Friday, 5 July 2013

A little break

Thank you for your good wishes about my shoulder.  You are so kind, and I do appreciate your kind thoughts.  It is a lot better than it was and I am no longer in so much pain when I move.  That is good because I don't make ouch noises every few seconds now!  Pain aside, saying ouch all day is really annoying!!!!!  However, I am going to give the computer a few more days rest and take a break.  There will still be a Five On Friday post though.  I cannot bear to miss that!  So although I will continue to be a bit absent I really am fine, I just cannot type much right now.

I cannot bear to be really gone though and I have been thinking for some time of revisiting some of my early posts with you, so if I can work out how to do it, I will repost some of my early posts again this week.  The ones that you might not have read because they were so long ago!  It seems like a good opportunity to combine the rest and the revisiting.

Well, I better go now as my shoulder is complaining.  See you on Friday if not before.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts and for bearing with me!
Hope you all have a great week and that all is well with you all.


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