Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September in the garden

Well, it seems as though the summer is coming to an end in our garden.  We are never very good at having things still going at this time of year on the flower front.  Lots of green from the trees and shrubs, but not so much colour from flowers.

Nevertheless, there are still some good things around.  Geraniums still going.

So is some of the lavender.

The bees are still loving it.  They fly so fast though I had trouble catching them on camera - obviously we have very shy bees here!!

Bet that you have no idea what this is.  It is my Eucomis just coming up.  They should have been blooming in June/July.  I thought they had disappeared, but here they are just coming up now.  I don't suppose they will do anything.  If I remember I will lift them later in the year and plant in pots for next year to see if they do better.

This rose is still going.  This one is by our garage, so we can't really see it, but it is nice when you do.


The peas are done now.

It is nearly the end of the year for the hostas, but they do turn such lovely colours.

Chrysanthemums are starting to bloom.


The  honeysuckle has gone mad this year, it flowered well, but is finished now.  I need to give it a good haircut in a few weeks time!

Sedums are finally coming into flower.


Nandina Domestica (sacred bamboo) starting to change colour.

Berries changing colour on the Rowan.


The grape vine has done very well this year.


The grapes are starting to change colour.  It is a shame that they don't taste nice.  The vine was here when we moved in and we think it is a wine grape, not a dessert grape.  Funny though as we have a covenant on our house that forbids the brewing of anything alcoholic.  At least we are allowed to drink it - just not brew it!  We are also forbidden from keeping poultry.  Don't ask why, we tried to find out when we bought the house, but no answer could be found.

Getting ahead with some planning for next year.  These pots contain tulips, daffodils and alliums ready to be popped in gaps around the garden next year as and when the bloom.  I know it is a bit early to plant bulbs, but I find that if I leave it until later to buy them they are all gone from the garden centre and if I leave the bulbs I find they go a bit manky, so this seems to be better to me.

So, that is my early autumn round up in the garden.  Some things still going.  The birds will have a massive feast on the grapes when they ripen and the leaves fall off the vine.  The blackbirds seem to love them especially.  Hubby loves this too, because it means they stop raking through the bark mulch on the flower beds and throwing it around the place!  He likes the bark to stay where he puts it...



  1. Oh your grapes look fantastic as do your roses and lavender!!! I really like your idea about planting your bulbs in your pots and then just plopping them in where you see gaps! I may try that method due to the over eaters in our garden! They seem to find every small bulb and seedling that I plant!!! Lovely things still happening in September!!! Cheers! Think I may do a September round up too!!!!

    1. Thank you. It is amazing to see how much there still is growing when you start going round with the camera, just when you think things are over. We do the bulbs in pots thing because we have squirrels who dig up all sorts otherwise. They sit and watch you whilst they do it. I am waiting for one of the little &^(*£ to wave at me one day!!

  2. You have such a beautiful garden, full of interesting plants! Thank you for sharing your photos...I wonder if you could make some jam with the grapes? They must be useful for something, such a mystery why they are there! Chrissie x

    1. I agree, very odd to have them growing, the neighbour on one side has some too! I don't think they are sweet enough for jam, but now you have got me thinking about grape jelly - that would need a lot of sugar, so it might counteract the grapes tartness. Now I need to investigate....

  3. I just can't get over how much colour there still is in your garden! Your plants are looking fantastic. Our garden is starting to look a bit frazzled and neglected now, I need to get out there and do some work. x

    1. I think it is a frazzly time of year for gardens isn't it really! Anyway, you have been away, so no time for gardening. Have a look round, I bet you will find more colour than you think is there, I was surprised when I started looking.

  4. Lovely photos especially of those roses. The flowers in our garden are almost all gone now. Your garden still looks really summery and healthy.
    M x

    1. Thank you, not sure how summery it still is, but we keep trying to keep it going. I wish that rose was more "in the garden" than round the side, but it makes a lovely treat when I go and visit it!

  5. You certainly have quite a varied selection of plants, Amy...
    Sedums are one of my all time favorites...
    So easy to grow!
    Love that shot of the Rose...the lovely Yellowy orange hint to it...
    And those Grape shots are awesome...I would be in there with my Macro lens!!!

    Linda :o)

    1. Sedums - humm not so easy here sadly. We garden effectively on stones as our soil is large stones held together with clay that is hard as rocks. Once things get going they are OK, but it can be hard to get them started. I am loving the grapes and just waiting for more of them to start to ripen, the go a wonderful dark red!

  6. I'm so envious of your garden!! Your grapes are fantastic!!

    1. Tell you what, let's swap gardens, I would love to see what Army Dad would make of gardening on rocks bound with clay!! The grapes are ripening - more piccies on the way....


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