Sunday, 4 August 2013

Featuring Colour

When I decided to post about the colours of the rainbow, I struggled to find something for some of the colours, yellow and blue mainly.

Of course, as soon as I posted the blog I started seeing lots of other things in all colours of the rainbow, in the house and garden and remembering other pictures too!  How does that happen?  So, I have decided to do this again.  Celebrating the colours of the rainbow in pictures, with each picture devoted to a colour.

Welcome to what I hope will become a regular post "Featuring Colour"!  I have spent a long time in "beige land" and whilst I still love a neutral background I am trying to add more accents of colour to my life.

Here are some more red and yellow and ...

Not really red, but anniversary cookies with a red napkin!  These were the first cookies I decorated a la Janet that I ever made.  Janet's are much better, but she has made lots more than me, so I just need to practise!

Fresh yellow pineapple and preserved ginger birthday pavlova.  The pav looks a little darker than you might expect to see because I use golden caster sugar which is unrefined, so it gives a darker colour, but a lovely flavour.

Pink Cistus flower.  I love these flowers, but they only last a day so you have to keep your eye out for them when they bloom.  I wish they stayed for longer.

The springtime primroses and daffodils and wild flowers at Agatha Christies house, GreenwayNo, we didn't see Hercule or Miss M, but we didn't see any murders either!

Purple butterfly themed cupcakes for a Birthday Party.  These were a commission and they must have gone down well as I was asked if I was a professional baker (I'm not!).  Apparently they tasted scrummy.  Please don't ask me to make them again though.  I was having dreams of those butterflies for ages.

More peaceful for orange.  A temple in Japan.  I love the repetition of the beams and posts as well as the colour.  I think that it looks like a very peaceful place to sit and contemplate.

One of life's best views looking across Lake Tahoe California/Nevada.  I could look at this forever.  You can never feel down when you look at this, it is a wonderful relaxing sight.  Just imagine the cooling breeze, the relaxed feel of lake life and your cares ebb away.

Have a colour filled life.