Saturday, 7 September 2013

Garden and parking

I know, you are thinking how do garden and parking go together - is she planning to park in the garden - no, rest assured I am not!  It's just that both things happened on the same day,

My dear hubby parked my car for me.  For some reason he feels that he has to park it in the plants.  I have no idea why, he cannot give an explanation.  Just one of those things apparently.  I fail to see how it is so hard, and please note that if he parks his car here, he is never in the plants!  This is his parking.

And this is mine...

See, loads more space to get in and out and round to the back to put stuff in the boot (trunk).

Anyway, just let it go I tell myself!!

Here are a few pics I took whilst gathering evidence of my car in parked in the plants.


Later in the day a little clearing up was done in the garden.  We have two oak trees and an apple tree the same size as the oak trees in our garden, so we produce a lot of acorns and a lot of tiny but very hard and bitter apples.  They need a lot of raking up, but they are not as much fun as the leaves are later on!


Here are the trees and the beautiful clouds that were scudding across the sky.


Sorry, had to show these pics so I could use the word scudding!!

The bees are still at the lavender in the garden, I cannot believe it.


A bit worried about the size of this dragonfly though...

The Hypericum is flowering for a second time, and I noticed (despite announcing to all a couple of days ago that this was NOT happening) that the honeysuckle is flowering again.  What is with these crazy plants!  Not complaining though, it is lovely to see them.


The grapes are still ripening away, the birds haven't found them yet!


The sacred bamboo will have lots of berries.  The birds never eat these for some reason - perhaps they know they are sacred!

Happy days though, and pumpkin will soon be dragged out of the flower border to sit on the front step and look all autumny and halloweeney (real words, I made them up!).



  1. HI Amy, Those leaf picker upper thingy wotsits look handy. Hope you are having a great weekend. Elaina xo

    1. The leaf collecters are great, you can pick up loads with them. When I was a child we used two sheets of cardboard, these are much better. They don't go all soggy if the leaves are wet for one thing!

  2. Lovely pics ! I enjoyed them all - funny thing - my husband and I have a very similar issue with the parking of the cars ! Must be a male issue......

    1. Well I am glad to know that I am not the only one, I don't feel as though he is doing it on purpose now!!

  3. Your garden is still looking really nice! I understand about the parking. In my case, I end up having to climb over a small tree when someone else does the job for me. :)

    1. Oh dear, that does not sound good to me, at least I only have to push the plants out of the way and not actually climb over anything!

  4. My husband and I have constant arguments about the way we each park our car. Our drive is small and it's awkward, but he never leaves enough room for me to get my son's door open. Every time! It drives me mad. x

    1. I try not to argue as I mostly park my own car so not usually a problem, just wish it wasn't always wet when my car was parked in the plants. I can understand you being cross not to have enough room to get children in the car though, that would make me mad too!!

  5. Oh...If I had an acorn tree, I would save them up, and make an acorn wreath!
    My boyfriend always parks to close to the side of the driveway , and rubs the tires along the wood! Geeesh! Men!

    Enjoy your email is locked...seems I have been compromised!

    Linda :o)

    1. Well, I wonder what you did to your e-mail, who has been sending you dodgy messages. Sorry, just my dreadful mind, ignore me. You are far too lovely for anything like that.
      Acorns - not loving them so much, we end up with sooooo many and they are soooooo tiny, but I did see an idea for using them in a candle hurricane round the candle, so I might save some and do that this year.
      Hope the e-mail comes back again - IT is not going well for you lately, so it must be about to have an upturn!
      Take care of yourself and have a good week too. Amy xx

  6. My husband also parks further to the left than I do. We have a very tight carport and he often bumps into the bins on the left side. I always have to be careful when I drive after him because the steering wheel is always turned to the left, not straight when I leave it! Sounds like it is a common problem from the other comments! Lovely to see all the little bits of action in your autumn garden. Here in Sydney it is hot and windy already! 30deg! Too hot for me, bring on some cooler days.

    1. Gosh that sounds hot for Sydney at this time of year! We had 30+ degrees here over the summer and I was melting. You would think I would stand the heat better being born in Oz but I don't! Hope that things don't get too much hotter straight away - no point in wishing for cooler yet! I see lots of trips to the beach and barbies in your future...


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