Friday, 13 September 2013

Sorting things out

Well, you might have noticed a little bloggy madness going on here yesterday evening.  Late last night I deleted my post from Wednesday (Remembering) and the post that I put up in a hurry yesterday to try and clarify Wednesday's post.

I want to explain what my original post on Wednesday was about, and what has happened since then.

My post on Wednesday (Remembering) was my way of thinking about the events of 9/11.  I used to live in America, and I still feel very close to America because of my friends who live there and the time that I spent there.  I didn't want to mention 9/11 in my post, just prompt my lovely readers to spend a little time in thought as I do myself on this day every year.

The poem that I had posted is, as I understand, a love poem, and the meaning of posting was love.  Nothing else.  I spent many hours trying to decide which poem to post, whether to post, if I should include an explanation.  All sorts, I agonised and was almost in tears about this.

In the end I decided on my poem, decided not to say why I had posted it, but just put it up.  My blog providers stats tell me that it was read, and I had one lovely comment, and then another also lovely comment on the second post that I made in a hurry yesterday.

I did however, make reference to something which I wish I had not.  I will not repeat it because that will make it horrible all over again.  However, I was very worried yesterday when I realised that what I said could have been misunderstood.  If it had been misunderstood by anyone they would have done so in the most caring of ways, but it was not a misunderstanding that I wanted anyone to have.

There is no other reason for me making this change than a possible misunderstanding.  No misunderstanding took place as far as I know, but I wanted to make sure that none could happen once I became aware of the situation.

So as soon as I realised I posted an amended post in the interim and then removed both the original and amended posts.

Please know that you can trust me always to post honestly and truthfully and that I will always speak from my heart, but never nastily, rudely or with any malice.  We might not always agree, but I will always be honest - as I am sure you will too.

I made a mistake, which I have tried to rectify, and which affected, I hope, no one but me.  I have been reassured that I have not caused any problems, but I wanted to stop things before I did.  When I make a mistake I apologise and try very very hard not to do it again.  My mistake, but I need to explain to you all.

Thank you for your visits here, I hope this will not put you off coming back.  I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Normal service with crochet and cakes and flowers and all things nice will resume tomorrow - I promise!


p.s. I can never promise not to ramble on!


  1. You are allowed to ramble sweet Amy, it is after all your blog, your space. You should never apologise for something that is dear to your heart. Post what you love, like and feel. Whatever you want. If we readers don't like it we can always click away. You can never please all of the people, all of the time. I doubt very much however that you would have offended anyone. Elaina xo

    1. Thank you Elaina for your reassurance, you are very kind. Amy xx

  2. You know when someone speaks to you, depending on how it's said, it can be taken many ways. The saying is, it's not what you said it's the way that its said. I think the problem with texting, blogging or email is just that. When you write it down you know what you want to say, but sometimes it doesn't come across just right.
    I read your post on the 11th and I thought the poem was a good choice and I found nothing you wrote to be sorry or guilty for. If that makes sense.

    Sally xxx

    1. Thank you Sally, I know just what you mean. I am always saying to people it isn't what you say, but how, which is why I took so much care over what I posted and was then so mortified when I realised a potential misunderstanding. Glad that you knew what I was getting at and understood. I have an odd relationship with that date because of lots of things, so I think that made me a bit oversensitive!

      Anyway, just working on a garden post for tomorrow - which will be nearly silent!

      Have a good weekend. Take care. Amy xx

  3. No worries dear Amy!!! I hope your day is full of sunshine and fresh air! It is cool here today...a bit like autumn though I know that the temp will probably jump up again next week! All the best to you! Have a beautiful weekend!!!

    1. Thank you. No sunshine, but I did buy some sunny flowers and have lots of fun dancing to a new CD - I have to do it when I am home alone as my dancing is pretty embarassing!

      Have a great weekend too!!!

  4. I agree with the others, this is your space and I think you should feel free to post what you like. I don't think I saw the other post but I am sure it wouldn't have offended me. I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. Thank you lovely Jennifer. I don't think that you would have been offended, it was more that it might have led to a misunderstanding that I wanted to avoid. Thanks for your support though. Much appreciated - as it always is! Have a good weekend, hope it dries out a bit! Amy xx


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