Monday, 15 July 2013

Fellow supermarket shoppers

When I read this blog post, boy did it make me mad.  I don’t live in America, and don’t use coupons regularly.  Sometimes I buy things in bulk when they are on an amazing offer.  When my husband’s favourite coffee is on offer I always buy several packs because it is soooo expensive normally.  It keeps, it is always used, so I don’t see a problem.  I might buy 2 or 3 packs, I am not depriving anyone else of the offer as my supermarket is usually well stocked up with this product.

I have not had any comments made to me, but have had some odd looks from others at the checkout, which I just ignore.

My fellow customer complaint is about customer creep.  I am packing as fast as my shopping is coming down the conveyor and the person behind inches closer and closer and closer until they are practically in my trolley.  Finally the stuff stops coming at me, I catch up and get it all packed, I turn round to pay to find the person behind me stood right next to me just waiting to watch me put in my pin number and pay.  This really really annoys me.  Can they not just keep a few paces back.  I always finish packing before paying and I want to pay in private thank you!

About a month ago this happened to me and when I asked the woman to let me get to the card machine (she was so close to me I couldn’t even reach the machine), she said “I thought you had finished, I need to pay for my shopping”.  I was fuming, but held my tongue, paid and left.  When I got home and mulled it over, and came up with an ideal response to say next time it happened.   “Oh, thank you, I didn’t realise you wanted to pay for my shopping.”  I am pretty sure that this would make the point and clear them out of the way, and heck, if they do want to pay for my shopping who am I to stop them?

Sadly though since working up this cunning plan they have all stayed well back.  It is of course a universal law that you can’t think of a comeback in the moment and then when you do you never get to use it.  If it keeps them back though I am happy, even if I never get to use my phrase.

So, my advice to Melanie would be to come up with a stunning answer, and hope that she too will never have the opportunity to use it.

What about you, what bugs you in the supermarket, if you could change just one thing, what would it be?


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