Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fill your house for free with furniture for free

I am just watching Kirstie Allsopp's new television programme Fill Your House For Free.

If you are inspired by this, may I remind you of the table that we made this weekend FOR FREE, FROM NOTHING!

Sides and middle come together

Add a top

Paint it up

Ready to go

We don't need Kirstie to inspire us, we have already had a go!

Should you be inspired to have a go, I hope that you have lots of fun and make something that you love as much as we love our new FREE TABLE!

The sides were free, the middle was free, the top was free, the paint was free, the bolts were ... free!!



  1. This is great, I have been watching Kirsty's programme too! :)

    1. Hi Sarah

      I thought that the second episode was better than the first, don't know what you think, perhaps I was more "into it". I like her crafting programmes best, but this is good too.

      Thanks for your comment here as well as your other one!



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