Sunday, 5 July 2015


Updated Sunday evening after a couple of e-mails, truly, I am fine.  I really am.  Just need to have a few days off.  Sorry if the message below made you worry, I was trying to be chirpy and cheery so that you didn't worry.  Guess that I didn't manage that!

Really, no need to worry, I am fine and so is hubby!  Just stuff to deal with.  I will perhaps try and explain more when I return if I can.

I am having a little bloggy rest until Friday when I will be back

Sorry that I haven't yet got to all the Five On Friday posts, I will be by during the week to say hello.

Also, just to let you know, I am going to take a summer holiday from Five On Friday in August and then we can all return refreshed and reinvigorated in September.

In the meantime enjoy the sunshine!


p.s. comments are turned off.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Five On Friday - another anniversary!!

Thank you ALL so VERY much for your wonderful comments yesterday on my second Blogaversary.  Here's to many more years of us blogging together!

As yesterday was my Blogaversary and it has caused me to look back over my blogging time.  I went back to review my Five On Friday posts.  I discovered that I started them in May last year.  So I missed that anniversary!  Never mind, these things pass us by sometimes don't they.  Perhaps I will celebrate next year!  If I was really organised I could schedule a post now.....  Just kidding!!

Thank you all for joining in with Five On Friday and taking it from me just posting away on my own into something that lots of us are now sharing around the world.  It is great fun isn't it.   Here's also to another year of Five On Friday posting for us all!

As I missed the Five On Friday Anniversary, here are links to some selected posts (click on the words that are a different colour to go to the post).

One - This was my first Five On Friday post.  I explained how I got started and why.  Plus a few happy things of course!

Two - The post with the most views was this one.  It was all about crochet!  The first picture was my daffodil wreath, I think that might be why it has had a lot of views.

Three - Of all my Five On Friday posts this one from just two weeks ago has had the most comments.  Sixty One to date.  It was all about the garden.  I know that you love my garden.  Thank you for the lovely things that you say about it!

Four - Interestingly, the post with least comments was this one from August last year.  It was also a gardening post!  Just goes to show how fickle we all are doesn't it!!  Sometimes we like something and sometimes not so much!!

Five - Finally, my own personal favourite Five On Friday post.  This post is from December last year.  It is very special to my heart indeed.  It was the first post where we all joined together as a group and Five On Friday started being shared around the world officially.  You can find the post here.  Without you all I don't expect that I would have kept posting or posted as many Five On Friday posts as I do.  Thank you!

I also have a more proper Five On Friday too!  Because, well, you know, when you make the rules, you can break the rules and I made these rules so I can break them too!!  I am calling these close up or not so much!

One - A little tiny flower, Lobelia.  Aren't they beautiful.  There are shades of purple, blue and white all together!

Here in larger form in this pot.  Isn't it coming on well.  Some of you asked about the solar collectors in the pots.  They are solar lights, the bit under the solar panel is the light.  They come on automatically at night.  They don't make much light, but they look pretty!

Two - Teeny tiny little grapes!  They are still very small.  Apparently I should then them out.  Might leave that until they are actually big enough to see properly!!

The whole vine is doing rather better though, and in fact, needs a trim, which is fine to do now, it won't have sap running everywhere now!

Three - This is Hot Lips.  Really, that is what it is called.  It is a Salvia and the variety is Hot Lips!  Isn't it fun!

It is doing really well in this pot and looks great against the lavender.  It should keep over the winter - I hope! - I will follow my planty friends advice as she has one too!

Four - I know the name of this one too!  Nandina Domestica, or Sacred Bamboo.  These are the little flower buds.  It will have little white flowers soon.

Then later on there will be red berries.  I love this plant because it has flowers and berries at the same time!  How great is that!!

Five - I don't have clue as to the name of this one.  Can you help me out here too.  It is gorgeous though isn't it.

This is one of the few things growing in what is supposed to be my wild flower area.  None of the many packs of seeds that I planted here have come up.  I think that something - birds, squirrels, mice? - have eaten then all a long time ago now.  However, there are these plants.  Any suggestions as to what they are?

