Friday, 13 September 2013

Stress release

After my stressing yesterday I wanted to cheer myself up.  It was a toss up between another cook book to add to the 200 million I already have - yes, alright, I do exaggerate! - or a new CD.

I realise that buying CD's makes me ancient, but I like them.  I like to have my music actually there, not just randomly in the ether.

And the winner is....

I have to say that I played this in my car on the way home from buying it, turned up the volume really loud and sang and sang along to it.  This is one of the cheeriest CD's I have bought in ages.  Usually I am a bit more country or classical, but I do love to rock too.

If you need a perk up, I can recommend this, but play it loud and dance (not in the car!).  If you are still not feeling perky I have no other advice than to add chocolate and cake to the mix (or chocolate cake perhaps!!).

Of course a bunch of colourful flowers never hurts either.

So even when skies are grey

And your heart is down

Music can cheer your way.

Here's hoping for a cheery weekend for everyone.


Rod Stewart doesn't know I exist, just wanted to share this cheeryness with you, I bought and paid for the CD myself.  If you want to know I exist Rod, just let me know, it can be arranged....


  1. LOVE Rod Stewart...
    He is coming here in December...tried to get tickets..couldn't!! :o(
    Flowers are always a great picker-upper..anytime!
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Hope is it cheery!!!

    Linda :o)

    1. Yea, feeling more chirpy now. As you say flowers always make it better, and I added some chocolate to the mix as well... Happy weekend. Amy xx
      p.s. did your question about the missing post make more sense now?

  2. I love RS! I had tickets to see him and Stevie Nicks here in North Carolina last year but sadly, Rod took ill and the show had to be canceled. :(

    Music is the known cure for all that ails me! I'm glad it helped you too!


    1. Thanks Janet, I had a great time dancing to him in the kitchen, but I learned something, do not dance whilst unloading the dishwasher as you might nearly drop a bowl. Didn't actually drop it thankfully!! None of RS's tour dates were any good for me, but he is on tour again in America the end of this year!

  3. I love him! I've been a fan all my life. I would love to see him in concert someday. I'm glad you like the CD. :)

    1. He is in concert very soon in America if you fancy looking to see if there is anyway you could get to a concert! He had an autobiography out earlier this year if you fancy adding it to your list to read. Amy xx

  4. I sing like that in the car like no one else was around. Ever so often I look over and someone is looking at me strangely. I just laugh and go on. It makes me happy!



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