Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mollie Makes Sardine Fish

I have been crafting in various guises all my life, making things and drawing as a child.  I moved on and tried sewing and knitting, but these were never really my thing.  Then I started making things for my home, followed by card making and now I am back to making things for my home.

I only recently heard about Mollie Makes magazine when reading Gillian's blog.  I decided to pick up a copy and see what it was all about.  I was delighted to see the free kit to make a sardine keyring on the front and I decided to have a go at making it. 

 This is what was inside the kit.

 The templates for the fish were in the magazine.

 After cutting out the templates, I pinned them on to the relevant fabrics.  I folded the fabric over so that I could cut out both pieces at once.

All neatly cut out and ready to go.

I started with the smallest fish and hand sewed round just inside the edge in backstitch.

Then I turned the little fishy to the right side, to ease out the tail and nose I used a pair of tweezers and the rounded end of my seam ripper. 

Then I tied a knot in the black cord that came in the kit and as per the instructions poked it through a hole that I had left in the nose end.  The little fishy was stuffed with toy stuffing and the gap sewed up. 

 A button was then added for the eye.  Little red fishy was not looking too impressive at this stage it has to be said.  After stuffing his seams were bursting and his stuffing was coming back out.  He was not looking his best and needed some help.

 I stitched all the way round the seams using a sort of satin stitch/overstitch.  I used some silver thread which was doubled over twice so I was sewing four threads at once.  The thread was very scratchy and hard to keep even and pull through.

Little red fishy looked much better though after his makeover nip and tuck round the edges.

Next was the green fishy.  This time I decided to put the cord in from the start as I had found poking it through after sewing the seam quite difficult.

He was neatly sewn round. 

Turned to the right side, stuffed and sewn up.

Little green fishy hadn't burst his seams quite as badly, but I decided to pretty him up with some additional stitching around the edge.  This time I used ordinary sewing thread, but again 4 strands at once.

Lastly was floral fishy.  He was the largest of the three different sizes.  Here he is sewn, stuffed and awaiting his beauty treatment round the edges.  I had rather given up trying to sew neatly by this stage as I knew that cosmetic surgery would be needed! 

After his nip and tuck, this time with some orange thread.

The finished article! 

I cannot say this gave me loads of pleasure whilst doing the sewing simply because I found the pieces were so small and therefore difficult to sew.  I like my extra stitching round the edge though, so I guess that is a good thing.  If you haven't made these yet I would suggest cutting them larger than the template as there is enough fabric and it would give you more seam allowance and slightly larger fish to work with.  You could also try oversewing round the seams with a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine and that might work better as well.

Although these don't look much like the ones on the magazine, they are still cute and will look good hanging off one of my door keys.  I will buy the magazine again and if there is another kit to make I will have a go at it and report back to you how I get on.

Happy fishing!


Mollie Makes don't know I exist by the way, this is just a report of my crafting which I wanted to share.