Wednesday, 25 May 2016


More treasures from the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.  Real treasure this time.  Silver!  Hope you enjoy seeing it.  I know that I did.

I believe that this portrait is of Paul Revere.  He was, as you will read below a very important Bostonian Silversmith.

These are some examples of Revere's exquisite workmanship.

The details are amazing aren't they.

I love the combination of detail and simplicity of the shapes.

These pieces below are not by Revere but were still lovely and interesting to see!

One of the things that I wanted to see at the museum was Paul Revere's work and I am so glad that I got to see it.

When looking through for these photos I realised just how many more I still have to share with you, so more posts will be upcoming!


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Podcast Episode 6 - Yarn Talk

Wow, another podcast recorded and uploaded.  It took over 14 hours to upload this yesterday.  Yes, 14 hours, over 14!!!!!


Anyway, it is uploaded now and ready to view and that is the most important thing isn't it!

In this weeks episode I talk quite a lot about different yarn weights and how to use them, what effect they give and also what the differences are between the names of the types of yarn in different countries.

I hope that you will keep enjoying watching the podcast and the things that I am sharing!  Just a reminder next week will be a day later than usual.

Also, I forgot to mention in the podcast - which is quite important!! - I am having a sale on all garlands in my Etsy shop.  They are now 50% off and the price shown is the reduced price, the original price is in the description.  Offer lasts until 31st May 2016 and after that date these items will no longer be available in my shop, so this is the last chance to get them!  You can find my shop here.


Thank you for watching and for your continued support, I really do appreciate it!



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The Beth Shawl Pattern from my Little Women Collection is available to purchase here, see also information for Beth Shawl under Patterns and Tutorials in the sidebar.

The In Line Handle Basket that I showed is available to purchase here.  Additional colours will be coming soon.

Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket pattern here.

Ravelry Group here.

Magazine I mentioned is Crochet Now!  Issue 2 which is the current issue - I missed issue 1 sadly!

Crochet Step by Step by Sally Harding can be found here.

Chart I referred to for yarn weights conversions can be found here and my version is here and also in the sidebar under Patterns and Tutorials along with conversion charts for hook sizes and crochet terms.

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Monday, 23 May 2016


Good Morning!  It is sunny and bright here today with blue sky and quite a few clouds that are generally whiter than grey.

Which is a change from the weekend when it was mostly grey and rained more of the time than it was dry.  Not a weekend to be out and about in the garden.

So instead we stayed in and did a few things that we needed to finish up.

I worked on some pattern drafting which ended up taking most of Saturday.  It will be a job well done when it is finished, but it took a long time!

In the evening I finished up this shawl - which needs to be blocked and the ends sewn in.  I have shown it briefly in the podcast episode I recorded this morning.  When the pattern is written I will share more.

I was glad to get it done though as I had a couple of false starts with this one.

I also sewed in the ends on this basket and finished it up.  It is now for sale in my Etsy shop.  I also started another one!  The pattern is available here.

On Sunday I spent most of the day working on my Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket which I am loving.  I added 19 more blocks.  I have decided that this will be my Sunday project and I will only work on this on Sunday and it will be the only crochet that I work on on that day.  Unless I also do some on my hexi blanket!!

What was Hubby doing all weekend while I was working and crocheting.  Well, he wasn't sitting around twiddling his thumbs.  He was dealing with this lot.

He stripped all of the all tiles off the laundry room walls and has started to retile.  It looks really great so far and I am very pleased with the tiles that we chose.  I will show you more when it is done.

This is the last "big job" to get done in this house after we moved in over a decade ago.  We have been round the rest of the house and done all sorts from rewiring to new windows, wallpaper scraping and new kitchen and bathroom to name but a few.  This was the last area that needed attention and now it is done.

Of course it is now time to start going around again and getting things refreshed in other areas, but it will be so good to have this finished.  It looks so much better already not having the tiles that were here before.  I have to say I would rather that the previous owner had just left the brick than their tile choice, but they are gone now and that is what is important isn't it.

So that was our weekend.  Being homebodies, but getting lots done so that is all good.

I hope that you had a good weekend and that you will have a good week too!

I am joining with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise to share what I did this weekend.  Do go and stop by and see what Karen got up to and the others who are sharing too.