Sunday, 21 July 2013

Something from nothing

We all love something for nothing.  Well this is something from nothing.

Several years ago, whilst clearing a garden my husband and I rescued the various parts from the base of an old treadle sewing machine.

We painted some of the smaller decorative parts and put them on the wall in our garden as decoration.  The other parts have been waiting to do something more interesting.

They have held down furniture covers in the winter, propped open the shed door, stopped the cover of the compost bin from blowing away.

But this weekend they had their day.  Finally.

After much deliberation we had decided what to do with them.  Make a them into a table to use when we are barbecuing.  You can never have enough space to stand things when you are grilling.  You need plenty of space for your drink!

The two sides came together with the old treadle frame as a support for the two sides.

Then a top was added.  This was free too!

It is made from the leaf of an old table that we gave away.

Once it was screwed to the base, we had a great table.

Then a coat of paint was added to compliment our other metal garden furniture which is also green.

Now there is a new table in the garden.  For free.  The screws and bolts were already in the shed left over from other projects, the table leaf was left over from the table we didn't need, and the base was rescued from rusting away.

As you can see it made our barbecue dinner really easy to prepare and cook.

This has to be a good thing.  Something from nothing!

The chicken and steak were marinated in olive oil and Old Bay Seasoning.  I have just discovered that you can get Blackened Old Bay Seasoning.  When I give it a try I'll let you know what it is like.

Our chicken and steak were incredibly flavourful and the table certainly helped with the cooking!

An easy dinner of chicken, steak and salad.  Made easier with our something from nothing table.