Six - Oops!  Six creeping in again.  It is just this once for this special in lieu of an anniversary post!!!!  Plus the lavender really does look so beautiful and I know that you all love to see it!

Isn't it gorgeous!!  I have started picking some for the house, I want to have a really massive bunch, but I am only letting myself collect a little at a time!!

Seven - You know, in for a penny in for a pound!  Hubby wanted you to see this.  These are his three new Hostas.  He is very excited.  We keep having to go out and look at the flowers - that haven't flowered yet....  I am glad to see no slug damage so far - fingers crossed!!

Thank you for joining in.  I hope that you all have a great Friday, and a great weekend!  Stay cool in the hot weather, or warm in the cold!!



Thank you - as always! - for joining in last week.  I look forward to reading your posts again this week too! 

If you want to grab a Five On Friday Button or get more information about how to join in the All About Five On Friday page will tell you all that you need to know.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ta Dah!!! Blogaversary thanksgiving.

I am really so very pleased to say that today is my Blogaversary!!!!  Yay!!!  Exactly two years ago today I published my very first blog post.

I never thought that I would get this far, that I would keep going, make so many friends - in person and online - have so much fun, improve my computer skills, and my photography skills, learn to crochet - I couldn't crochet a stitch when I started blogging - or do half of the things that I can now do and that I do now do!

Twitter and Facebook have made their presence felt in my life.  Although Facebook and I are not getting on well, I am loving Twitter.  Instagram hasn't yet, but I expect that it will if and when I get the right sort of phone - as I have often said!  Pinterest, oh be still my beating heart!  I love Pinterest and can waste spend  hours there messing around.  I can make photo collages - when I can be bothered! - and I can rearrange my blog and give it a new look.  I have learned how to make blog buttons, back things up and how to ask you for help and know that it will come.

The last two years of blogging have been amazing.  That is all thanks to YOU!!!!


Yes, all of YOU!!!!!  Without ya'll it would not have been nearly as much fun.  I would stopped a long time ago and learned a lot less and not made lots of new friends.

So to celebrate I have given my blog a bit of a birthday!  You might have noticed the changes happening as I have gone on.   A new colour scheme, bigger writing - our eyes are all getting older! - and some new things here and there.

Today was the day I planned as the final reveal.  New header, which I have achieved - same words, different colour and it took minutes instead of days the first time I tried it some time ago!  Buttons so you can click and link to see where else you can find me, somewhat achieved, they are the circles, top right of the sidebar.  Click and you will go to all of my other places to follow me.  To get my Ravelry account sorted and have a link to that.  Didn't get that sorted.  I have made some new pages, About Me, FAQ's and Sponsors - just in case anyone is interested!  The Five On Friday page has been updated too.  I have also yet to add pages for my Reading My Books challenge, Recipes, Patterns and a Tutorials page or update my sidebar with a few new projects for you to look at.  Life has taken precedence so there is still some way to go.  Perhaps I will be ready for my third blogaversary!!

I hope that you like the new look. In a lot of ways it is just a new colour scheme and some fiddling around, but I hope that it will make it easier for you to find things - and for me to find them too!  It is all quite simple and plain, but I am not one for jazzy patterns or pictures and I don't have the budget to buy artwork or the ability - as yet! - to create it myself, perhaps one day.

So, to celebrate all of this wonderfulness and loveliness I thought that it was time for a giveaway.  I regret to tell you that I have not had time to do anything for this, and as the (for me) lateness of the time of posting this post shows I haven't had time for blogging either.

I WILL get something together and WE WILL celebrate this together again hopefully in a month - or so!

Thank you all once again for being so utterly wonderful over the last two years.  It has been amazing and I hope that we have many more years of bloggy happiness together!!!!

Here are some of my most favourite photos that I have shared with you in the last two years.

These are of course only a very few memories!  Thank you for making them with me though.