Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bad housewife, great day

Am I a bad housewife?  I didn't bake from scratch (actually I can never find any scratch at the supermarket) and even worse I bought cheater cookies and cake mix and passed them off as my own!!

How bad is that......

To defend myself I have to say that I dusted, hoovered, cleaned, shopped and tidied, put up bunting in my garden, cleaned all the garden furniture (but forgot to get the cushions out!), made bacon and egg rolls, arranged flowers and welcomed my family with open arms and love and joy.

Ina Garten always says that when entertaining you should buy something and make something, so I did.  I bought cake mix and made it!!  Just following instructions.

So, not baking from scratch.  I do have a good excuse.  Really, and not just the heatwave.  You have to promise not to laugh though.

I fell out of my hammock - no NOT my tree!!  When I fell I bruised my ribs so lifting and doing loads isn't really working for me right now.  By the time I had done all the other housework baking from scratch was I'm afraid just not going to happen.

Actually I am glad that I didn't bake from scratch as the icing on the cupcakes melted in the heat, and they looked like they were crying.  I would have been crying if I had baked from scratch, so I saved myself that.

These are the days that make the love of a home.  Memories of today sitting in the garden with my family around me eating and drinking and telling stories and catching up.  Simple things, done with love, making memories which make a house a home.  No one notices dust, or cakes or flowers.  They just see each other and are grateful for the time we have together and to get to see each other again.

Don't dust or clean.  Go make some memories instead.  I think that I finally learned that today.  I will still clean and bake because I love it and it makes me who I am.  I will try to worry less about it though.

I hope that you are having fun in the sun making some lovely memories with your friends, family or just by yourself with a glass of something cold and a good book sitting under a tree which is where I am headed later on.