exhibition was held.

There were various sculptures placed around the town as well for anyone to visit.
And to finish, a droopy clock - of course!!

This exhibition was a surprise for us, but a great one and we really enjoyed it.



  1. Hey, where was that tummy stick when I was pregnant with triplets?? haha.

    1. Oh Betsy!! I love it. You always make me smile, thank you :) xx

  2. I didn't know Dali designed furniture either! This art is amazing! The photography is beautiful... I would have loved to see this in person!!!

    1. Thank you Tammy, you are so kind! It was really great to visit and so nice as it was not something we expected to see. Have a good week. xx


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