Monday, 29 July 2013

Proper blogging

It seems that I have not been blogging properly.  Apparently I don't reply to comments correctly.  I have managed to sort out my settings in my profile so that I am not a "no reply" blogger, but I have been replying to comments "in the comments" not via e-mail.

Apparently this is "not the way to do it" (use your best Mr Punch voice here!).

I am told that being a "no reply" blogger is a bad thing and being a "not a no reply blogger" that doesn't reply properly isn't good either.  I have no idea if any of this is true or not, but there you go.  I'm just letting you know what I have been told.

So in case I have been doing it wrongly, apologies if you did not know that I had read, published and replied to your lovely comments.  Go back, have a look, I did reply!  I said nice things and I appreciated the nice things that you said too.

In future, I promise, I will do my best to reply properly, and if you comment and don't get a reply back from me in your inbox, go and check your comment on my blog - 'cause the reply will be there.  Promise.

Here is a bunch of flowers to say sorry!

Linda - I will try the bread soon!

I love all your comments and watching the number of views from all around the world going up and I am very thankful to you too.



  1. Hi Amy...
    I always come back to see if there is a response...
    I always write a reply on my blog...
    I think that is the part I like the best about blogging...getting to know people better...
    I don't think it really matters what you do...
    To each his own!!

    Thanks for plugging me on your blog...
    I still have not mastered the art of "cut & paste"...and I am envious of anyone who can!!!

    Keep up the good work...and...oh yeah...
    Thanks for the flowers!!! hahaha!

    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda

      Thanks for the comment again - you are my number one top commenter I think!

      I tried to you reply to you in my e-mail, guess what, the reply comment didn't appear here. Ha. I will stick with my previous method, I know that works.

      Glad you liked the flowers!


  2. Hi Amy. Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. I have tried repeatedly to change my "no-reply" setting to no avail and have given up worrying about it now. For time reasons I don't reply to comments but I always try to visit the other blog to say hello instead. Getting to know other bloggers is the joy of blogging! But as Linda says, each to their own.

    Gillian x

    1. Hi Gillian

      Thank you for your comment, I have decided that if lovely and wonderful bloggers like you and Linda reply "in the comments" that is going to be me too! So, here I am replying!

      Thanks also for visiting me here.


  3. Hi Amy, thanks for writing this post, I never understand the 'no reply' thing either. I am like you and just reply in the comments, then if people want to stop by again, they can read if I have replied. I know quite a few people do the same, so I always pop back to their blog to see if they have replied. It seems weird to leave them with no comments, so that's why I always like to say something back! I really like your blog, so I am now following to get regular updates! Hope you don't mind. :)

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for visiting my blog and of course I don't mind you getting updates. That is one of the nice things about blogland isn't it, getting those e-mails with updates of what your bloggy companions are up to! I will pay a visit to your blog and leave you a comment so you know I have visited!



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