Thursday, 12 September 2013

Featuring colour - in the housework

Aware of a lack of featuring colour posts recently, I thought I would track my days housework and see what colour I could find.

Some time with the ironing.


A few little kitchen jobs


At least the post was colourful!

Dust and hoover!


Curtain washing and mending - does anyone know what my Hubby does to his shirt buttons!!


Cushion arranging


A little pretty

A tidy desk - yay!!!!!!!!!!

Some time at the end of the day with a candle

All of which leads to ...
In some ways, not very interesting, but more colourful than I thought...


p.s. the stack of cushions on the floor were waiting to go on the bed!


  1. Love the pyrex, the glass display and the fact that like me you never knowingly under cushion! Elaina xo

    1. You are right Elaina, I NEVER knowingly under cushion!! They are so very important aren't they. Boys just don't get the need to cushion.

  2. A charming home, Amy. Lots of colour, too! I would rejoice at having a tidy desk like yours! I'm off to do some ironing now and I need to hang some heavier curtains to suit the seasonal change in the weather.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting Lin, you should look back a couple of posts to "Skiving" and you will see what I had covering my desk. It took about 4 hours of concerted effort to get it that clear. Just off to do some more work now, so rest assured, my desk no longer looks like that, but I had to have a picture while it was clear! Have fun with the curtain hanging. Hope to see you again.

  3. I love your cushions. It's surprising how we take for granted all the colour around us, until like you we stop and take note.

    Sally xxx

    1. I am a cushion addict!! I have all those cushions piled in a chair and never sit in the chair. I have been trying to look for more colour, we need a bit of cheer in life don't we!

  4. Fantastic Color, Amy!!

    LoVe the vintage pyrex and I especially love the little bell jar containing seashells/starfish. I love it all!

    For years I've done all I can to erase the color from my decor - white walls, white carpeting, white kitchen (everything from cabinets to counters to appliances!) but lately I've been allowing the color in... A leather sectional, wood end table and cocktail tables. Slowely but surely, color is creeping in and surprisingly, I'm not minding it much. Besides, as my husband says, if I want good wood furniture I can't always have white because "there are NO white trees, Janet!" LOL


    1. Aha Janet, I thought you might spot the pyrex! It is rather a brighter pink than the usual - it is called Flamingo Pink apparently - and it certainly makes itself known doesn't it! I also have a couple of other bright ones, so I will post those one day. We are pretty neutral in our background colours - creams, beige, white etc, and then try to inject the colour in the objects, curtains etc. I can just imagine the "no white trees" conversation, especially knowing how your hubby loves trees!!!

  5. Like the others, I also love your Pyrex. This was a fun post, I enjoyed seeing little snippets of your home. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I will do a post on some of my other colourful pyrex now I know that there are other fans - never sure if I am the only one who likes this stuff as it is not so popular in England. Take care Amy xx

  6. Interesting idea for a post, Amy...
    I am also a Pyrex fanatic...have many bowls and odd serving pieces...
    I still have a 4 stack of bowls that was a wedding present!!
    I also love throw cushions...I switch them up from season to season...
    I am also an ironer!!! Save up a big stack of the boyfriends shirts...and do a marathon every few weeks!
    And....guess what? I love seashells!!!
    Small world,eh?
    Keep up the good work...

    Linda :o)

    ps...I see you have deleted the remembering post...what happened?

    1. Thanks Linda, see, we are all the same really aren't we! Some things are universal, and I think that cushions are definately one of those things!! I am putting up a post in just a moment about the remembering post which will explain all. Amy xx


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