Friday, 1 July 2016

Five On Friday

Hello!  Happy Friday!  I hope that you have had a good week and that you have plans for a great weekend ahead of you.  Can you believe that it is the first of July already!  How did that happen.

A special occasion will be happening for my blog in a couple of days time, so you might want to stop by on Monday when I will tell you more about it.

Our lovely home has been very busy this week.  Hubby is still working on the decorating project.  It is very nearly done now, just the last bits of woodwork to be painted and some tidying up to be done then it might need a few decorative touches and it will be finished.  Yay!

He has worked very hard on all that he has done and it has made a massive difference to the area.  I will of course show you when it is finished! 

I have been busy sewing this week as you will have already seen, I have nearly finished another shawl and sorted out a big pile of magazines that were waiting to be read.  I found copies going back to February that I hadn't read yet, and as August's Country Living had just arrived I thought I better get them read.

Life seems to be busier than ever right now.  Last weekend went by in a blur and this week has been rather like that too.  It is all good, just whizzing by too fast.  I need some time to slow down!

We had an upset with Man last Friday, all is OK,  but it was another reminder of his continuing decline in health which is so sad.  There isn't anything we can do and he seems happy in himself as far as we can tell, but worrying times nonetheless.

In a bid to try and get some more time by getting things finished that are already underway, I have decided to rationalise my ongoing crafting and am going to attempt - note I did say attempt! - to restrict myself to working on one project at a time.  We will see how that goes.

Otherwise life continues much as it always does!

So, on with the Five things for this week!


The garden looks amazing right now.  No words - because they will not do it justice - just enjoy the pictures!  Oh, except one little bit of words as you will see!

Yucca flower coming - above.

These seedlings that are just starting to emerge are foxgloves.  I think that we will have enough for next year!


Jo of Three Stories High had a giveaway of a clock kit on her blog and I was lucky enough to win a kit.  Thank you Jo!  I haven't made it up yet as I need to decide how I am going to cover the face of the clock - lots of ideas in my head! - and then take some time to carefully put it together.  More to come on this!


Yesterday I took some time to transfer my projects from various baskets and other places into some of the first trial bags that I kept for myself.  My baskets now have other things stored in them which has also got some other things more organised!  All good all round.

Some baskets are still in use for larger projects but that is OK.  The bags are not blanket sized after all.

I really enjoyed making these and hope to do some more for my Etsy shop in the near future.  You can read more about them here.


My shawl collection is growing on the back of my office door!  I need to find somewhere else to store them really.  They are handy here though for grabbing to wear!

My newest shawl is the Jo Shawl which I finished and shared with you yesterday.  I couldn't resist a few more pictures.  Sorry!


A gift arrived this week from my friend Susan.  Thank you Susan.  A roll for my crochet hooks - some of which have moved in all ready as you can see!  I adore the fabric which is crochet hexies.  How fabulous is that!!

Friends are so kind and such a treasure and this gift will be treasured too.

That is it for this week from me!

Thank you for your support, especially this week with your bag and pattern purchases, I really do appreciate it more than I can say.  To know that you like things and are prepared to buy them is a wonderful thing. 

Thank you!

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy visiting some other Five On Friday posts!



Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ta Dah! Jo Shawl

I am thrilled to tell you that the Jo Shawl pattern is now finished!  Yay!  Only one more to go which is Meg, she is nearly finished and will then need to be blocked and I need to write the pattern up so it will be a couple of weeks before I publish that one.  I think that you will love it though!  Of course I hope that you love Jo and the other two as well!

The Jo Shawl represents various things about her character I think.  It is a bit spiky with the points along the edge.  Jo can be a little spiky and bristly at times, but she is also very loving and caring and warm.  This shawl is warm and will wrap around you and give you a hug!

It also works up very easily so is ideal for someone newer to crochet or someone more experienced who wants a fairly quick make.  There is only one stitch and once you get the pattern rhythm you can easily work on it.  I would say this would be a great travel project.

Another part of the shawl that represents the character Jo is that it is a warm shawl.  It isn't the biggest, but it has a big heart and is warm and cosy while being soft and drapey too.

The yarn that I used is Cascade 220 Heathers, it isn't a superwash yarn so you need to exercise some care, but, it blocked out beautifully, has held its shape very well indeed and is very soft too.

Each time I finish a shawl I think that I like it best, and right now I think I like this one best of all.  It is difficult to choose between them though, a little like picking your favourite child!

I know that some of you are waiting until all four are published before making your decision about which one to purchase so I will do a post with all four when they are done so you can compare them and make your choice.  If Jo is your chosen shawl though the pattern is now available.

Thank you all for your support for these shawls, your comments have been lovely and I hope that you will enjoy crocheting up your own versions, I would love the see the colours and yarns that you use so please do share them with me!

To purchase the shawl via Ravelry using paypal just click the button below.

To see all of my patterns click this button.

Hope you are all having a good day!


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

More bags

Thank you so much for the bag love yesterday.

I promise to all my regular blog readers that this is not going to become a regular thing, but I have a few more samples that I have offered for sale on Instagram and I needed somewhere to put more info for people to get to purchase the bags.

In the future all bag sales - and anything else! - will just be on Etsy or Ravelry with just the odd mention here and on the podcast, this really is a one off so please don't run away screaming!

For those of you interested in bags I have a few more.  These are my last samples which I made today to do some more tweaking here and there with my method of construction.

So if you missed out yesterday here is another chance to purchase.  As yesterday all bags will be
£9.50 plus postage which is just 96 pence for the UK!  In future they will be £12.00 each plus postage.

Updated 30 June 2016 - the Floral Dots and Floral Drawstring are now sold, the Owls and Zippy Floral are still available.

These bags - with an exception that I will mention! - are not 100% perfect, but they are 100% useful, useable and very pretty!  They are approx. 9 by 9 inches and have a drawstring - or for one a zip - and will hold about 2 balls of 100g each of yarn.

There is one of each bag, shown standing and flat.

One - Owls - pretty perfect.

Bag two - floral dots - this one is pretty darned near perfect!

Three - floral drawstring - this one actually is 100% perfect in every way!  I am so thrilled with it.  Same price as the others though!

Finally - four - zippy floral.  This one is a perfectly good bag, but the zip sewing in didn't go as I intended. It was an experiment.  Still works, holds lots, stands up, looks good, well sewn, just a slightly wonky top!

If you would like any of these bags PM me on IG or email me lovemademyhome at gmail dot com and I will send you a paypal invoice with postage cost included.

Thank you everyone.

Normal service resumes tomorrow!