Thursday, 4 July 2013

Decorating the garden

Today I went out with a friend for the day and I had hoped to get some lovely pictures to illustrate the sport of things that I do to help me fall in love with my home.

That was not to be.  Dead battery on my camera.  So, I have no pictures to share with you.  Battery is on charge though, so as soon as I am back up and running my next challenge is to learn how to add pictures to my posts!

We had a great day though, driving through the countryside, morning coffee at a garden centre and of course a little plant shopping for my friend (we never leave a garden centre without purchasing something).

I have been looking for something to decorate my garden with.  When we first moved to this house the garden was a disaster.  Rubbish piled high, dead plants, brick walls built in very strange places and a general mess.

Now, it is wonderful and we are at the stage of "decorating" our garden, not just digging holes and clearing weeds.  This has lead to my search for some sort of garden ornament.

An easy task I hear you say. No so sadly.  I am not a Buddha or gargoyle type of person.  Nor am I a fan of maidens holding water jugs looking as though they are lost.

Today though I hit the jackpot.  A feast of lovely things.  Cats, a wonderful rabbit and best of all a cute little stone spaniel.  He came home with me and is currently resting in my vegetable patch awaiting placement.  He is called Rocky!

When my camera is working again I will persuade Rocky to sit for some glamour shots and post them for you to see.

Now, I have a favour to ask.  I see that people have been reading my so far one post blog.  I am delighted!  Can you please let me know what you think, why you came here and what you would like to see in the comments.  I would hate to bore you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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