Saturday, 31 January 2015

Something you really need to do

After the problems of the last few days, it has become very clear that backing things up is not only desirable, it is an imperative.  It has also been explained to me that it is indeed possible to actually back up your blog posts and your blog.

The wonderful and amazing Anne from My Blethering Blog has just published a tutorial in her post about how to do this.  There are also some tips in the comments of my last two posts from various wonderful bloggers.  You can find them here and here.

My advice?  Hot foot it over to Anne's and see her tutorial and follow her advice!  Now!  The tutorial is here.  Go, now, do as she says!

Thank you Anne for such great advice!!  You are a star!

I am still working on my blog repairs, I took most of the day off today from my blog and e-mails, although I was just having a quick peruse and spotted Anne's post, so I had to share it straight away for those who don't already follow her.

So, I might not be commenting much, but I am trying to catch up on my reading, and I am also behind on my e-mails and replies.  Please bear with me!  It is all taking a long time....

A new month begins tomorrow and hopefully spring will follow very soon, at least as far as the weather goes.  We have finally had a small sprinkling of snow on Thursday and this morning, but I am hoping that doesn't mean that winter is planning on settling in!

Hope you are all having a good weekend. 


Friday, 30 January 2015

How NOT to do what I did

Thank you ALL for your kind comments on my post yesterday.  I will be taking up offers of help with the badge thingy and will explain what that is all about once I have it sorted - after a good dose of help from the lovely clever bloggers out there!

As far as the photos, I spent pretty much the whole day yesterday putting pictures back into my posts, one picture at a time, one post at a time.  I post most days, with lots of pictures, so that is a lot of posts and pictures!  So far I have gone back to the end of November and still have to go back to sometime in September before they will be OK I think.  There are also some earlier posts than that affected too.  It will be a long job.

The photos are all still there in Picasa, and once I started to repair the damage I realised what I had done.  I had clicked something that I shouldn't have and it meant that the link between the photos on my blog and the photos in Picasa was broken. 

Unfortunately, though, although I can make a jolly good guess at what the photos were and where they were placed because of the words, they might not be totally the same.  So if you go back and look at a post and the pictures are different than you remember, that is why.   I have mentioned below how I am hoping - should another catastrophe ever happen - to not have that happen again.

So, in order that you don't make the same mistake - although I am sure that you are far too clever for that! - do not, I say, DO NOT!!!, change the privacy settings on each photo album.  Once you have put the pictures into your blog, whatever the privacy settings are on that album, you jolly well have to leave them there.  Picasa will tell you not to change them if you try and will warn you not to do it - it is cleverer than me.  But if you ignore it, you too will end up in the same sticky sorry mess as me!!  If the privacy setting for the album is changed, Blogger cannot find the pictures, and then you have those nasty no entry looking signs where your photos should be.

Just wanted you all to know in case you too are tempted to go fiddling around!  Of course, if you want to delete all your photos from your blog in one easy fell swoop, well, easy peasy!  Just do what I did!!

Some of you mentioned backing up your blog.  Now, I am clearly NOT a technical person, but I did have in my head somewhere that the backing up is of your template, not the actual blog posts - but please - PLEASE - tell me if that is wrong.  In order therefore not to be in the horrible position of having no blog posts or photos ever again, as I rectify each post I am copying and pasting it into a word document so that I have a record of them (and then backing that up too!).  If anyone knows a better way though, please let me know.

Oy!  I know they say you live and learn, learn by your mistakes, don't make the same mistake twice and all that, but really.  I could have done with not learning this lesson.

My stomach is churning over less now and I did sleep last night, unlike Wednesday night, so that has to be an improvement doesn't it.  As I sat putting the pictures back, post by post, I had hubby's Kindle sat beside me so that I could check that the pictures really were there in the posts as they got repaired and updated.  Then last night I made him - poor man! - go through the posts that I had repaired on his laptop to see if they were there too.  Some of you e-mailed as well to say that they appeared to be there - they are the repaired posts - so that was good news too.  Thank you for letting me know!

Today I will be doing more and will keep on until it is all fixed as I cannot bear to have all those nasty no entry signs on my blog after all the work that I have put into it.  One thing at a time hey.  It does mean though that I will be around and about less, so please bear with me.  I am reading your posts somewhat and trying to comment, but I will be sloooooooooowwww!!

Thank you again - I know, I am always saying thank you, but it is because you give so much to be thankful for!! - for being so wonderful.  I will be putting the thanks that I have into my special thanks jar, but I might miss out the reason so that I don't have to relive this all again next January!!

I knew that bloggers are brilliant, already, and this week, meeting Selma and having all of your support and offers of help has just confirmed that.  So remember, don't fiddle with the privacy settings in Picasa and BLOGGERS ARE BRILLIANT!! 


p.s. just off to copy and paste this now!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Huge mess... Need some help...

I have made a huge mess.  Not even of the crafting making kind.  Or the digging up the whole garden kind.  It isn't even the decorating the house kind.  In fact, it isn't the kind of mess that has been made because of something fun or because there are big changes afoot in a good kind of way.

No.  I have messed up my blog big time!  Actually, it is my pictures that I have messed up.  I was trying to do something - which I will explain in a second, because I have messed that up too! - and I was fiddling around with my pictures and that meant that all of my pictures from my posts got deleted.  It seems that it isn't quite as bad as thought - initially I thought that all my pictures were missing, and then that they might not be.  Now I am just not sure.

I have put some back already - the last couple of posts, but might have to go all the way back to the very start of my blog.  I hope that I have all of the pictures and can work out which ones are which.

As you can imagine, I feel stomach churningly sick.  Actually, I feel as though I am going to cry, but I am not going to give a computer the satisfaction of crying over it!

One of the missing pictures is my profile picture - the one of the front of Basildon Park - so I had to make a new picture.  In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought I might as well use one of the ones of my that I showed last week!  So this is my new picture.  Just letting you know, so that you know it is still me!  If I can change back I will, but for now, this is who I am!

It is a good job that you all liked this photo last week, you might have to look at it a lot more!

Now, the reason that all of this occurred - and I could do with some help if you can offer it - is that I was trying to make a badge for the Five on Friday posts so that others could link to it.

I managed to make a button that would go in my sidebar and when you clicked on it, you went through to all of my Five on Friday posts.  That is all great and all well and good.  However, what I need is the code for that so that others can copy the code and insert the button in their blog!  That is the bit that I cannot get.

When I was fiddling around trying to work this out, I changed the settings in my Picasa Photos and that is how I ended up losing all my pictures.

So now, I have a lost a load of pictures, the best part of a day trying to make this darned button, and my profile picture!  I will also have lost the best part of another day once I have put the pictures back into the blog posts.

If anyone knows how to make the badge, that will link to my Five on Friday posts and to get the bit of code and how to put that beneath the button and you are willing to share that information with me, please please please can you get in touch and let me know how to do it.  I would be so grateful.  I have tried so many things - button code generators, all sorts of different widgets in different ways - and none of them are working for me.

Thank you for bearing with me.  Normal service will resume and I will be back to visit and I will never make this mistake again!